My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 399

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Chen Ze propped his chin and sat in the kitchen in a daze.

Laura went back to Negative Plane again, and it was because of Hope City, which made Chen Ze more and more feel that he lifted a rock and smashed his foot.

“Oh, I shouldn’t have given those books to Hastur.” Chen Ze shook the head, deeply regretting.

“Manager, I’m here~” Betty shook her bag and rushed in happily.

“Huh? Manager, how did you feel yesterday~” Betty looked at Chen Ze with a smirk, a troubled expression on his face.

“Not very good, watching movies, playing games, and doing nothing else.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, he wanted something to happen, but his courage was indeed a bit small.

“Che, I thought Manager planned to be father as soon as possible.” Betty had a bored expression on her face. She was quite disappointed.

“What’s your strange expression?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, and Betty is the same. What does this expression mean.

“Hehe, it’s nothing, I’m going to take a shower and change my clothes.” Betty hummed and rushed to the second floor, and took his bag away.

Chen Ze glanced at Betty, isn’t this guy who usually goes to work with his hands, how come he is holding a bag this time.

But Chen Ze didn’t care too much. He was watching news and web news. Recently, the news has added a Big Section, which is the college entrance examination section.

“Sure enough, there are a lot of news about the college entrance examination.” Chen Ze looked at the web page and heard that the national paper this time is quite simple. Many candidates have estimated 600 points, but the specifics will not be known until the scores are released.

[Report from our newspaper: It is reported that the netizen named “Mingzhi’s Black and White” got a total score of 692 after the college entrance examination scores, and the score difference is up to 3%. Let us congratulate this senior 1 student for his ideal University’s Notice]

Chen Ze was stunned, why he always felt that the name was a bit familiar, but it was a good thing that he did well in the test.

“Um…become Xue Mei Niang, I heard that it’s quite popular recently.” Putting down the phone, Chen Ze stretched his waist, and then started to make Xue Mei Niang.

The name Xue Mei Niang may sound a bit silly, but if you often watch anime, you will know its other name, Daifuku.

This kind of dessert with ice skin on the outside and seasonal fruits wrapped in it is quite popular, but when Chen Ze saw the two words Daifuku, he was a little bit out of the game.

“Why do I think of that… the man who wore a Daifuku hat, and um, um, huh?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it must be the consequence of watching “Nichijou” with Laura yesterday.

After revisiting it, the coquettish posture and voice of the Daifuku Manager were deeply imprinted in Chen Ze’s heart, which was simply a black memory.

Chen Ze shook the head, shook out this strange idea, and then took out the mango. He planned to make a mango Daifuku, which tasted good, and in general it was quite ok.

The production of Daifuku is not complicated, but it takes some thought to do it well, but this time Chen Ze just tried to make a wave first, so it just has to be done.

[You have made ten relatively good Daifuku, and the dessert experience has increased by 30 points]

[Dessert Grandmaster Passive Effect was triggered]

[The relatively good Daifuku got the effect of strange posture]

Chen Ze touched his nose, corner of the mouth twitched, this is what the hell is that stuff, and what is the strange posture? I don’t seem to think of anything…

“Wait a minute” Chen Ze froze for a moment, he suddenly remembered that he had thought about the Daifuku Manager before…

“Oh my God…” Chen Ze’s face turned black, and then he planned to violate his moral values ​​for the first time and lose these ten pieces of Daifuku.

But before losing, Betty got in.

“Huh? Manager, what is this, snacks? Can I have them? Is it delicious?” Betty immediately came to the 3rd company.

“…The taste should still be ok, and it’s okay to eat, but…” Chen Ze didn’t finish. When Betty heard that it was edible, he immediately took a piece of Daifuku and threw it into his mouth.

“…There is a little side effect.” Chen Ze finished.

“Huh? Huh? Huh…huh~” Betty was visibly taken aback, and then suddenly twisted involuntarily, making a strange humming noise while twisting.

“Ah… even if a woman does this expression and action, she still has an urge to call the police.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched.

Betty forcibly finished the complete set of actions, then she covered her face and got out.

“Oh, Manager, I’m here, eh? Miss Betty, what’s the matter?” Yukihira Soma looked at Betty strangely, who was flushing and holding her face, a face of doubt.

“She ate this.” Chen Ze pointed to Daifuku who had not had time to lose.

“This? Daifuku, I often eat it. Let me try your cooking skills.” Yukihira Soma also took a piece easily and threw it into his mouth.

The speed was very fast, and Yukihira Soma swallowed it almost before Chen Ze had time to stop it.

“Well, it tastes good, but it still needs… um… huh~” Just like that, Yukihira Soma also covered her face after completing a whole set of actions.

The set of actions just now was really ashamed, and it made him faceless to live.

“Oh my God… Did you make a what the hell thing?” Yukihira Soma had a black line. It was the first time he saw Daifuku like this after eating.

“Um…I don’t know why, but I think I’d better pour it down as soon as possible.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it seems that when making desserts in the future, you should not be distracted, let alone mess with 7-8 bad things. .

“No, Manager, please keep it.” Betty stopped immediately.

“Huh?” Chen Ze was confused.

“Seeing Yukihira Soma’s guests doing the same, I feel a lot easier inexplicably.” Betty showed a relieved expression on his face.

Chen Ze looked at Betty with false eyes. This is probably the embarrassment of seeing other people also?

“I’m still going to fall. It’s really bad to base the pain on others.” Chen Ze was quite serious.

“No, I think… what Miss Betty said should be right.” Yukihira Soma also stopped Chen Ze.

“???” You are not right!

However, under Yukihira Soma’s strong request, Chen Ze still did not pour, but Yukihira Soma also took out one of his own dishes, Yukihira Steamed Rice.

Of course Chen Ze knows this thing. Yukihira Soma got into this thing when she stayed in the Pole Star House, and she still secretly competed with Isshi.

Chen Ze looked at the 8 Daifuku and lit candles for the next guests.

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