My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 416

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Chen Ze held his chin and looked at the direction of the restaurant in silence. Since Tachibana Misato just came in, his restaurant has been bombarded 5 times and saw mushroom clouds twice, but every time there was smoke without injury.

This is why Chen Ze not at all takes care of Tachibana Misato. If Tachibana Misato’s weapons will damage the restaurant, Chen Ze will certainly not sit idly by.

“It’s checked out. This is our meal expenses.” Koujirou Sasahara wiped his lips, and then took out a yen.

“Sorry for the guest, we don’t accept coins in our store.” Chen Ze came out to explain.

“If you can, you can pay with other things.” Chen Ze glanced at Tachibana Misato with a smile. He planned to store Tachibana Misato’s bazooka, and by the way study how it did it.

But obviously his gaze caused some subtle misunderstandings.

“Sorry, James Sasahara is my companion, I am impossible to sell!” Koujirou Sasahara looked at Chen Ze warily.

Chen Ze is a bit speechless. In fact, Chen Ze doesn’t even think about buying this sheep. Instead of buying this sheep, Chen Ze might as well go to Inner Mongolia to buy sheep.

After all, free-range sheep still taste better than captive-raised sheep, even more how sheep in Inner Mongolia eat very well.

“No, I thought, if possible, can this thing be given to me?” Chen Ze pointed to the bazooka behind Tachibana Misato and asked.

“Huh?” Tachibana Misato looked at Chen Ze in amazement. She really didn’t expect Chen Ze to want this thing from her.

“This is Tachibana’s thing, I won’t interrupt.” Koujirou Sasahara closed his mouth and continued to drink the lemon juice.

Tachibana Misato glanced at Koujirou Sasahara, then immediately nodded “I agree!”

Then Chen Ze smiled and sent Tachibana Misato out, and Chen Ze also got the bazooka.

“This thing is really amazing.” Chen Ze picked up the bazooka and looked at it. Whether it is in terms of weight or appearance, it is a bazooka, not like a model.

“Manager, aren’t you angry today?” Betty looked at Chen Ze suspiciously. She thought that Chen Ze would be bombarded here because of Tachibana Misato, flies into a rage.

“Smoke and no harm, although the weapons of the Queen of Arms look powerful, they are actually not very good.” Chen Ze carried the bazooka on his shoulder and sent a shot at Betty.

“Bang!” There was a violent voice, and then Betty became an African-only version.

“Manager!” Betty growled.

Chen Ze scratched his head. Betty, the little Succubus, has been very angry recently. He just forcibly ate all the Goubuli Steamed Bun that Chen Ze made yesterday. This was a sigh of relief.

Chen Ze felt that Betty was deliberately making excuses, and simply wanted to eat Goubuli Steamed Bun made by Chen Ze.

“Is this a bitter trick?” Chen Ze twisted his neck and began to prepare another very famous dish.

There is such a dish that has a high status in China. It is the first choice to entertain foreign guests at state banquets. Ordinary persons also like it very much. Its reputation can even surpass Peking Duck.

“The altar is surrounded by meat dishes, and Buddha jumps over the wall.” This poem is about the famous Chinese dish, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which is now well-known overseas.

The taste of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is excellent, and it combines many exotic seafood into one jar, which can be said to be Supreme’s delicious.

And Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is not a mess. Every ingredient needs to go through some steps before being put into the jar. Only the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall made in this way can be considered as the best Buddha Jumps Over. the Wall.

“But with that said, I suddenly remembered that those people who bought Buddha Jumps Over the Wall online seemed to have basically overturned, right?” Chen Ze took out his phone and started to check the recipe.

Basically everything can be purchased online in China now. Even famous dishes like Buddha Jumps Over the Wall can be found on Taobao. There are many so-called convenient Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

It’s just that the taste and price of these things are often not directly proportional, and the ingredients are not enough, they belong to the type of buying once and not buying it again.

Of course, there are also very cheap Buddha Jumps Over the Wall in Pinduoduo, but the kind of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall will not be bought again. After all, the taste and ingredients are not as good as the authentic Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

“But Buddha Jumps Over the Wall needs too much stuff!” Chen Ze looked at the long list of ingredients and ingredients, and felt a little headache. There are basically not so many other dishes.

And every ingredient needs to be processed in advance, coupled with the combination of heat, when to put what ingredients, and how long to simmer in the end, these are all requirements.

With a long list of recipes, Chen Ze is dazzled. Many people say that Chinese cuisine is not as artistic as French cuisine, and not as refined as Japanese cuisine. In Chen Ze’s view, this is simply nonsense.

In fact, very particular Chinese dishes such as Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, there are basically no other dishes.

Even a state banquet-level Buddha Jumps Over the Wall may take as long as 3 days to cook. Only in this way can it catch the hearts of those foreign guests and make them remember it after returning home.

Chen Ze took a deep breath, he was going to make the best Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, and followed all the steps strictly, but before that, Chen Ze needed to buy an old wine jar.

Compared with these exquisite craftsmanship jars, even the dedicated Buddha Jumps Over the Wall jars, they are not as suitable as an old Shaoxing wine jar, and they are more able to reflect the deliciousness of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

“But this thing is not suitable for buying on the Internet. What if 10000 encounters a liar?” Chen Ze is a little entangled, after all, Chen Ze does not have an old Shaoxing wine jar.

And it is not appropriate to buy this online. In the face of interest, someone will definitely do things that are fake.

“It seems I have to make a phone call, please ask my old classmate.” Chen Ze made a call.

In fact, the current old classmates, except for the roommates in the university, basically don’t get in touch with the old classmates in middle and high schools, unless they play particularly well.

Fortunately, Chen Ze contacted a college roommate this time. After the other party asked if he was going to get married, Chen Ze explained his purpose.

“The old wine jar in Shaoxing? What do you want this for?”

“Do Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, didn’t I tell you, just do me a favor, I will pay for the wine jar, and the express delivery will be paid by SF Express.” Chen Ze smiled and told his roommate After a few words, he hung up the phone.

The next step is to wait patiently for my roommate to buy a wine jar for myself. When the time comes Chen Ze, I can take the time to slowly make a Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

“Mr. Manager! I’m coming!” Jeanne’s cheerful voice interrupted Chen Ze’s contemplation, Chen Ze laughed, and then walked out with Moriarty’s book.

“Jeanne, this is a book given to you by Professor Moriarty.”

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