My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 401

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“Side effects? What side effects?” Fremiya looked at Chen Ze curiously. She ate here at Chen Ze. She really hadn’t seen any side effects. Is it possible that Manager’s Daifuku was an alchemy medicine?

“It’s… will make some strange actions.” Chen Ze struggled, but explained it anyway.

“It’s okay, give me a taste.” Fremiya took a piece of Daifuku, and sniffed it, not at all what a strange smell.

On the contrary, there is a faint fruit aroma, which Fremiya still likes, but considering the words Chen Ze said, Fremiya decided to be more cautious.

“Destiny, come, I’ll give you something to eat.” Fremiya put the Daifuku into his companion’s mouth with a smile.

“Woo… I want to die… It’s almost done… um… huh~” Destiny was crying, and suddenly stood up and twisted a few movements.

“Tsk, it’s very hot-eyed, Mr. Manager, I don’t want it anymore.” Fremiya shook the head, these gestures are too shameful, if you do it yourself, it is probably social death.

“Um… my eyes can’t hold back, and I don’t want it.” Reinhardt, who was eating the barbecue, waved his hand quickly, for fear that Chen Ze would bring this Daifuku to him.

Chen Ze nodded, and then prepared to throw Daifuku into the trash can.

“Wait a minute” Destiny said when he came back.

“En?” Chen Ze turned his head suspiciously, did he think this Daifuku was too shameful and wanted to destroy it himself?

“How much is this… thing of yours? I want to buy it and take it away.” Destiny regained his calm, and his eyes under the mask looked straight at Chen Ze.

“How much? No, just take it as an apologize just now. If you want it, you can take it away for free.” Chen Ze shook the head. This thing was originally a failure. Now with the guidance of Yukihira Soma, Chen Ze is confident Make a better Daifuku.

“By the way, Fremiya.” Chen Ze remembered what he had told her last time.

“What’s the matter, Manager?” Fremiya looked at Chen Ze suspiciously.

“That’s what happened last time. I have asked someone to get Hearthstone. When the time comes, I can give it to you.” Chen Ze clapped his hands. Nyarlathotep’s strength is still okay, but I don’t know when it will be available. Make the alien version of Hearthstone.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Manager, right.” Fremiya smiled nodded, and then took a bag out of her arms.

“This is our meal expense this time, a Blazing Sun Mushroom.” Fremiya took the bag to Chen Ze.

As soon as Chen Ze took over, he felt a warm feeling, and it was brought by this bag, which made Chen Ze very curious.

I have only heard of the name Moonlight Mushroom, and Moonlight Mushroom is also a particularly important ingredient in Chen Ze’s hands. How come another Blazing Sun Mushroom? I don’t know how it tastes like.

“Thank you and welcome you to come again next time.” Although I haven’t tried it, Chen Ze himself is still looking forward to it, considering that the name is similar to Moonlight Mushroom.

“Then we will come again next time.” Fremiya waved his hand, and then went back with his companion.

Chen Ze stretched his waist, hoping to have more guests today, otherwise it would be too boring.

On the other side, Destiny came to Halo’s shop again.

“Why are you here again? Are you going to buy some materials?” Halo gave Destiny a strange look, and subconsciously moved the stool.

Destiny saw it in his eyes, and his heart ached, but he came today with the idea of ​​repairing the relationship.

“This… is something I got from a ruin. It has a very wonderful effect.” Destiny took out Daifuku. The white Daifuku and the taste of food on it were very noticeable.

“Isn’t this for food?” Halo gave Destiny a dissatisfied look. In her opinion, the masked man was mocking herself.

“It’s a real alchemy item, but its function is very strange, it will make people do a few moves involuntarily.” Destiny immediately explained, otherwise he was worried that he would be turned away.

“…” Halo didn’t speak, just looked at him with a foolish look.

“I can prove it to you!” Destiny anxiously picked up a piece of Daifuku and threw it into his mouth.

“Mr. Destiny, I think… you might need to see the priest, after all, your behavior…” Halo looked loving, but this look made Destiny even more uncomfortable. He is not a fool, hey!

Chen Ze certainly did not know that Destiny was regarded as a fool by his beloved Goddess because of Daifuku. He was looking at his mobile phone.

To be precise, check the recipe.

“Tiger Pill Broth? This name is very special, let me see what the recipe is…” Chen Ze raised his brow, and his face became darker as he looked at it.

“What kind of recipe… I’m afraid I’ll have to sit and wear it once after eating it.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, it’s not advisable to eat game, even more how it is to eat tiger’s eggs.

“Flying Dragon Soup… Forget it, first-class animal protection, cannot afford to offend.” Chen Ze was a bit speechless, how could he check the recipes, they are all these dishes?

Flying dragon soup is not actually eating dragon meat, and it has nothing to do with dragons. It is completely a kind of bird, flying dragon bird.

However, because they eat too much, flying dragon birds are now endangered and protected animals.

Chen Ze hesitated for a while, then searched again, and this time found a dish that seemed feasible.

“Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken? It feels like Fried Chicken, why would it be lost?” Chen Ze took a closer look, and then determined the cause of the loss.

The production method of Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken is not complicated. It can even be said that the recipes are still available, but the point is that the most important ingredient of Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken is gone.

That’s paper. This paper is not paper in the general sense, but paper made with ancient methods, and the materials used to make the paper are no longer testable. Not at all is a very clear answer, so now the whole dish is also lost. Up.

“Paper… but my broken system, unless I figure it out by myself, otherwise it is basically impossible to give me the recipe.” Chen Ze was a little melancholy, but still patted his face. After all, it is a lost recipe. If it is so simple, I will make it by myself. It’s impossible to come out.

Chen Ze opened 100 degrees and continued to check, the ancient papermaking techniques and the materials that can be used to make paper all need to be studied.

However, Chen Ze put down his phone. This is not to say that Chen Ze gave up, but because the wind chime rang and guests came in.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, Mr. Saitama~”

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