My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 397

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“This is?” Tyrande looked at the fried rice in front of her in surprise. She hadn’t really seen such a Cuisine.

“Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks, this was done by the Manager. By the way, the Manager said that there are no animal products in it.” Betty thought of Chen Ze’s explanation and explained by the way.

“Well, thank you, I really made such a Cuisine for me.” Tyrande sniffed, and there was indeed no animal products in this dish, not even dairy products.

“Please take your time.” Betty bowed, then stepped aside and stood quietly.

Tyrande picked up the spoon. This was on the plate. Chen Ze knew that not every customer would use chopsticks. In fact, many customers from the foreign world used spoons more at first.

Scooping a spoonful of fried rice, Tyrande looked at the white and black fried rice and was a little moved. The dish called Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks tasted very fragrant and seduce her appetite.

Tyrande swallowed, then put the Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks into his mouth and chewed slowly.

The first is to explode the deliciousness of the taste buds. The fragrant taste made Tyrande unable to bear snorted, and his contented toes shrank.

And this fried rice is very delicious. This black mushroom-like thing has an incredible umami flavor. It can even be said that after a bite, there is an exotic feeling.

Coupled with the green plant, with a little spiciness, this fried rice tastes even better.

“Really…I’ve never eaten mushrooms like this. Probably only the taste of Moonlight Mushroom and Blazing Sun Mushroom can be compared?” Tyrande licked his lips, looking regretfully at the empty plate in front of him, a large plate of fried rice. , Has been eaten by Tyrande.

“Heh.” Rose gave Tyrande a contemptuous look. The taste of Moonlight Mushroom is very delicious, even more how it is difficult to cultivate Blazing Sun Mushroom.

Only this kind of poor knight-errant who has not eaten Moonlight Mushroom can send out this feeling.

“Mr. Manager, let’s check out, how many fine coins?” Tyrande took a sip of lemonade with satisfaction. This iced, sweet and sour juice is also very appetizing.

“Sorry, guest, our store does not support payments with Gold Coin. If possible, ingredients, knowledge, or interesting items can be used to pay.” Chen Ze walked out with a smile. Every new guest basically needs to explain this way, unless it is a guest Chen Ze knows about.

For example, Naruto. When this Little Brat came in, Chen Ze didn’t mention anything else, but accepted the currency of Hokage World.

“Huh? As for the ingredients…I have a bag of Fragrant Oddity Fruit here, do you think it is okay?” Tyrande hesitated, but he took out a bag of fruit and handed it to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took it and looked at it. This bag is not a space pocket, it is filled with purple-red fruits similar to apples.

Chen Ze picked up a Fragrant Oddity Fruit and squeezed it lightly, it was very soft, then Chen Ze tore a little bit of the skin and took a light bite.

The sweet juice flowed in instantly, Chen Ze swallowed quickly, like a 600ml bottle of water when he was particularly thirsty, and it was gone after a while, Chen Ze was stunned and watched again At a glance.

Only then did I find that this Fragrant Oddity Fruit was empty, only the skin was softly squeezed together, and the flesh inside was like juice, which could be consumed directly.

“Yes, it’s good.” Chen Ze was satisfied and nodded, this thing may not be very good to others, but Chen Ze is still very satisfied.

Because the taste of this Fragrant Oddity Fruit is like a mixture of mango passion fruit and 100 spice fruit, and it is very refreshing, and it does not feel uncomfortable in the throat and has no seeds.

“Thank you, then, I will come to eat next time. May the Moon God bless you, respectable magician.” Tyrande smiled and opened the door and left.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he wants to say that he is really not a magician. Although in terms of age, he almost became a magician, but now he has a girlfriend.

“These Lunar Elf are hypocritical. Each and everyone pretends to be sages, which is disgusting.” Rose looked upset, but she also put down her chopsticks and put a wooden statue on the table.

Chen Ze glanced strangely. The statue looked like a monster with a woman’s upper body and a spider’s lower body.

Recalling Ash Elf’s faith, Chen Ze already had a guess in his heart.

“Um…Ms. Rose, won’t this be?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, shouldn’t it really be…

“Manager, this is the statue of the queen of spiders. Because of the long time of worship, it can now inspire the dark thorns 3 times a day.” Rose explained, Chen Ze thought about it, and put it away. After all, maybe you can give it to Other guests.

After sending Rose away, Chen Ze wrapped Betty a few Goubuli Steamed Buns and let her go back.

“Hehe, Manager, come on~” Betty looked at Chen Ze with a smirk.

“Come on, what?” Chen Ze looked blank.

“That’s it.” Betty stretched out his left hand and made an ok gesture. The index finger of the right hand went in and stretched out again.

“…” Chen Ze looked at Betty expressionlessly.

“Huh? Manager, don’t you understand? That’s it!” Betty speeded up.

“Give me to stop while one can, bastard!” Chen Ze’s face went dark.

After sending away Betty, who is increasingly resembling the Monster King, Chen Ze closed the door a bit speechlessly and locked the door. He didn’t know where Betty learned these things.

“Are you closed?” With a gentle voice, Chen Ze turned his head and saw Laura walking down from the second floor in red pajamas.

Looking at Laura’s white collarbone, Chen Ze swallowed, feeling that he couldn’t hold it more and more.

“Yeah, I want to spend more time with you today.” Chen Ze smiled and looked at Laura, untied Toque and placed it on the table.

“I’m hungry~” Laura pouted, took Chen Ze’s hand, and sat down.

“Okay, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze smiled and scratched Laura’s nose.

“Eat you~” Laura blushed and looked at Chen Ze.

Chen Ze felt that the atmosphere of the entire restaurant changed suddenly, all around was silent, and even a heartbeat could be heard.

“Cracking a joke~ I want to eat, the meal you cooked.” Laura looked at Chen Ze with a smile, and stuck out her tongue.

“Hu…well, wait for me then.” Chen Ze relaxed, feeling a little lost inexplicably, but he walked into the kitchen and began to see what was relatively better.

“Dry paste… Add a little more ham and make a dry paste of ham fried rice.” Chen Ze clapped his hands and decided in his heart.

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