My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 403

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I don’t know if I checked Chen Ze and found that there are so many materials that can be used to make paper.

However, the overwhelming majority are still made of trees, and paper made of other materials is also available, but it is different from the Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken that Chen Ze wants to try.

“What material is used for this Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken paper?” Chen Ze was a little bald, he thought for a long time but still didn’t want to go out.

But what is certain is that it should not be the paper on the market. After all, there are a lot of papers. If it is really these papers, then China that many Chef is impossible to make.

Chen Ze looked at 100 degrees again, and found a piece of information that might be valuable.

“Is it supposed to be paper made of grapefruit?” Chen Ze touched his chin. If it is paper made of grapefruit peel, then it is understandable.

After all, the grapefruit peel has always had a very strong special flavor. Chen Ze still knows that it has a light grapefruit fragrance. If grapefruit is used to make paper, it may be as delicious as Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken.

Chen Ze nodded, think this idea should be quite good, the next thing is to see how to make paper with grapefruit peel.

And it’s also impossible to make paper with just a grapefruit peel, so there must be other materials added to it, but now I don’t know that’s all.

Then Chen Ze ordered some ancient paper-making tools on the Internet, and then waited for the express delivery time.

“Speaking of which, I guess I have to deliver another day’s takeaway tomorrow, and the WeChat balance doesn’t feel much.” Chen Ze took a look at the WeChat balance by the way. RMB this thing must be the more the better.

“If you sell something…exotic seafood skewers, combined with Fragrant Oddity Fruit juice, and paired with grilled Beer Beef…that’s it.” Chen Ze thought for a while, and decided what he would do tomorrow. thing.

After deciding on the cuisine to be made tomorrow, Chen Ze took out the squid whiskers from the space bag, and had to make these squid whiskers as soon as possible today, otherwise the workload for tomorrow would be too much.

“I have to explain to Laura, after all, Laura is there, and I can’t let those takeaway boys come in.” Chen Ze twisted his neck and started to deal with the squid whiskers as soon as possible.

However, Chen Ze reacted quickly and there was no need to let Laura go out, as long as Laura stayed on the 2nd floor.

“Manager, do you have afternoon tea?” A familiar voice, even after hearing the afternoon tea, Chen Ze knew which guest was coming.

“Professor, our shop still doesn’t provide afternoon tea.” Chen Ze smiled and took a look, and said hello to the professor by the way.

“Professor, this is your lemonade.” Betty also leaned in and poured Moriarty a glass of lemonade.

“Manager is really stubborn. I thought you would prepare afternoon tea as soon as possible…” Moriarty smiled, then touched his pocket.

“By the way, this is something for you.” Moriarty took out a book.

Chen Ze saw a string of English written on it at a glance. Although Chen Ze’s English ability is not very good, he still sees it. This book is called “A Study in Scarlet”.

It’s just that the author is not the one Chen Ze knows about, but Watson.

“Aha, professor, did you really help me get it?” Chen Ze happily put away the book, which was written by Watson himself, which is more memorable.

When Chen Ze was young, he read a Canon of Sherlock Holmes, but that was a pirated book, but Chen Ze at that meeting was still very happy to read it, and later he grew up and bought the genuine copy of Sherlock Holmes.

“I really don’t understand, why do you like this funny detective story so much.” Moriarty didn’t care, and then he took another book out of his arms and handed it to Chen Ze.

“This is my work, I also signed you.” Moriarty said calmly.

Chen Ze also smiled and took it, “Asteroid Mechanics”, well, this is very professor.

“Is that Saintess not here today?” Seeing Chen Ze accepting his work, Moriarty looked at all around and asked.

“Are you talking about Jeanne? She usually comes every afternoon.” Chen Ze put the two books away and put them in the bedroom on the second floor later.

“So…” Moriarty sat quietly in the chair and took a sip of lemonade.

“Then give me a Light Cheesecake and a steak.” It seems that the professor is going to change a staple food today.

Chen Ze nodded, then went back to the kitchen, he didn’t let the guests order anything deliberately.

Light Cheesecake, a very simple dessert, is not a challenge for Chen Ze now.

But the steak Chen Ze took a moment to think. Chen Ze didn’t ask Moriarty if he wanted a cooked steak. On the one hand, he couldn’t tell whether Moriarty had several points of cooked steak in that era. On the other hand, it was because Chen Ze felt that Beer Beef still does it better than relatively.

“The temperature should be just right…” Chen Ze looked at the steak and sniffed the smell of meat in the air.

Since he acquired a skill to improve temperature control, Chen Ze now has a better grasp of fire conditions.

Chen Ze took the steak out, put it on the hot iron plate, beat a half-boiled egg on it, and let Betty take it out.

It is also a very basic knowledge to use an iron plate to keep the temperature of the steak, and Chen Ze is confident to use the iron plate to show the best temperature of Beer Beef.

“Um… it’s delicious…” Moriarty squinted his eyes with a look of contentment.

This steak is very tender. When he used a knife and fork, it was cut open with one knife, but after putting it in his mouth, it was unexpectedly chewy, and the outer texture of the steak and the plump gravy on the inner layer formed a sharp contrast .

Coupled with the strange green vegetables Chen Ze put aside, they are also very crisp and delicious, which makes Moriarty very satisfied.

After a while, Moriarty ate all the steak, even the cooked eggs.

“Mr. Manager~I’m here~” The door was pushed open, and it was Jeanne who pushed the door.

“Jeanne, do you want to have something to eat today?” Betty walked over with a smile, and took the woven flower from Jeanne.

“Jeanne, come, sit with me, I will teach you something.” Moriarty’s eyes lit up, and then he patted his side chair.

“This…” Jeanne was obviously hesitant.

“There are delicious cakes.” Jeanne sat down immediately.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it seems Moriarty really intends to train Jeanne into a powerful character.

Maybe she should be called Joan of Arc in the future?

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