My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 413

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“Mr. didn’t expect Manager actually prepared afternoon tea this time.” Moriarty looked at Chen Ze in surprise. He would have asked this question casually, but didn’t expect really had afternoon tea.

“Haha, customers keep asking, but if I haven’t prepared, isn’t it rude?” Chen Ze smiled and hit haha.

Although I bought this Wolfberry Black Tea for my own sake, Moriarty also wanted to drink afternoon tea, so this is still good. It should be said that it is a type of mistake.

“Then please give me a cup of afternoon tea, and then give me 2 Light Cheesecake, plus a steak.” Moriarty smiled nodded, and then sat quietly in a chair, waiting patiently.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, then returned to the kitchen and began preparing Moriarty’s meal for today.

Wolfberry Black Tea was not too difficult. Chen Ze prepared a teapot and cup for Moriarty according to his drinking habits, and then asked Betty to carry it out.

Light Cheesecake and steak are not a problem. Chen Ze made it very fast, and it was done in a short while, and the reviews were all exquisite.

Chen Ze was quite satisfied. Under the teaching of Yukihira Jōichirō, Chen Ze had already mastered how to cut and control the temperature of meat like steak. Now, there has been some progress in making it. This makes Chen Ze satisfied and nodded.

After all, this kind of obvious progress can be very exciting.

“Mr. Manager’s cooking skills have improved again.” Moriarty skewered a piece of beef and chewed slowly, quite surprised.

Moriarty naturally ate steak, and he also ate it in Chen Ze’s restaurant before. So he was impressed by Chen Ze’s cooking skills, but he didn’t expect to eat steak again today. The taste is completely different, even better.

“Of course, after all, I experienced nightmarish special training.” Chen Ze walked out, wiped his hands, found a place to sit down.

“Today.. How is the weather?” Chen Ze tried to talk, and in his impression, the British people usually start chatting with a gas.

“London is still the same, the fog is full, but the presence of that funny detective adds some fun to me.” Moriarty finished the steak in a short while, he took a piece of paper from the table and wiped it. Wipe your mouth.

“That’s it, but I feel that this detective should be a trouble for you, a big trouble.” Chen Ze laughed, after all, you were forced to fall from the waterfall by this funny detective, and you died.

“It’s not necessarily.” Moriarty seemed very confident, which made Chen Ze’s mouth twitched again.

This is probably FLAG. It’s a good thing. Just before going to the battlefield, I took out the photos and said that I could return to my hometown to get married after the battle.

“Manager, please give me a piece of meat, all of which are meat.” The door was pushed open. This time Sebastian came in.

“Mr. Sebastian, please sit down~” Betty immediately greeted him.

“Okay, but Rissel didn’t they come?” Chen Ze curiously looked behind Sebastian, there was no one behind.

“Rissel is going to see his father-in-law, and Dragan is dealing with his parents.” Sebastian looked proud. After all, as a Black Dragon, the concept of family affection is relatively weak, and he does not have his parents always urging him to get married.

Moriarty looked at Sebastian in surprise, not because he was strong, but because the man had a thick tail behind his ass, a lizard tail, and scales on it.

This made Moriarty a little dazed. The ghost last time had surprised Moriarty, but this man with a lizard tail surprised him even more.

“Well, wait a while, I’ll cook for you.” Chen Ze nodded, after getting married by himself, he probably only needs to take Laura to see his parents and it’s over.

Chen Ze walked into the kitchen and Sebastian calmly sat down in his old position. As for Moriarty, Sebastian didn’t watch it. After all, Chen Ze had more guests here. He didn’t plan to be with other guests except those he knew. What to exchange.

However, Sebastian still noticed Moriarty’s sight, which made him frowned, and then put the tail away magically.

Chen Ze stood in the kitchen, seriously thinking about what he wanted to do for Sebastian today. Although the other party had already stated the requirements for the dishes, there was still a lot to do.

Roasted whole pig, roasted whole lamb, so naturally you don’t need to mention it, let alone roast whole beef, which needs many people to eat, but Chen Ze is not at all preparing these ingredients, so I can only think of one other Way.

Then Chen Ze thought of having such a big meat, complete meat, at most ingredients plus some spices and so on, it can be said to be very in line with Sebastian’s requirements, even more how Chen Ze there is a pot of boiled for a long time. Marinated pot.

“Pork Hock.” Chen Ze thought, and then a Pork Hock appeared in Chen Ze’s hand.

Chen Ze was satisfied and nodded, and then began to prepare to deal with this Pork Hock.

The method of making Marinated Ham Hock is not complicated, but if you want to marinate it, you need to cook it for a while, but Chen Ze has a 4x speed slate that Hastur gave him. It is not complicated to start this.

Chen Ze lost a Pork Hock and went in. After thinking for a while, he put another one in. After all, Sebastian’s appetite was still terrifying, and one might not be enough for him.

But before cooking the knuckles, Chen Ze processed the hair on the pigskin. Then Chen Ze was stunned when he looked at the pigskin. He suddenly remembered that there is such a snack, which tastes very good and is also very crispy. Said to be in line with the aesthetics of the overwhelming majority.

“It seems that when the guests are gone, I can check how to make fried pork skin.” Chen Ze twisted his neck.

Fried pig skin, this naturally does not mean removing the pig skin and throwing it directly into the oil pan to fry it. It is fried to expand and make it into a crispy taste. I heard that it was a snack imported from abroad. Chen Ze used to When I bought it on Taobao, I also searched for Thai fried pork skin.

The taste of this pig skin is very good, and Chen Ze also likes it very much. Chen Ze thinks that even without experience, it is a good choice to make it for Laura or use it as a product for customers.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze looked at Pork Hock, it was almost ready to eat.

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