My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 411

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“But speaking of which, I really didn’t expect these things to be delivered so quickly.” Chen Ze yawned and slowly walked down from the second floor.

After having dinner with Laura last night, Chen Ze played with Laura for a while, and then went to bed. Although I wanted something to happen, Chen Ze just slept with Laura all night and had to say When the weather is cold, it’s a good thing to have someone to hold.

As a result, it was the express delivery that woke him up in the morning on the 2nd day. The ancient papermaking tools that Chen Ze bought on the Internet have now been delivered, which makes Chen Ze a little uncomfortable. After all, the delivery speed is a bit fast.

After signing the receipt, Chen Ze went to the kitchen, took these things apart, checked it, there was indeed no problem, and there was no problem of replacing bricks.

“Then the problem is, the paper for Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken has been lost, and all I know so far is that it is made using ancient methods. For the specific raw materials, I only know that it may be grapefruit. This is really interesting. “Chen Ze twisted his neck, still planning to go upstairs to wash and change clothes by the way.

After changing clothes, Chen Ze became full of energy, and by the way, he locked the front door of the restaurant. Then Chen Ze started to study how to make paper with grapefruit peel in the kitchen alone. This is a very complicated job, Chen Ze can only be patient.

“Dad, I told you that this is a very amazing restaurant with other world ingredients. Didn’t you still use that nut fish before?” The door was pushed open, and Yukihira Soma came. the sound of.

“Son, although you brought me to a restaurant, I am still a little worried about your own…problems.” Then Yukihira Jōichirō also came in, but the other party didn’t seem to be happy.

“Huh? Where’s Betty?” Yukihira Soma stared blankly at the restaurant in front of him. He also expected to let his stubborn father look at Betty when he came in, the waiter with wings behind him, but didn’t expect one. No one.

“Yukihira Soma? Come in first. I’m making things in the kitchen. Betty hasn’t come yet.” Chen Ze is very busy. He is busy making paper, but he has to say that an outsider wants to make it the first time. It’s a bit difficult.

“Oh? Are you the Chef of this restaurant? I’m Yukihira Jōichirō. I am sorry that my son has caused you trouble.” Yukihira Jōichirō came in first. The other party saw Chen Ze but did not see Chen Ze at What to do.

“Mr. Yukihira Jōichirō, I don’t think your son is a problem, and under his guidance, my cooking skills have improved a lot.” Chen Ze wiped his sweat, then smiled and turned back.

“I’ll just say! My dad is an old stubborn. He has seen Extreme Nut Saury and he still doesn’t want to believe it.” Yukihira Soma was dissatisfied, and he rubbed his head.

Last night, Yukihira Jōichirō came and rushed to the hospital, only to find that her son was not there at all. After a call to find Yukihira Soma, Yukihira Jōichirō angrily punched him in the head.

Then after hearing the amazing restaurant Yukihira Soma said, Jōichirō gave another punch. He felt that his son was now lying without blinking his eyes. This disappointed him because it reminded him of another son.

“My son still needs to improve his cooking skills, but…” Yukihira Jōichirō didn’t care at all, his tone was like facing two children who are still in adolescence having a temper.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, and then his mind communicated to the stone, and then a small sun suddenly appeared on his hand, and the dazzling light instantly radiated from Chen Ze’s hand.

“My God, what is this?” Although Yukihira Soma was lighted up, he recovered quickly. He clicked one’s tongue in wonder and looked at the sun in Chen Ze’s hand.

“This is Extreme Yang Flower, a kind of ingredient, but I haven’t figured out how to deal with it.” Chen Ze shook the head, Chen Ze really doesn’t know how to cook this thing, steamed or fried? It doesn’t feel right, and this thing has a temperature, which is obviously impossible to eat raw.

“This…” Yukihira Jōichirō rubbed his eyes, and then reconfirmed that the thing in front of him is indeed real.

“Extreme Yang Flower? Hiss.. So hot things, it’s not easy to cut.” Yukihira Soma had already accepted this fact, so although he was surprised, now he started to think with Chef’s thinking.

“I think this thing may be used for cooking, but I don’t know about this ingredient, and I only have this one, so I don’t know how to deal with it.” This thing was given to myself by Momonga, although it has effect notes, but There is no specific production method, it can be described as a pit.

“I feel like I should try to bake it?” Yukihira Soma proposed a solution. If you don’t know what to do, just bake it. This is probably a common problem with Chef.

“Don’t talk nonsense, this thing.. There is a soft inner layer inside, but I don’t know what it is.” Yukihira Jōichirō interrupted his son, and he extended the hand and poked it.

Chen Ze smiled with satisfaction, he had already seen the longing in Yukihira Jōichirō’s eyes.

This is normal. There is basically no Chef who can resist ingredients that have never been seen before. Of course, it is limited to those who love cooking. If it is purely for work, then they will not be so interested.

“Mr. Jōichirō, if you want, I will give you this Extreme Yang Flower, and then how about you instructing me in cooking for a period of time?” Chen Ze smiled, the bait was already off.

“This… is not impossible, but you can make a dish for me first.” Yukihira Jōichirō thought for a while and agreed.

“Okay.” Chen Ze immediately made a Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

“Well… your cooking skills are worse than my son’s, but it’s not impossible to change it. Then if you really want me to teach you, I can teach you for a month, but my teaching is very strict. “Yukihira Jōichirō nodded, Chen Ze’s cooking skills are in his eyes, and he has reached the type of good Chef.

“Thank you, then our transaction has been concluded.” Chen Ze was also very satisfied. He used an unusable ingredient in exchange for a teacher to guide the cooking. Chen Ze thinks this is a very profitable thing.

But then Chen Ze understood what Yukihira Jōichirō’s strictness meant.

“Come on, memorize the processing methods of these ingredients, and today’s goal is to cut 1000 knives of pork chops to achieve the most perfect fried state.”

“You still have a problem with your sword skills. Why are your hands shaking like that? Hold the knife now and don’t move it for 3 minutes.”

Chen Ze felt that he was going to collapse.

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