My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 402

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“Mr. Saitama, long time no see.” Chen Ze walked out with a smile on his face, and then froze.

The man in front of him, whether in terms of face shape, hairstyle, or even appearance, is exactly the same as Saitama, but he feels mature a lot. This is not at all strange.

But the strange thing is that Saitama in front of him is injured and there are blood stains on his face, which is very abnormal.

As everyone knows, in the world of One Punch Man, Saitama is invincible. All Strangers cannot withstand Saitama. If one punch is not enough, then 2 punches, and 2 punches are not enough, then a serious punch.

And Saitama was hit by Boros from Earth to the moon, and there was no injury, let alone a wound on his face.

So what the hell is going on?

“Long time no see, Manager, didn’t expect to be able to see you.” Saitama smiled heartily, his teeth were very white, and he was in a good mood.

“Well…it’s been a long time, but Mr. Saitama, you…” Chen Ze was a little confused and still didn’t know the situation.

“I? It’s okay, thank you, Betty.” Saitama took the towel that Betty handed over and wiped his face.

“I just hit a Stranger. This Stranger was very strong, but it died later.” Saitama found a chair and sat down.

“Mr. Manager, I haven’t seen you for ten years, you are still the same.” Genos also came in, but the equipment on the opponent’s body felt like it had evolved from a small fishing boat to an aircraft carrier.

“Ah? It’s been ten years?” Chen Ze was even more confused. What happened? Could it be that One Punch Man’s world, Time Flow Speed ​​is so fast?

“Teacher…he paid a lot of sacrifice.” Genos respectfully looked at Saitama who was sitting there hehe haha, his tone a little heavy.

Then Genos didn’t know why, and told Chen Ze about the recent events, maybe because for them, they have not seen Chen Ze for ten years, so they have a feeling of chatting with old friends.

However, Chen Ze also understood what happened. After Saitama defeated many Strangers, he slowly became emotional. This is not a joke, but he really has no emotions.

Even after losing to King for the 10000th time, he would not be angry or unwilling. Now Saitama is more like a ruthless Stranger destroying machine.

Until there was a Stranger that surpassed Divine Grade, with no difficulty suppressed the entire hero guild, and then vomited blood to Saitama, and then Stranger announced his identity, Lord of Universe, and Saitama’s power was given by him.

When everyone was desperate, Saitama stood up again. After so long, he was still the one who was interested in becoming a hero.

Saitama paid a huge price for defeating this super-god Stranger, but the price was that he lost all his power.

The current Saitama is the s1 hero of the Heroes Guild, but it is also an ordinary person, just a little bit stronger than the ordinary person.

“Haha, I’m like an undocumented Knight now, but I can beat those guys.” Saitama was chatting with Betty.

“Me, as well as a few heroes of the s-level, have been protecting Teacher, and my sister is also there.” Genos looked at Saitama.

“Long time no see, so many words! Genos, come over for a drink!” Saitama called Genos back.

“Manager! Give me a fried French Fries, and then two Unadon!” Saitama’s voice sounded particularly energetic.

“Good.” Chen Ze nodded, then returned to the kitchen and started peeling potatoes.

Chen Ze vaguely remembered that he saw on the Internet that the author of One Punch Man planned to let Saitama have such an ending, but didn’t expect it to be so fast.

And Chen Ze is also curious, who is Saitama’s wife?

According to anime, it is generally one of the Tatsumaki sisters, but Tatsumaki’s probability is a little bit bigger, and Fubuki’s setting is more like a defeated dog.

But it’s hard to say. It’s like someone who couldn’t learn. Chen Ze really didn’t expect that the final winner would be Takemoto Uruka.

After a while, Chen Ze made a fried French Fries and 2 Unadon, and then he brought them out with Betty.

“Mr. Manager, your cooking skills are as good as ever!” Saitama took a bite of Unadon and exhaled in satisfaction.

“Thanks for the compliment, I am currently studying some lost dishes.” Chen Ze laughed, then poured a cup of Thunderbolt Ale for Saitama and Genos.

“Hu ha~ it really tastes good like this.” Saitama took a quick sip, then put the glass down.

“Are there more Strangers now?” Chen Ze was a little curious.

“Not much, now it may take several months for a ghost-level Stranger to appear.” The answer was Genos, he is a mechanical transformation man, it is naturally easy to remember these.

“Hehe, it’s just a bit boring. I exercise every day or help catch the wanted man.” Saitama waved his hand. Although life is a bit boring, it’s still pretty good, for him.

After all, before punching an enemy, there is no sense of experience at all. Now, Saitama finally finds the feeling of bloody battle.

Although they are already fathers, Saitama still intends to continue to be a hero of interest.

“This is my daughter, isn’t it pretty~” Saitama pulled out a photo from his arms, which was a group photo of 3 people.

Saitama, Tatsumaki, and a little girl with green hair are smiling cutely.

Chen Ze looked at this photo and smiled. Saitama can be regarded as a winner in life.

“Mr. Saitama, how about using this photo as a reward for this meal?” Chen Ze laughed, looking at Saitama, with an idea in his mind.

“Huh? Okay, but will it be too cheap?” Saitama was a little strange, but Chen Ze was his friend after all, so he didn’t care.

“No, I’m still very satisfied.” Chen Ze put the photo away. He remembered that there was a grocery room in the kitchen, which was not small in size.

After sending away Saitama and Genos, Chen Ze looked at the photo, then walked into the kitchen and took out the two things.

A box, this is left by Christine, Chen Ze still remembers.

There is also a flower, a Resurrection Lily, left by the girl who became a Buddha after eating.

Chen Ze took a silent look, and then put Saitama’s photos in. He was going to find some time to clean up the grocery room and store these things.

“I hope I can see each other all the time, Saitama.” Chen Ze looked at the picture, and then closed the cabinet.

“Let me see, the materials used to make paper are…”

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