My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 408

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“Eliza, why do you always come by yourself? In fact, I think it’s okay for you to let your hands down, after all, you have so many things.” Betty brought a glass of lemonade to Eliza, and then sat next to him and chatted with Eliza.

“No, this restaurant is my secret, I don’t plan to let others in.” Eliza shook the head with a smile.

even more how This place, but my own blessed place, is also the only secret space where I can put down the mask of the superwoman and relax and enjoy the food. Eliza naturally has to seize the opportunity to come over.

In fact, if it weren’t for Eliza’s recent busy schedule, Eliza would have planned to come by herself once a day to eat and chat with other guests by the way. That would be great.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze clapped his hands. Although Yuxiang Shredded Pork made it for the first time, there was no difficulty. It was done by following the recipe, so Chen Ze did it quickly, and Also made a sophisticated level.

“Okay~” Betty rushed in immediately, then brought out all the dishes cooked by Chen Ze and put them on Eliza’s table.

And Chen Ze started making Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, he was very focused, for fear that he would cut off the tofu if he was distracted.

“Betty, speaking of which other guests?” Eliza looked around, how could he always feel that today’s restaurant is a bit deserted.

“There are no other guests. We were having lunch when you came.” Betty shook the head. When she talked about lunch, she suddenly felt that she was hungry again.

“Huh? Why don’t you continue to eat? Anyway, I’m fine here.” Eliza was a bit guilty. After spending some time with Betty, she also knew that this Succubus was a foodie, even she earned Gold Coin hard. In order to eat, it can be said to be full of food.

“It’s okay, let’s talk about 10000 and there will be guests again later…” Betty waved her hand, but she already thought that she would go into the kitchen with an excuse to see what the Manager was doing later, and then she could eat.

“Parfait, 50 copies.” Before Betty could say anything, the door of the restaurant was opened, and Betty saw Stan come in.

Betty can’t wait to give herself a mouth, let herself set up a FLAG, now this is not Lord Stan in, and there are still 50 Parfait, even if Betty carry 5 copies, it will take a long time.

“Stan?! Long time no see, 50 Parfait, right? Wait a while, I’ll make this for you when I finish.” Chen Ze took a surprised look at the probe, and then retracted again. He just After cutting the tofu and vegetables, we need to cut some other things.

“Lord Stan, this is your Cola.” Betty rubbed his face, then walked over with a smile, and poured Stan a glass of cold Cola.

Stan nodded, and then looked at Eliza who was sitting on the sidelines for dinner, did not speak, and continued to sit quietly.

Then Chen Ze quickly finished the Sliced ​​Tofu Broth with his hand, and then asked Betty to take it out, so that Eliza’s Manager’s special recommendation today is done, and the next step is to start making the Parfait that Stan needs.

50 Parfait, speaking of which is a lot, but for Chen Ze it is just a bit time-consuming, Chen Ze can even make these Parfait with his eyes closed.

“I don’t know what Stan looks like when he laughs, speaking of which I don’t seem to have seen Stan laugh.” Chen Ze looked at Parfait in front of him, thinking silently in his heart.

[You have made a beautiful Parfait, and the dessert making experience has increased by 7 points]

[Dessert Grandmaster Passive Effect triggered]

[The beautiful Parfait has a happy effect]

Chen Ze rubbed his nose, corner of the mouth twitched. It seems that when making desserts in the future, he will still concentrate on being relatively good, otherwise the ghost knows what special effects dessert he will make, and what does the happy effect mean?

Wouldn’t it be to make Stan laugh? But if this is the case, Chen Ze thinks there is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, making Stan happy is a good deed. After all, it is a gloomy face for Old Feng.

Thinking of this, Chen Ze’s psychological burden was much less, and then he asked Betty to take out the 5 Parfait.

“Lord Stan, please use it slowly.” Betty put the 5 Parfait in front of Stan.

Stan took a look and found that these Parfait are all normal Parfait. At least there is no such Parfait that was disabled to make head or tail of last time, and the color looks very normal. He immediately picked up the spoon and scooped it up impatiently. A spoonful of Parfait was put in his mouth.

Very sweet, very soft taste, exactly the same as the Parfait that I ate at Chen Ze every time. It makes him very satisfied, and it may be because he hasn’t eaten in this restaurant for a while, and Stan feels that he is all day. The exhausted souls who have been troubled by the complicated affairs are relieved a lot, and even feel a little happy.

“Eliza, are you okay with Hamburger’s recent promotion?” Betty looked at Eliza and asked.

Although Betty is also a partner, the problem is that she is basically only in charge of her own city. Eliza is responsible for all promotion in other cities, which can be regarded as an arm-flinging shopkeeper.

“Very good. After Hamburger has been improved, there are a lot of people eating, and the promotion of French Fries is also very good. Now many cities have our stores.” When it comes to business matters, Eliza looked serious for a while. .

“Puff…” Betty and Eliza turned their heads together, looked towards Stan, this undead master with a gloomy expression just now seemed to smile?

“Um… and the 3 Meiji you mentioned last time, I thought about it…” Eliza turned her head again and continued talking with Betty.

“Oh hoho ~ oh hoho ~” A burst of unbridled laughter instantly filled the restaurant, and interrupted Eliza’s words.

“…” The expressions on Stan’s face are very strange, and the expressions of Betty and Eliza are also very strange.

If it weren’t for the Undead Lord, Betty would want to go over and ask if something happened, after all, Stan never laughed, and the laughter just now was too magical, right?

Chen Ze covered his face in the kitchen with the disabled to bear. He felt a little guilty. After all, Stan is now like this. It is completely the ghost of the happy Parfait he just made. Shouldn’t Stan be reminded?

Then Chen Ze thought for a while, but gave up the idea. After all, Stan looks very happy now, with a foolish smile on his face. This should be a good thing… um… it should be.

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