My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 412

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“I feel… I want to close the door and rest now.” Chen Ze slumped in the chair, muttering weakly.

“Manager, what’s wrong with you?” Betty asked curiously while wiping the table diligently.

“I just crawled out of the hell-like special training.” Chen Ze was lying on the counter. In fact, Yukihira Jōichirō’s strict training was really abnormal.

Chen Ze feels that he has no strength all over, and now he is in a state of collapse after running 3000 metres in high school.

“Eh eh eh?” Betty was a little shocked, to know that Laura -sama is there, who would dare to give Chen Ze some hell training?

“Don’t be so strange, clean the table well, there should be guests coming later.” Chen Ze stood up, cheering himself up a little more.

Humans are very persuasive creatures, especially when they are lazy.

“Ah, I’m so tired, it’s still raining so hard today, why don’t you just ask for a vacation and not go to work?”

“Overslept… ask for leave, just say diarrhea…”

Such things often happen. Of course, this is also a test of Willpower. Chen Ze didn’t want to close his own pit, so he stood up and continued to make his own paper.

“Next is to wait for it to dry. After the moisture is removed, it should be fine. Put it in the basement for ventilation.” Chen Ze yawned and put the finished Grapefruit Paper into the basement.

“Tesla, what are you doing lately?” Harribo Terr looked at his friend strangely.

Tesla has often been in a daze recently. During the experiment last time, he even poured all the explosives in. If Harribo hadn’t thrown it out quickly, the entire laboratory would be gone.

“Ah? It’s nothing, I’m thinking about something recently.” Tesla shook the head, came back to his senses, and continued to deal with the machinery in hand.

“What’s the matter? Did a nun from the church ask you to hehehe?” Harribo had an expression that I understand.

“What do you think? Just those nuns? I simply don’t need to be alright.” Tesla rolled the eyes.

Recently, all Avatars have been dealing with that adult in the Sect Leader body, and Tesla is no exception. In fact, if it were not for the convenience of giving up this identity, Tesla would have found a place to lie down.

“Tsk tsk, I believe you a ghost, you messy old man is very bad.” Harribo shook the head, he often went to a nun to talk about life at noon and relax.

“By the way, didn’t you say what you are researching recently?” Tesla didn’t want to continue to talk about this issue, so it changed the topic.

“Oh? You mean my newly researched Crucio? That thing is still under development. I plan to classify it in interrogation supplies in the future.” Harribo touched his bald head triumphantly.

“Crucio? It’s a weird name, it matches your naming level.” Tesla mocked his friend, then suddenly froze for a while, and then observed it with Microscope in surprise.

Although he actually sees with his own eyes, after all, his eyes can see clearly than Microscope.

“What’s wrong?” Harribo leaned over immediately.

“I think, I might have found a very amazing thing.” Tesla laughed. He thought this thing didn’t exist. Didn’t expect found it this time.

“What the hell is it?” Harribo became more interested.

“Antimatter particles!” Tesla hammered the palm of his hand excitedly, and now he can study antimatter weapons in this place.

Of course, Chen Ze didn’t know that Nyarla had already begun to study anti-matter weapons. Even if it was understood, he did not intend to stop it. At most, he explained that Nyarla should pay attention to safety.

This is not to make Nyarla pay attention to safety, but not to blow up this anti-matter weapon, which is not good to threaten other guests.

Now Chen Ze is sitting in the kitchen strangely, it’s almost noon, but there is still no guest, which makes Chen Ze a little doubt whether he has locked it up.

But at the next moment, the door was pushed open, but immediately closed again.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze took a probe.

“I don’t know… I thought some guests came in.” Betty also had a face of doubt. She just saw the door opened and the wind bells rang, but no one was seen.

“A visitor came in.” Laura said.

Chen Ze turned his head and saw that Laura was holding a black object in her hand.

“This is?” Chen Ze was a little confused, why didn’t he see this guy.

“An Evil Spirit, I don’t know where the courage came from, dare to enter this place.” Laura looked at this Little Brat mockingly. For her, this Evil Spirit didn’t even have the qualifications to get the eye.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, this is a strange guest who came up as soon as he came up.

But Chen Ze immediately noticed that there seemed to be a sunflower on the head of this Evil Spirit?

Chen Ze walked over curiously, is it really a sunflower?

What the hell is that, why is the sunflower President on the head of Evil Spirit?

But then…

“Do you want to destroy it?” Laura looked towards Chen Ze.

“Um… I’ll fix it later, thank you, Laura.” Chen Ze laughed.

Then Chen Ze walked into the kitchen and controlled the demon array by the way to annihilate the Evil Spirit.

Chen Ze opened the cabinet and flipped through it, flipped something out of it, and held it in his hand.

This is a pendant. Chen Ze originally thought its owner would come back and take this thing away, but didn’t expect it to come for so long.

“Oh, I hope I won’t come all my life? Otherwise, I’ll have to put it in that room.” Chen Ze looked at the pendant, a little tangled.

This pendant was brought by a female guest carrying Winchester before, and it seems to have left this thing here.

Chen Ze opened it and took a look. It was a picture of a little girl, also to have one plant, which seemed to be sunflower.

Chen Ze suddenly noticed that there was a photo behind the pendant. Chen Ze turned it over and took a look.

This time it was an adult man smiling gently, touching the girl’s head.

“Family photos…” Chen Ze touched his chin, maybe he should have taken a wedding photo with Laura?

“Mr. Manager, is Jeanne here?” The door was pushed open, and the guest Chen Ze who came in this time heard it.

“Professor, Jeanne hasn’t come yet.” Chen Ze walked out with a smile.

“Well, is there afternoon tea?” The professor found a place and sat down.

“There is Wolfberry Black Tea, do you want?” Chen Ze thought of the health black tea he bought before.

“Sure enough, then…huh?”

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