My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 410

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In the morning of 2nd day, Chen Ze got up very early. He stood up and yawned, then went to the toilet to wash.

After washing his face, Chen Ze felt that he was a lot more awake, at least much better than the state where he was sleepy.

“I have to work hard to deliver food today, and accumulate more funds, otherwise I will have to deliver food more often in the future.” Chen Ze looked in the mirror, tidyed up his clothes, and went downstairs.

As for Laura, it is better to let her sleep on the second floor. Although it seems that there is no problem, but 2 people think that they are smelting copper, it will be a big trouble.

Starting in 3 years, the highest death penalty.

On the first floor, Chen Ze took out the ingredients put in the storage space, and the next step was to burn the charcoal fire.

Although there are electromagnetic ovens now, Chen Ze always feels that something is missing when grilling in this way. After all, the taste of charcoal is also a very important part of the barbecue.

Chen Ze took out his mobile phone and took a look. Yesterday he announced on the food forum and post bar of Riyue City that he would start delivering food today.

Today, I have already broken 1000 replies. Most people are looking forward to it.

[Wind Cyclist: Oh my god, grandfather! The shop you talked about before you left has finally opened! 】

[Lonely Soul: It’s a young age, and the Manager cheated again! 】

[Mystery: This is the most capricious Manager I have ever seen. It feels like he has made enough money at one time, and then he will continue to salt fish. 】

[Ice Cat: Who said no? When did I eat last time…]

[Liaoyuanzhiyuan: hehe, what kind of spicy chicken store, I think this is a hunger marketing, deliberately, the taste is definitely not good. 】

[Zuan Pianist: What kind of spicy chicken? *Yes, you* are gone, the crematorium asked me to ask you* how familiar you are. 】

Chen Ze didn’t pay much attention to the replies of those sprayers. After all, there are so many sprayers in the world, and he is impossible to quarrel with them. It is professional to take advantage of others.

Chen Ze twisted his neck, contacted more than a dozen takeaway brothers, and then began to deliver this takeaway.

“This time the takeaway is exotic seafood skewers, plus Fragrant Oddity Fruit juice, and then 100 orders of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice, it’s almost the same.” Chen Ze took a look at his inventory. It should be enough to sell out today. of.

The exotic seafood is still a bunch of 30 RMB, a bag of Fragrant Oddity Fruit juice is 20, and there is a 666 portion of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice.

“Old Li, you tell me, you bought these things and bought 1000?” A woman looked at her boyfriend with a bad face.

“Um…yes, it did cost 1000…” Li Zhipeng was obviously panicked, he really didn’t expect his girlfriend to suddenly check the post.

“He he he…” Li Miao corner of the mouth twitched, she came to see her boyfriend today, didn’t expect when she entered the house, she saw a takeaway, and also saw the receipt above, more than 1000 !

“What kind of dishes cost more than 1000? Did you order it at any 5-Star level hotel?” Li Miao gnashing teeth looked at his boyfriend.

Originally they decided to get married, so the two of them lived more frugally, just to save money to buy a house, but today if they don’t come, they don’t know that there is such a thing.

“That… listen to my sophistry!” Li Zhipeng panicked a lot, and even the explanation turned into a sophistry.

“I don’t listen, nothing good!” Li Miao squeezed his left hand tightly, and Li Zhipeng immediately understood that this was his girlfriend who was really angry.

Li Zhipeng quickly picked up a bunch of exotic seafood and stuffed it into his girlfriend’s mouth.

“Li Zhipeng! Don’t… uh… it’s delicious, give me another bunch.” Soon, the two couples who were arguing reconciled instantly.

Moreover, Li Zhipeng gave Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice to his girlfriend 2/3 very intimately, which made Li Miao even more happy. After all, the taste of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice is very good.

Chen Ze flew busy in Unusual Dream Restaurant, these orders have not been interrupted, Chen Ze’s mobile phone has been ringing.

Chen Ze didn’t remember how many copies he sent out. He only knew that after selling all the items today, the takeaway guys got nearly 1000 in Chengdu.

“Hu, it seems that I can have a good rest for a long time.” Chen Ze relaxed, and then looked at his WeChat balance with satisfaction, he was rich again.

Then Chen Ze talked to Laura and went out to buy ducks, adding some seasonings by the way.

In fact, if it weren’t for fear of being caught and sliced ​​for research, Chen Ze would like to throw all these bought things into the storage space, which would save him a lot of trouble.

However, Chen Ze brought it back and put it away after entering the restaurant.

“Next is to make Crispy Duck, let me see how the recipe is made?” Chen Ze turned on the phone to check the recipe.

China’s overwhelming majority recipes all have multiple methods. These are part of Chef’s improvement. Of course, there are also factors in different production methods in different regions.

The process of making crispy chicken is not at all where pepper is used. Chen Ze is also very fast to make. After making a portion, Chen Ze called Laura down and had a meal.

“What is this?” Laura looked at the small dish next to Crispy Duck with white and black particles curiously.

“Pepper and salt, eaten with this thing.” Chen Ze explained, then glanced at Laura.

Laura is wearing clothes that Chen Ze bought for her today. I ordered them on the Internet before. They are very girlish. And Laura wears a pair of slippers without shoes and socks.

Chen Ze unable to bear rubbed his nose, the allure of barefoot is a little bit big…

“My dear, what’s the matter with you?” Laura picked up a piece of duck meat and dipped it with pepper and salt.

“It’s okay.” Chen Ze laughed awkwardly, can’t say that he is fascinated by your feet, right?

“Hmm~” Laura swallowed Crispy Duck. The taste of this duck meat is also special. Especially with this pepper and salt, the taste of the whole dish will be up all at once, quite a finishing touch.

“You like it.” Chen Ze looked at Laura with a smile.

“Um… this… here…” Laura took out a cup from her magic space and handed it to Chen Ze.

“Huh?” Chen Ze took it, it was warm liquid.

Looking at the pale yellow color, a strange thought flashed through Chen Ze’s mind.

Isn’t it Aptea? No way?

However, Chen Ze is finished, there is no strange taste, just a faint sweet fragrance.

“I see you…very tired today…just…just…make you a cup of tea to relax your body…” Laura lowered her head, not daring to look at Chen Ze’s eyes.

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