My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 417

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“Huh? Did Professor Moriarty give it to me?” It was obvious that Jeanne didn’t know why Professor Moriarty wanted to give her the book, so she now has a silly expression on her whole face.

“Anyway, you can still see it. I personally feel that way.” Chen Ze nodded, although he can spoil the history and let Jeanne know, but Chen Ze not at all confidence can give Jeanne a better ending, so now Professor Moriarty is willing to help teach Jeanne, Chen Ze is still very relieved.

“That’s it… Then Mr. Manager, did the gentleman from last time still not come?” Looking at Jeanne with a look of expectation, Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, and then he took back the evaluation of Jeanne’s good child.

Chen Ze now feels that Jeanne is simply a very troublesome child. Even more how Jeanne’s expression and demeanor, Chen Ze feels that he can read minds.

So well, that many guests do not like you, but you do not like Nyarlathotep. Why? Chen Ze was a little confused.

“Jeanne, that guest is very busy, so he doesn’t necessarily have time to come often.” Chen Ze rubbed Jeanne’s head and explained with a smile.

“That’s it…” Jeanne looked disappointed, which made Chen Ze have the urge to vomit blood.

“That Jeanne, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze looked at Jeanne with a smile, planning to change the subject.

“Mr. Manager, this is a doll that I made with my new… old clothes. I hope you like it.” But Jeanne not at all immediately took Chen Ze’s question, but took out a doll from her arms and handed it to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took a look curiously. This is a very ordinary doll. It seems to be golden hair, and then it is braided into a double ponytail. Each double ponytail has a red coil tied at the end. I don’t know why I want to be like this.

“Thank you, Jeanne, I like it very much.” Chen Ze laughed insincerely. After all, a man actually received a doll and will not react too much. Of course, if it is another kind of doll, it will be different. .

“Yeah~ Mr. Manager likes it. I gave her a name for this doll.” Jeanne looked happy. She not at all noticed that Chen Ze didn’t like it for a while. The little child is really cute. .

“Oh? What’s the name?” Betty asked this. She was standing behind Jeanne, watching silently.

Chen Ze is also very curious, but he is not at all very concerned. Generally, the name of a child is probably the younger brother younger sister of Jeanne d’Arc, or his parents and so on, but Chen Ze is still quite curious. What kind of name would Jeanne this Little Brat give?

“I named her Annabelle! How about it, doesn’t it sound good!” Jeanne looked smug, and Chen Ze almost broke the dough in his hands.

Annabelle? Annabelle!

Chen Ze is a horror movie hobbyist. He has watched many horror movies. Annabelle is a well-known doll in horror movies. Chen Ze still knows it, but didn’t expect Jeanne to give the doll this name.

Inexplicably, Chen Ze felt that the doll’s appearance had changed a little, as if there was a light in his eyes, but Chen Ze also knew that this should be just his own illusion.

After all, Annabelle is not a doll like this, and the doll that Jeanne gave herself is made of pure cloth, and she doesn’t know what is stuffed in it, and the doll is still very soft.

“I think it’s not bad.” Looking at the look of Jeanne’s expectation, Chen Ze was really sorry and said that the name was not very good.

“Jeanne, this is your Pizza. Come and get it.” Chen Ze carried a big bag, and then took out the Pizza just made in the kitchen, and at the same time put away the Annabelle that Jeanne gave him. Put it in the cabinet.

As long as he was in his own restaurant, Chen Ze felt that Annabelle could not make any waves, so Chen Ze was very relieved.

“Mr. Manager, can I trouble you with something?” Jeanne, who took the Pizza, immediately walked away. Instead, she turned her head and looked at Chen Ze tangledly.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze was a little speechless. He had already guessed what Jeanne wanted to help himself. After all, the little girl’s mind was still easy to guess.

“That’s it.. When does that gentleman come every day?” Jeanne cautiously asked Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched. Although it was not for herself to take her to see Nyarlathotep, she did have a relationship with Nyarla. Relationship.

“This… he usually comes in the afternoon more often.” Chen Ze thought for a while, and answered Jeanne’s question.

Although Chen Ze didn’t know the specific time when Nyarla came, Chen Ze himself estimated that the most time Nyarla came was in the afternoon.

“Thank you Mr. Manager!” After sending away the girl Jeanne d’Arc, Chen Ze’s restaurant was calm again, but this time Chen Ze not at all immediately went out to buy the things that Buddha Jumps Over the Wall needed, in the wine jar Before coming, Chen Ze didn’t plan to buy anything else for the time being.

“Manager, what are we eating today?” Betty looked at Chen Ze hopefully, she was obviously hungry again.

“Didn’t you just eat Goubuli Steamed Bun?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty. The appetite of this product is really getting more and more terrifying, but no matter how you eat it, you won’t get fat, which makes people envious.

Unlike Chen Ze, who eats too much will make the whole person round. In order to maintain a healthy body, Chen Ze everyday all has to get up early and run, which is very real.

“Hehe, this Goubuli Steamed Bun that is not Manager is so delicious, so I can’t control it at all~” Betty resorted to the boasting method, but the effect was not good.

“Honey~ I’m hungry~” Laura walked down from the second floor, clutching her belly.

Laura used the act of acting like a baby, and the effect was outstanding!

“Okay, I’ll make it right away!” Chen Ze immediately nodded, and then began to think about what to do at noon.

“Meowth, are you sure you have seen Ash coming out of this wooden door?” But before Chen Ze started to do it, he heard the wind bell and a man’s voice.

“Right!” Another voice.

“3 guests, welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, would you like to have something to eat?” Betty greeted him immediately.

“Meowth! I said that this must be an ordinary restaurant. Although it is for catching Pikachu, it is not always studying where Ash comes from.” A female voice, Chen Ze immediately understood that these customers are Who’s up.

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