My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 414

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“It’s really all meat, I like it too much, but for such a small meat, I feel like I have a bite.” Sebastian is satisfied, although this Pork Hock is a bite for him. However, Chen Ze has eaten that many times, and he himself knows how to eat better than it is relatively good, so he is still very calm.

“Sebastian, what you said, according to your giant dragon’s appetite, I’m afraid it is to cook whole beef to satisfy you?” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, Sebastian’s appetite is really big.

In fact, if it weren’t for Sebastian’s guests, Chen Ze would start a Great Appetite King game without any scruples, but the problem is that these guests whose appetite is invisible, so Chen Ze doesn’t have the energy to be Great. Appetite King competition.

After all, if you can’t even grasp a degree of balance, it is very difficult to make the Great Appetite King game.

“Hehe, I can eat 3 roasted whole cows. Of course, if it’s roasted thunderbolt monitor lizards, I can eat 2 of them.” Sebastian patted his stomach proudly. He really wanted to try Chen Ze. Roasted whole beef, but it is obvious that Chen Ze did not carry this dish out.

So Sebastian babbled a few words, and then directly picked up a Pork Hock by the impatient and took a big bite.

Pork Hock is not something that everyone will like, but Chen Ze personally likes this dish very much. The most important reason is naturally that Pork Hock is different from other pork, it’s fat but not greasy. Those that look like It’s the fat part, it tastes very chewy and tastes quite good.

Sebastian feels a strong meaty aroma at the first bite, and then a very chewy texture. Coupled with the marinade that Chen Ze has boiled for a long time, the whole Pork Hock tastes all at once. And it made him more appetite.

And Moriarty on the side was obviously stunned, because Betty found that he hadn’t eaten the last bite of Light Cheesecake on the plate for a long time, and Moriarty was not the kind that lacked money or could not pay, so it was obvious that the other party was there Think of something.

“This is a dragon?” This is the only single thought in Moriarty’s heart. In fact, he has been by the side just now, so he naturally heard Chen Ze’s words, and immediately understood Sebastian’s identity, a dragon.

Moriarty doesn’t think it is necessary for Chen Ze to coax himself with a guest, so it means that the guest who has just grown a lizard tail behind him is the kind of giant dragon he imagined.

Moriarty’s curiosity has become stronger, this is a giant dragon!

If ghosts are just something that exists in urban ghost stories or ghost stories, then giant dragons are something that every westerner knows. They are powerful and greedy, they will breathe fire in their mouths, and they will snatch Princess away and be heroic. The Knight’s head, finally took away the treasures of Princess and giant dragon.

“Manager, why is this customer looking at me all the time?” Sebastian was a little upset. He is an ancient dragon, and he can still detect it from the sight of others. Even more how Moriarty often takes a sneaky glance at himself, which is even more obvious.

“Well… because this is an ordinary person, I guess I haven’t seen a giant dragon.” Of course Chen Ze knows who Sebastian is talking about. Fortunately, Sebastian uses sound transmission magic, otherwise Moriarty must be able to hear it.

“Hey, these humans are really boring. Giant dragons are not very common creatures. I can see several of them as soon as I sleep.” Sebastian curled his lips, and then continued to eat his Pork Hock.

Chen Ze is a bit speechless. If you see a giant dragon in Moriarty’s world, it will be terrifying, and I am afraid it is not a magical version of Sherlock Holmes.

But Moriarty didn’t keep looking at Sebastian. After all, he is also a university professor, so he is still very capable of accepting these things. Even more how, he knew that Chen Ze’s restaurant was not normal.

“Manager, I have finished eating. If Jeanne comes, please give her this book.” Moriarty stood up and took out a book from his arms. Chen Ze noticed that it was not in English, it seemed to be In French, I can see that Professor Moriarty is still very attentive.

“Okay, no problem, when Jeanne comes, I will pass it on to her.” Chen Ze nodded, then put the book away.

“Then this is my meal expenses.” Moriarty smiled and took out another book from his arms. This book is in English. It looks a bit like the A Study in Scarlet that Moriarty gave Chen Ze last time.

“This is?” Chen Ze looked at Moriarty in surprise, even though he had guessed a rough idea.

“This is “The Sign of Four” written by Dr. Watson. I think you should want it, so I bought it for you.” Moriarty really said the answer Chen Ze guessed.

“Thank you, I’m very satisfied with this thing.” Chen Ze picked up the The Sign of Four and put it in his arms.

Then Moriarty left. The other party seemed to be in a hurry and left in a hurry.

“Manager, you like these books, The Sign of Four? The name is really weird, but if you want, I can also give you a book written by one of our Masters.” Sebastian has started to eat the second elbow. Now, he eats very fast, and basically a bite of elbow will be less.

“What book is it?” Chen Ze was a little curious.

“”The Potions, Starting with Hundred Thousand Experiments”, there is also a “A Brief Talk on the Usage of the Saddle Grass”. It is 8,000 pages thick. I have both of these two books.” Sebastian read a long list , Chen Ze without the slightest hesitation shook the head.

“By the way, Manager, can you make me a copy of the last time… the spicy little blind monk? I will take it back to Rissel and Drakan.” Sebastian licked his lips.

“Huh? Okay.” Chen Ze glanced at Betty who was about to escape quietly, and immediately understood what was going on.

Then Chen Ze made a super-large Hot & Spicy Crayfish swiftly, then wrapped it in a take-out box and let Betty take it out. At the same time, Chen Ze refused Betty’s request for a bite.

“I don’t know how to make a spicy little blind monk. Don’t make random names for me next time.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes. It seems that Betty has recently started playing League of Legends.

“Hehe, don’t dare next time.” Betty smiled awkwardly.

“Manager, check out, here is my meal expenses.” Sebastian took the Hot & Spicy Crayfish, and then handed a small bag to Chen Ze.

When Chen Ze first started, he felt a very familiar warmth, which seemed to be Blazing Sun Mushroom.

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