My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 406

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The atmosphere of Unusual Dream Restaurant is very embarrassing. Chen Ze even feels that the air in the restaurant has become silent. This is probably a truancy when he was a student and went to the Internet cafe, but he was blocked by his parents in the Internet cafe.

“Hastur, Nyarlathotep.” Sothoth is a piece of fog, and it looks like there are countless silhouettes walking in it, and nameless fear and intense madness swept the entire restaurant.

But what’s the use of not at all? In this restaurant, Chen Ze’s magic array is invincible, so Chen Ze still stood there calmly.

It’s just that for Hastur and Nyarla, the atmosphere is not very friendly. Even Chen Ze can see a drop of cold sweat on Hastur’s forehead. This surprised Chen Ze a bit. It turns out that Hastur sweats too?

“Master Sothoth…this…actually I can explain it.” Hastur grinned reluctantly, and Chen Ze couldn’t bear to look directly at that smile.

“Well, what’s the explanation? Explain that after you came to this World, you were first sealed by a group of natives like ants, and then finally escaped and became addicted to the game on Earth again?” Sothoth turned into a human form, watching Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched.

Why is Sothoth transformed into Cristiano Ronaldo?

Seeing the president standing in front of him, Chen Ze wanted to ask for an autograph. Although Chen Ze is not a Real Madrid fan, he was still very excited to see Ronaldo.

“Or, you are going to explain to me, you secretly drilled a hole in the main world to steal the Internet, and then become an anchor?” Sothoth hasn’t finished speaking, but Chen Ze found that every time He said, Hastur headed The cold sweat is even worse.

“Well, Mr. Sothoth, would you like something to eat?” Chen Ze hesitated for a while before asking, after all, if he didn’t help Hastur out, Chen Ze felt that Hastur was almost dehydrated.

“..” Sothoth glanced at Chen Ze, then was silent for a while, unexpectedly nodded.

“Then give me a copy of your best dish, by the way, enough portion.”

Hearing Sothoth’s words, Chen Ze went back to the kitchen and began to make today’s dishes for Sothoth, and then called Betty in by the way and asked her to help cut the squid whiskers, leaving the restaurant to the three gods.

“Why are you so white?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, this guy’s face was as white as a ghost.

“Hehe…because of the suppression of the biological aura…” Betty moved her mouth with a smile.

She hasn’t been stunned yet, although Betty is also protected by the magic array because she is an employee of the restaurant, but the suppression of biological instinct still makes her a little breathless.

“Then you can take a good rest in the kitchen. I’ll deal with these 3 people.” Chen Ze nodded, although he doesn’t and so on himself, he still has to take care of Betty. After all, he is just such a waiter.

Then Chen Ze swiftly made a Magical Mapo Tofu, and another Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice, and finally paired it with Moonshine cake, even if he prepared the dishes for Sothoth.

But Chen Ze not at all rushed out, but first observed the situation in the restaurant, the situation can only be said to be very strange.

Not at all imagined Sothoth flies into a rage, and then killed Hastur and Nyarla, and there was no situation where Hastur and Nyarla lowered their heads to admit their mistakes. These three guys looked at each other in the restaurant like this, not knowing that they thought they were playing look on in despair.

“This guest, this is your dish.” Chen Ze hesitated for a while before he walked out, and they will have to play for a while and stare.

“Okay, thank you, Manager.” The president of the Sothoth version smiled gently, then sat down and slowly tasted the dishes in front of him.

“Hastur, Nyarla, do you want something to eat?” Chen Ze looked towards the Hastur.

“Give me the same one.” Hastur also sat down.

“Me too!” Nyarla also sat down.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it seems that Nyarla has been studying the stalks of modern society recently, and I have also come out.

But Chen Ze didn’t care, these outer gods could play better than he thought.

So Chen Ze went straight back to the kitchen and started to make this dish for Hastur and Nyarla.

“It tastes good, no wonder you will come to this place.” Sothoth nodded, in his impression, such delicious dishes are still very few.

“Then what do you think about me?” Hastur lifts the head tangledly, and asked.

“Your Hope City, since Mr. Manager asked you to get it, then you can continue to do it.” Sothoth didn’t care at all. It was just a broken world anyway, and it wasn’t worth his lesson.

“Then I…” Nyarla also spoke cautiously.

“The same with you.” Sothoth said directly, interrupting Nyarla’s words, letting him breathe a sigh of relief.

“But Hastur, you are really brave, you dare to drill a hole in that sleeping place.” Sothoth looked towards Hastur again, with a bad look on his face.

In fact, if he hadn’t noticed the hole, he would not have planned to come to this barren world. There are that many dimensions waiting for him to take a walk.

“Hehe…I didn’t expect that it would be that one’s sleeping place.” Hastur scratched his head, showing no deity at all.

“This is your Cuisine.” Chen Ze walked out again and put the two prepared dishes on the table.

Then Chen Ze watched Sothoth and Nyarla eating from the sidelines. I have to say that Sothoth’s eating is no different from an ordinary person.

It’s just that Chen Ze faintly felt that Sothoth didn’t seem to be satisfied with the taste, which made Chen Ze a little confused. Is Sothoth only likes eating perfect dishes, or did he not catch the taste that the other party likes?

But before Chen Ze could think about it, Sothoth had finished eating.

“Mr. Manager, this is our meal expenses this time.” Sothoth stood up with a smile, and put a gray spar on the table.

“Okay.” Chen Ze didn’t ask if it was useful, so he put it away.

“This thing can create a space, and the things placed in it won’t corrupt.” Although Chen Ze didn’t ask, Sothoth explained it.

“Okay, thank you… But I want to ask, is today’s food still to your appetite?” Chen Ze struggled for a while, but still asked, otherwise I feel that I can’t sleep today.

“…Very good dishes.” After Sothoth said this, he took Hastur and Nyarla with him.

“Very good? That is, it is not tasty yet?”

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