My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 400

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“So this Daifuku has to be handled like this, the ice skin you make is more delicious.” Yukihira Soma carefully instructed Chen Ze, and then taught Chen Ze the experience of making Daifuku by the way.

“Oh, that’s it, what did you say to father?” Chen Ze remembered that Yukihira Soma took the Extreme Nut Saury from him last time, and didn’t know if Yukihira Jōichirō was brought here.

“Hehe, I told my dad that I had a car accident, and his plane tomorrow, when the time comes, I will bring him.” Yukihira Soma laughed proudly, Extreme Nut Saury, he took a lot, if he doesn’t bring his father over , He felt sorry.

“…That’s fine.” Chen Ze was a bit speechless, but still nodded, and Yukihira Jōichirō could come. As for whether he was cheated by his son, it didn’t matter to him.

After sending away the cheating Yukihira Soma, Chen Ze twisted his neck, and then I don’t know which unfortunate…lucky customer, come to eat these Daifuku.

Although Chen Ze really wanted to fall down, but considering Yukihira Soma’s request, coupled with the other party’s experience in guiding him to do Daifuku, Chen Ze could only keep these Daifuku against his intentions.

But Chen Ze also thought about it, as long as the next guest eats, then throw it away, immediately!

“Manager, Manager!” Betty hurried down from the second floor.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze looked at his phone. Yukihira Soma had only walked for more than 20 minutes. When did Betty go up to the second floor.

“There is an event today, so I charged some money.” Betty looked at Chen Ze blankly.

“Okay, understood, when the time comes is deducted from your salary.” Chen Ze didn’t care, he also allowed Betty to charge up the game anyway.

After all, the account Betty played was Chen Ze’s own account, so in fact, he still charged the money in the end.

“But! But I charged 648, only 518!” Betty looked indignant.

“What’s wrong? Did something go wrong?” Chen Ze was also a little puzzled. He had only heard of those who charge more and give more game coins, but haven’t heard of less.

“They said this event is a 20% off discount, so it’s okay!” Betty is even more angry, gnashing teeth, it can be seen that Betty has an urge to eat game planning.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, which Divine Immortal company is this, 20% off recharge, shouldn’t the discount be less deduction? How did it become a 20% off game currency?

“Forget it, I guess it will be changed tomorrow.” Chen Ze is also a bit speechless, but can only wait for the game company to deal with it. The total impossible is really 20% off the game currency, right? That is going to be scolded to death.

“Mr. Manager, we’re here to eat.” The door was pushed open, and Chen Ze saw Fremiya and Reinhardt, and the masked man on Reinhardt’s back.

“Would you like something to eat today? Fremiya?” Chen Ze asked with a smile, and then took a look at Daifuku, are 3 people going to suffer…

“Barbecue and Beer!” Reinhardt immediately decided, patting his chest.

“I need some sweets.” Fremiya smiled, then found a place to sit down.

“I want to die… please give me a rope…” The masked man had an expression of impossibility.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, what the hell is that, when did your restaurant reach a cooperation with the funeral home?

“Sorry, our restaurant did not die for this dish.” Chen Ze could only refuse.

“Manager don’t listen to him, this guy is disgusted by his crush.” ​​Fremiya looked at his companion with disgust.

“Is that so?” Chen Ze suddenly remembered a dish he had cooked before. It should be sad if he is rejected by a crush?

“Manager, just give Destiny a barbecue and beer.” Reinhardt patted his companion on the shoulder.

“Good.” Chen Ze nodded, then returned to the kitchen and began to make what the guests wanted today.

“For Daifuku… just give one for free. As for the masked man, make an Overwhelming Sadness Meal and give it to him.” Chen Ze hammered the palm of his hand and suddenly thought about what he would do today.

Barbecue is really not difficult, but it is not given to EXP, so Chen Ze is also very fast. It is grilled, sprinkled with cumin and chili powder, and Betty takes it out.

As for dessert, Chen Ze has other ideas in mind.

As everyone knows, the representative dessert of France is macarons, while the Japanese one is Daifuku. What about Great Land of China?

Chen Ze has counted them, and really haven’t counted the most representative dessert. I feel that every province has its favorite dessert, but Chen Ze finally decided to make sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

Osmanthus cake has a history of more than 300 years, and the production methods are various, not at all, but Chen Ze still found the version he planned to make.

Relying on the Time Acceleration slate, Chen Ze quickly made the sweet-scented osmanthus cake and asked Betty to bring it out together.

“I say… Am I completely out of play…” Destiny looked desperate. He was eating barbecue and drinking Thunderbolt Ale.

“Yes.” Fremiya immediately nodded.

“It’s true.” Reinhardt also took a sip of Ale with approval.

“…I want to die, Fremiya, just kill me.” Destiny’s face was unlovable. What is going on with his two companions?

Chen Ze stood in the kitchen and glanced at Destiny, a little tangled. When the other party is in such a bad mood, is it too much to make another Overwhelming Sadness Meal by himself?

But Chen Ze also wanted to make a good Overwhelming Sadness Meal, so he finally took out the ingredients.

“Let me imagine… If Laura is dead…” Chen Ze closed his eyes, and he concluded that the last time he did Overwhelming Sadness Meal, the reason he didn’t do it well was because he didn’t experience that state of mind.

Chen Ze worked hard, and then substituted himself into that state of mind, in this state of mind, Chen Ze made Overwhelming Sadness Meal.

[You have made an exquisite Overwhelming Sadness Meal, and the Chinese Cuisine experience has increased by 15 points]

Chen Ze stared at the front blankly, and it took him a long time to sway his mind. It seems that he would still try not to substitute himself in the future, otherwise it would be really uncomfortable.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze clapped his hands and thought for a while before taking out a few Daifuku.

“Manager, what’s the matter?” Fremiya looked at Chen Ze, a little embarrassed, because Destiny was crying now.

“It’s okay, I made a sad dish.” Chen Ze laughed, then put Daifuku on it.

“How many guests, do you want to eat this free Daifuku? But it has a side effect.”

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