My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 415

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Blazing Sun Mushroom, this is not the first time Chen Ze received this item. I got one last time, but Chen Ze hasn’t figured out how to make this Blazing Sun Mushroom better than it is relatively better.

Sebastian was sent away, and the restaurant once again returned to the old calm. Chen Ze yawned and used his mobile phone to translate the book that Professor Moriarty had left for Jeanne.

This is not to say that Chen Ze is not worried about Professor Moriarty, Chen Ze is just a little curious, what book the professor wrote to Jeanne.

The result of the translation made Chen Ze stunned.

“On How to Become an Excellent Queen”, this is the book MoProfessor Moriarty left to Jeanne. Chen Ze is a bit speechless. Didn’t expect MoProfessor Moriarty really intends to train Jeanne into a queen-type character.

“Manager, have you liked reading recently?” Betty lay on the table and looked at Chen Ze.

Chen Ze has been reading a book for a long time and has been reading it. I don’t know how tempting I think this book is.

“No, to be precise, I have always liked reading books.” Chen Ze put the book in the cupboard and corrected Betty’s words.

“Are you playing League of Legends recently?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, not knowing when she played.

Although Chen Ze gave Betty a lunch break, you should know that guests may come at any time, so this also means that disconnection is a matter of minutes.

“Just the past few days, I will go to play every noon and lunch break.” Betty’s tail hangs listlessly.

“Aren’t you afraid of disconnecting the internet?” Chen Ze was a little curious, knowing that he hadn’t played online games for a long time, just because he was afraid of pitting his teammates.

“Scared, but there is no way, I want to go ahead! Let the question mark of teammates not catch up with me!” Betty has a middle-2 expression on his face.

“…” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it seems that this guy is not playing Yasuo, does that mean that when you think your teammate Yasuo is an orphaned teammate, she may actually be a broken one Succubus for the net?

“Koujirou Sasahara! Why did you go to the place where it is impossible to make head or tail of?” a squeamish voice.

“Tachibana Misato, I’m just a little curious why there is a wooden door in this place, but why would you follow me in?” a gentle male voice.

“You…you…” The girl obviously didn’t know what to say.

“And the direction of our house should be the opposite…” The man’s voice continued, Chen Ze was a bit speechless, brother, are you a straight steel man?

“Bang!” A plume of smoke rushed into the kitchen, but it quickly dissipated.

“3 guests, you are…” Betty’s voice.

Chen Ze took a look and saw two people standing in the restaurant. One boy was wearing black clothes and the other girl was wearing school uniforms.

It’s just weird that this girl is holding a…RPG?

If it weren’t for these two guys wearing school uniforms, Chen Ze would even think that the other party was a mercenary and so on.

But Betty said there are 3 guests, what about another guest?

Chen Ze looked at all around and only then found out where the guest is.

The guest is holding a sheep behind, looking like a steward.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he now remembers who these three people are. The three characters from the animation “Nichijou”, especially the girl, have the title of Queen of Arms.

“I’m really sorry, we seem to have caused you a little trouble. If you eat… please give me an Okonomiyaki.” Koujirou Sasahara found a place to sit down, his body was still smoking.

“Really! I said don’t trouble others casually, I’m sorry, I want a chicken curry rice.” Tachibana Misato also sat down casually.

Chen Ze is a bit speechless, how did you guys assume that nothing happened? Is it worthy of being a character in Nichijou?

“Then…what about this guest and this sheep?” Chen Ze glanced at steward who was following Koujirou Sasahara again.

“Please give him an Okonomiyaki too.” Koujirou Sasahara said with a smile.

Chen Ze gave them a strange look, but he went into the kitchen anyway, hoping that these guys would not censor his restaurant.

And Chen Ze just didn’t see how Tachibana Misato put the rocket launcher away.

“So… why did you come in with me?” Chen Ze heard Koujirou Sasahara’s voice just as he walked into the kitchen.

“I’m just… I’m just going to participate in sword dao training… that’s all…” Tachibana Misato’s voice was still so arrogant.

“But the sword dao department did not organize activities today, and there is no sword dao near my house…” Hearing this, Chen Ze silently communicated with the magic array, protecting his kitchen.

“Guest, calm down!” Betty said.

“Bang bang bang!” A very loud explosion sounded from the restaurant.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched. Fortunately, this is an animated character. If it is a reality, how many times has Koujirou Sasahara been bombed? And I just saw a mushroom cloud, right? It’s definitely a mushroom cloud!

Sure enough, Tsundere is also hierarchical, like Laura is a textbook-level Tsundere, and the Queen of Arms…This is simply not Tsundere, this is a group of terrifying Tsundere that will kill you.

Chen Ze shook the head, anyway, there is smoke without injury, this is the law of animation, so Chen Ze still started to make Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki this thing is similar to Pizza, and is often referred to as Japanese Pizza, so it also determines that the production of this thing will not be very complicated.

Chen Ze was ready very quickly, but not at all to EXP, this was also Chen Ze’s expectation, so Chen Ze was not too surprised, but started to make curry chicken rice.

After Chen Ze finished the curry chicken rice, Chen Ze asked Betty to carry it out, and then Chen Ze continued to study the notes left by Yukihira Jōichirō.

This is what Chen Ze exchanged with Moonlight Mushroom. It is some experience of Yukihira Jōichirō’s cooking, and some of his own opinions and so on, so it is quite useful.

“This Okonomiyaki tastes really good.” Koujirou Sasahara straightened his little finger and took a sip of lemonade comfortably.

“The taste of chicken curry rice is also very good, and it’s so sticky~” Tachibana Misato covered her cheek with a look of happiness.

Steward behind him was also eating Okonomiyaki, but his mouth opened a bit and it seemed to say something, but no sound came out.

So the question is, what did Steward say?

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