My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 405

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“Guest, you really are. You gave me something amazing.” Chen Ze was a little helpless. He now suspects that the other party is a member of the SCP Foundation, and he regards himself here as the destruction point of the containment objects. It’s a Red Sea object, so should the immortal monitor be brought here next time?

“It seems that Mr. Manager still knows some content.” Nozomi Shiratori looked at Chen Ze with a smile. She had long suspected that Chen Ze had mastered some of the Foundation’s content.

“I can only say that I know something about it, so what else do you want to eat as a guest?” Chen Ze rubbed his nose. Anyway, the meal has already been received. If Nozomi Shiratori has anything to do, then he will prepare it. Let her go.

“Hey~ Mr. Manager is really ruthless~ I also said I want to eat some sausage~” Nozomi Shiratori gave Chen Ze a teasing look. Chen Ze couldn’t help but pinch her leg with her gaze, even though she already knew she was a dirty lady. , But seeing the old rascal Nozomi Shiratori, I still can’t stand it.

“Hahaha, really cute man, then I will continue to come next time.” Nozomi Shiratori smiled and left, leaving only Chen Ze with a black line.

“Manager, can this guest be blacklisted?” Betty looked upset. She couldn’t control her hand just now and called Laura -sama over. As long as Laura -sama comes, what is this Nozomi Shiratori, Will become the dead bird Ximei, Betty is very confident.

“Although this guy often drives, the world she is in is still quite troublesome. If you accidentally kill her, then maybe something more troublesome will come in.” Chen Ze shook the head, although his magic array is invincible Yes, but the problem is that being annoyed often is also very unsolvable.

Even more how SCP Foundation, Chen Ze still admires it. After all, he has helped humans contain so many containment objects. If some of them were not contained by Foundation, it is estimated that they would bring huge disasters to humans in that world.

Although I often ridicule their containment as “we contain, we fail, we run”, but that is just a joke. After all, when players play games, they encounter containment breaches.

“Speaking of which, this restaurant of mine should have been taken in by them? I just don’t know what the number and level are, but I’m so harmless, there should be nothing wrong with me.” Chen Ze shook the head, and then returned When he arrived in the kitchen, he continued to cut his own squid whiskers.

“Professor, are you back?” The guards looked respectfully at Nozomi Shiratori in a white robe.

“Well, this investigation of the contained objects is still the same. At present, we can’t find out any probability that threatens our world. Remember to close the door.” Nozomi Shiratori outside, with a cold face, she walked out calmly .

It’s time to set up a file for this restaurant. As far as the situation is checked, it should not pose any threat to the world, but…

Nozomi Shiratori thought of the Cuisine made by Chen Ze. Although he went to the medical office to check after he came out, there was no problem and his body was much healthier. Plus the Parfait that I ate today…

Nozomi Shiratori licked her lips. She felt that she still wanted to continue eating, but the next time she applied to investigate the restaurant, she would have to wait for a while, right?

Of course, Chen Ze didn’t know that his restaurant had already conquered this somewhat provocative Female Scholar. He was looking at Hastur helplessly. He didn’t know what was going on, so he ran over in broad daylight.

“Oh, so Hastur, what happened to you today?” Chen Ze sighed.

“Don’t mention it, I plan to come here to hide for a while, and I guess Nyarla will come soon.” Hastur held his leg and sat on the chair, seeing that the other party didn’t plan to leave for the time being.

“Huh? Why is Nyarla coming too?” Chen Ze was a little confused, aren’t these two gods Teddy? In the foreign world, it seems that there is no existence that can compete with each other, right?

“Manager, I’m here again, today I plan to…Hastur, you’re here as expected.” Before the voice was over, Nyarlathotep opened the door and walked in.

“What the hell is going on?” Chen Ze was even more at a loss, is it possible that it’s the foreign world and will be nuclear explosion soon?

But this is not right. It stands to reason that Nyarla is the guy who will engage in nuclear explosions, but it seems that it has nothing to do with Nyarla.

“If you have to say something, it’s probably the one who is coming.” Nyarla looked at Chen Ze expressionlessly, and then found a place to sit down.

“Emmm, do you mean Sothoth?” Chen Ze was stunned, and then remembered the door that Hastur pointed to last time. After all, it is in the Cthulhu mythology system. Probably only Sothoth has something to do with the door.

“Do you know that one?” Nyarla gave Chen Ze a strange look. How could this guy dare to call his name in this restaurant? It stands to reason that he would be noticed by calling him by his name.

“Well, I probably know a little bit, omniscient, omnipotent, and very strong, and has a cute name, bubble, right?” Chen Ze remembered the other person’s bubble name, which can be said to be a foreigner.

“Hiss…you actually call the one with 10000 things…that?” Hastur had a stomachache on his face, but from his current appearance, it was quite cute. After all, he was a beautiful girl.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this first, even if the key to the door is coming, why are you coming to me?” Chen Ze still can’t understand, after all, the Sothoth level is still very high, but even so, he is Kesu. The foreign god in Lu’s mythology should belong to the same camp.

“I’m just a little guilty. After all, I look like a bastard in this way, and I haven’t taken these humans into the abyss of despair.” Hastur held his leg, a little suspicious of God, after all, if Sothoth saw All of this, it is estimated that this Avatar will be destroyed, right?

“I’m okay. After all, all the gods of this World have been wiped out, but I have been studying science recently…” Nyarla also had a gloomy expression. Although he is a creeping chaos, his status is still too low for this supreme foreign god. A little bit.

“Have you ever considered that Sothoth is not omniscient and omnipotent, then can we assume that Sothoth will know where you are as long as you come in?” Chen Ze touch the chin, think this probability is particularly big, after all, it is Sothoth what. “Actually, I do know it.” The door was pushed open.

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