My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 398

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“Let’s say, sir, why are you here again.” Halo looked at Destiny with a strange look. This guy with a white mask has often ran to her recently and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“I…” Destiny was a little speechless, can’t you say that he wants to marry you, right? That would be too reckless, and it doesn’t fit my personality at all.

“What the hell do you want to do?” Halo moved closer, and Destiny could even smell her scent.

It is wheat fragrance, with the aroma of wheat ears, Destiny is very familiar with this taste, after all, he used to help his family with farm work.

“The smell of malt…” Destiny couldn’t help but whispered.

His voice is very small, if it is an ordinary person, then it must be inaudible, but Halo heard it, she jumped away, and then looked at Destiny with a perverted look.

“That! I… I didn’t mean it!” Destiny explained in a flustered manner. After all, smelling the smell of others, especially the smell of the opposite sex, is not a good thing, and it can even be said to be a bit abnormal.

“Mr. Destiny, we think we should keep a distance.” Halo said politely.

“So you came to me again?” Fremiya looked speechless. How did she feel that her profession had changed from the evil dragon that destroyed the world to a confidant elder sister.

This style of painting is wrong!

“I can’t live anymore. I feel like my whole person is broken.” Destiny lay on the table with a face of lovelessness.

“Oh, Fremiya, bring me a glass of spirits.” The table moved, and Reinhardt also sat down, looking upset.

“Are you making a collective mood today?” Fremiya became even more speechless. This Knight with a sense of justice has been doing good things all the time, why is he in a bad mood today.

“I distributed Gold Coin to a few wandering little children, but they didn’t expect that they disliked me for giving too little. Is it my problem?” Reinhardt looked upset.

If the one who said this was a rogue, Reinhardt would punch him without burden, but when he looked at these small children, he thought of his daughter, and he couldn’t make it out.

“Why don’t we go to the Manager’s shop tomorrow together, eat something, drink some wine, and relieve our boredom?” Fremiya looked at his two frustrated companions and asked entangledly.

“Manager? Thunderbolt Ale? Good!” Reinhardt slapped the table fiercely, and Fremiya immediately cast a death gaze.

“Okay… I just want to find a place to die.” Destiny agreed.

“Hey hey hey, don’t make trouble.” Fremiya was a bit speechless. When these two guys first joined the church, she thought they were two high-cold powerhouses. Didn’t expect familiar with them, just two teases. compare.

In the morning of the 2nd day, Chen Ze got up very early and glanced at Laura who was still sleeping next to him. Chen Ze laughed.

Last night, of course…

Nothing happened. Chen Ze made Laura a fried rice with dried ham and ham, then watched TV with Laura, and played Mario Kart together, and finally fell asleep like this.

Although Chen Ze thinks Laura should not exclude herself from being closer to her, but what about 10000? 10000 one?

Chen Ze didn’t dare to gamble on this 10000 one. He also heard that many girls hate anxious boys during their relationship, but if they remain unsatisfied, they will also hate girls, so this is really a tangled problem.

Chen Ze yawned and climbed down from the bed. After washing, he went downstairs. He planned to make an early meal for Laura.

It can be said that there are too many early in Great Land of China. Even if you make one a day, you can also keep the same for a long time.

“Make a Dandan Noodles, right?” Chen Ze stretched out, thinking it was a good idea.

“My dear…you got up early.” Laura yawned and walked down the second floor wearing slippers.

Chen Ze looked at the very beautiful Laura and smiled happily. This is his girlfriend.

“I’m going to buy something, you’ll wait for me at home, and I’ll come back and cook for you.” Chen Ze went over and rubbed Laura’s head, and then went out through the small door.

Dandan Noodles is a traditional Chinese breakfast, a characteristic of Sichuan, and it is also a very delicious breakfast.

However, it is best to buy the noodles used by Dandan Noodles. Although Ramen can be used by yourself, since Dandan Noodles are available on the market, Chen Ze doesn’t bother to make them.

“Buy some more Yibin sprouts.” This is also a very important ingredient for Dandan Noodles.

After buying the necessary ingredients, Chen Ze went back to the dining room, opened the door and went in, and saw Laura sleeping on the dining room table.

Chen Ze walked over slowly, Laura slept soundly.

Chen Ze did not wake Laura, but went straight into the kitchen, and then started making Dandan Noodles.

Dandan Noodles has a lot of methods, and Chen Ze didn’t find the authentic method in Sichuan, so he found one of the most popular recipes and started processing.

To make Dandan Noodles, the first thing to do is to make hats, that is, to make minced meat. Chen Ze used to call the meat in noodles or rice noodles a hat.

The next step is to boil the chicken soup and start making red oil sauce. After the hat, chicken soup and red oil sauce are ready, Chen Ze starts cooking the noodles.

“My dear, can I help you?” Laura leaned over, looking at Chen Ze sleepily.

“No and so on.” Chen Ze glanced at Laura, almost impossible to bear laughed.

Laura took down the Totoro doll placed in the bedroom on the 2nd floor. A Totoro doll is about half the size of Laura.

“Hmm… Then I will go to wash.” Laura nodded, and then went up to the second floor wearing pink rabbit slippers.

Chen Ze touched his ears, always feeling that Laura is becoming more and more like an Earth person, regardless of dressing or behavior.

After Laura finished washing, Chen Ze’s Dandan Noodles were also ready, and then Chen Ze and Laura finished eating Dandan Noodles, which was rated as excellent by the system.

“Hu~so full~” Laura touched her stomach, then waved her hand, and then Chen Ze watched all the dishes and chopsticks in front of him float into the kitchen automatically, and then they were washed clean.

“Huh?” Chen Ze was stunned, what’s going on?

“Magic assistant, dear, can help magicians solve some life problems.” Laura explained that most magicians are not in the mood to deal with housework.

And Laura hasn’t even washed the bowl, and there is a maid in the castle to help her handle it.

“So…” Chen Ze nodded.

“Would you like to enchant you? It will be convenient for you to wash dishes and entertain guests.” Laura asked again.

“No need.” Chen Ze laughed, if that’s the case, wouldn’t Betty be embarrassed.

Although the waiter has a lot of problems, he is also an old employee.

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