My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 404

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“I feel that the adult world is so complicated.” Jeanne lay on the table. If she had to describe her current state, it would be the kind that dazed doubts about life.

“In the adult world, nothing is simple.” Chen Ze walked out and gave Jeanne a baked Pizza.

“But just…Mr. Moriarty, what I said made me a little…” Jeanne shook her head hard, trying to clear herself up.

Chen Ze indifferent expression looked at Jeanne and Moriarty’s remarks, which sounded like college courses. For Jeanne now, it is still a bit difficult to understand.

“Don’t think about it, you will slowly understood in the future.” Chen Ze couldn’t help rubbing Jeanne’s head, he felt that he would become a good father in the future.

“Um…Thank you Mr. Manager for taking care of me for so long, if it weren’t for you…” Jeanne looked up at Chen Ze, feeling a little teary.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, what the hell is that, why suddenly start to feel sad?

“Nothing, go back, Moriarty has kept you for more than an hour.” Chen Ze didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, Moriarty forcibly dragged Jeanne here for more than an hour, and then left contentedly.

“Okay, thank you Mr. Manager.” Jeanne took Pizza in her arms and walked out.

Chen Ze stood on the spot, looking at the direction of the door, shook the head, and didn’t know when Andrew, the silly boy, would let go of his grudge.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and continued to cut the squid whiskers. Now the hand speed is very fast, and the squid whiskers are also much faster.

“Manager, why didn’t you stop the professor?” Betty asked while standing by washing the dishes.

“Because this is better than Jeanne’s original ending.” Chen Ze answered quickly. He had already thought about this question. In addition, the professor did help Jeanne a lot, so Chen Ze didn’t say anything.

“Huh?” Betty was a little confused, the original ending? Is this Destiny?

Suddenly Betty’s eyes on Chen Ze were not right. You must know that in the foreign world, the God of Destiny has been missing for a long time, and no one knows his existence.

Think of Chen Ze’s magical restaurant and Transmission Gate, as well as the redemption that I got when I was most desperate…

Betty immediately shook the head, how could it be possible.

“Ah…Mr. Manager~long time no see, I miss you so much~” The door was pushed open, and a very soft voice came in.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, who is this? Chen Ze is very panicked, after all, being misunderstood by Laura is terrifying.

Especially Chen Ze also saw Betty’s expression “I will report Lady Boss immediately if the situation is wrong.”

“Ms. Nozomi Shiratori? Long time no see, do you want something to eat?” Chen Ze immediately recognized this woman. After all, his 10000 energy medicine was given to him.

“Give me a copy of Mr. Manager’s special recommendation today.” Nozomi Shiratori put his chin on, looking at Chen Ze playfully.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” Chen Ze nodded, then returned to the kitchen and started preparing to make today’s special recommendation.

“Make an Extreme Nut Saury soup, another Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks, and finally a Parfait.” Chen Ze quickly figured out what to do today, although Chen Ze can also be very relaxed Bring Goubuli Steamed Bun to Nozomi Shiratori.

But that always feels a bit perfunctory, even more how Nozomi Shiratori is also from the world of scpFoundation, but I don’t know if this one is a Foundation member or Foundation’s opponent.

“Manager…” Betty leaned in suspiciously and sniffed.

“What are you doing, you are a dog?” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, Betty is really dedicated, of course for Chen Ze.

“Hehe, isn’t this also to complete Laura-sama’s explanation.” There is no suspicious taste, Betty is relieved a lot.

Chen Ze shook the head, and then began to make this Cuisine.

Extreme Nut Saury Put the meat in the pot and add seasonings to make a delicious soup.

Adding a little ham to Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks can make the whole fried rice taste better, and it can also satisfy people who eat meat stars.

As for Parfait, Chen Ze put a peeled Fragrant Oddity Fruit on it. As long as it is punctured, the rich juice will flow out.

Chen Ze clapped his hands with satisfaction, and then asked Betty to carry these things out.

“Oh? What is this? What kind of weird little electric toy~” Nozomi Shiratori’s expression and tone sounded like driving.

“This is Fragrant Oddity Fruit. The Manager explained that before eating Parfait, you need to puncture this fruit lightly.” Betty was very dedicated.

“Huh?” Nozomi Shiratori became interested, and then pierced Fragrant Oddity Fruit with chopsticks.

Then all the juice in Fragrant Oddity Fruit flowed out and soon covered Parfait.

“It’s delicious!” Nozomi Shiratori looked content. She had never eaten such a great Parfait.

Nozomi Shiratori looked at the peel on it, of course she knew that it was this fruit that made the entire Parfait look more colorful.

“Mr. Manager, this Fragrant Oddity Fruit, can you sell me some to take away?” Nozomi Shiratori liked the taste very much.

“Sorry, not at the moment.” Chen Ze shook the head, these fruits were not enough for him to use.

It seems that when Doraemon comes next time, I have to borrow a farming suit from him.

Nozomi Shiratori is a pity, but I didn’t care too much, anyway, it’s only for the time being, maybe next time I come.

Then Nozomi Shiratori ate Fried Rice with Dried Mushroom Sticks and fish soup again. There were no leftovers.

“Hu~Every time I come, Mr. Manager makes me startled~” Nozomi Shiratori wiped his lips contentedly.

Chen Ze stood aside with a smile. As his cooking skills get better and better, such sighs will only increase.

“This is the meal cost this time, a very interesting thing.” Nozomi Shiratori took out an item from his arms and placed it on the table.

Chen Ze picked it up and looked at it strangely. It was a red disc, which looked unremarkable and nothing strange.

“What is this?” Chen Ze was a little puzzled. He later read some scpFoundation documents, but it was also impossible to find out the corresponding project from it.

“This is the Red Sea disc, which can help you turn on the parallel world.” Nozomi Shiratori looked at Chen Ze with a smirk.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he remembered this stuff, there should be a false god in it.

But what’s so scary about false gods? Even if he is the king of yellow clothes, he ate here calmly.

However, Chen Ze decided to wait for Hastur to arrive before letting him help.

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