My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 409

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"Mr. Stan, are you... okay today?" Chen Ze walked out and sat drinking tea.

"Well, Parfait, weird." Stan sat in the chair calmly. He just released a silent magic to himself so that he wouldn't laugh like the impossible to make head or tail of just now.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, what the hell is that expression on Stan’s face, and Stan’s laughter is too magical, right?

Thinking of Stan's oh hoho laugh just now, Chen Ze wanted to laugh very much. It was a very magical laugh.

"Betty, your 3 Meiji. We launched it recently. It's quite popular." Eliza didn't bother Chen Ze and Stan chatting. After all, Eliza also knew what Stan was.

"That's good, but I feel that there are a lot more competitors recently." Betty counted Gold Coin, very happy.

Today, I got more than 100 Gold Coins, and if I continue like this, I can buy the Starry Sky Cake myself.

"En." Eliza nodded, although this fast food business is pretty good, it is still a bit worse compared to other businesses in Eliza.

Therefore, Eliza is not particularly concerned about this business. At most, every time he comes to Chen Ze restaurant for dinner, he will bring Betty's dividends by the way.

"Eliza, have you considered two other versions of Hamburger?" Chen Ze sat aside and naturally heard the conversation between Eliza and Betty.

"Huh? What kind of Hamburger?" Betty blinked. Has Mr. Manager researched out any particularly delicious Hamburger?

"Well... it's a very cheap Hamburger, and there is another very expensive, but the best ingredients are also used." Chen Ze took a sip from his teacup.

"This...really not. We are currently launching Hamburgers that are more cost-effective." Eliza shook the head, she hasn't made these things yet.

"In fact, it is to help you expand your sales. After all, there are ordinary people in the city, people with poor lives, and people with good lives, and you can't expect them to choose the Hamburger of ordinary person." Chen Ze explained in passing. After a while, it seems that people in the foreign world have not realized the problem of sales routes.

"It's like people who do hard work in your city. Their desire to buy is generally large and full, instead of caring too much about the taste and ingredients." Chen Ze glanced at Eliza, what did this guy take out the pen? ?

"And if you are rich or aristocrats, they are more concerned about the preciousness and taste of the ingredients, but don't care about the amount. If you can address these problems and launch the corresponding Hamburger, I think your sales can probably be more. Go up a bit.” Chen Ze drank the tea in the cup slowly, and couldn't help but breathe. This is the Wolfberry Black Tea he bought himself, which is quite healthy.

"Mr. Manager, didn't expect that you are not only superb in cooking, but also insightful about business." Eliza looked at Chen Ze in amazement. She really hadn't thought of this idea yet, so she said. In various cities, there are indeed no nobles who will buy Hamburger.

"It's okay, just a little suggestion." Chen Ze waved his hand indifferently. After all, he is a person from the information explosion era, and he knows some knowledge of large and small.

"Mr. Manager, this is my meal expenses." Eliza took a silver cup from his arms and placed it on the table.

"Ah? Okay, no problem." Chen Ze was stunned for a moment. He really didn't expect Eliza to settle the bill suddenly, but he still put the silver cup away.

"This is an item that our Chamber of Commerce recently collected from the ruins. According to our Appraisal Master appraisal results, this item can provide 3 random drinks a day." Eliza smiled and explained. In fact, this item already has one The nobleman indicated that he wanted it, but she gave Chen Ze the business idea that Chen Ze gave her today.

"Then the way to use it is just to shake this cup."

As soon as Eliza finished speaking, Chen Ze shook the cup curiously, and then a very magical scene appeared. The empty silver cup was suddenly filled with deep blue liquid, exuding a nice fragrance.

Chen Ze took a sip, it was delicious, the mouth was soft, and there was a fruity fragrance.

"I haven't really drunk this wine." Chen Ze was quite satisfied. With this effect, Chen Ze could treat this silver cup as a family heirloom.

"Then I will leave." Eliza smiled and stood up, and then went out.

"Manager, meals." Stan also finished the last cup of Parfait, and put a mushroom on the table, Moonlight Mushroom.

"Stan, if you see Laura, let her come back as soon as possible, I plan to close the door." Chen Ze looked at Stan who was about to push the door out, and quickly added.

Stan paused, then nodded, and went out.

"Betty, pack things up, ready to get off work." Chen Ze stretched out, and then finished all the meals with Betty.

After dinner, while Betty was washing the dishes, Chen Ze planned to read the recipe again, study what to do tomorrow, and think about what to use to make paper that is relatively better.

After all, if Yog-Sothoth is not here, Chen Ze doesn't know when he will come, so he still has to study it himself.

"Just make a Crispy Duck? After all, it's the signature dish of the past." Chen Ze looked at the recipe and thought this idea was pretty good.

Chili, this is a very important condiment in modern society. It can even be said that many people are getting more and more heavy, just because of the spicy taste of chili.

However, hot peppers are only available in modern times. In ancient China, the most used pepper was the pepper.

And the pepper at that meeting is still very expensive, and can even be used to describe wealth, after all, pepper is also attributable to spices.

And Crispy Duck, a dish in Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places, also uses pepper, and it can even be said that without pepper, the taste of the whole dish will be worse.

"It seems I have to buy some fresh duck tomorrow, and add some peppercorns by the way." Chen Ze put down the phone and twisted his neck.

"My dear~" Before he could react, Chen Ze felt a soft body hung on his back.

"Huh? Laura? When did you come back?" Chen Ze was a little confused, didn't he just check the recipe.

"Just now, Betty has gone back, are you going to close the door?" Laura put her hands around, resting her head on Chen Ze's shoulder, looking at him intently.

"Well, I miss you." Looking at Laura, Chen Ze answered seriously.

Laura's face flushed suddenly.

"I... I miss you too..."

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