My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 418

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Chen Ze took a look with excitement, and then he saw the group of three and the cat among them.

“Sure enough, these 3 people.” Chen Ze unable to bear slapped his lips. These 3 people must be the Team Rockets Trio who followed Ash.

Of course, what is the relationship between Team Rockets and Houston Rockets not at all? This is from the three villain group in Pokémon, an anime wizard.

However, Chen Ze feels that if you want to count the shameless villains of each world, then these three of Team Rockets must be on the list.

After all, as a villain, the villain’s charm is basically no, and it is more like a gift package to deal with Ash.

Even more how often helps Ash entire group, and then is inspired by morals, and it is more and more possible to wash away.

“Tsk tsk, I really don’t know how your Giovanni boss can endure it.” Chen Ze shook the head. After all, he can let these scams pit the reputation of Team Rockets outside. Giovanni boss can also be said to be very good. Measured.

“Then the three guests want something to eat?” Betty looked at the guys who started to shake each other’s pots, with a headache, couldn’t help but ask again.

“Then let’s eat a little bit? Could you give Meowth a bowl of milk.” Jessie looked at her companion, tangled.

“I don’t! I want to eat fish! It’s better to have cooked fish!” Meowth immediately protested.

“Why don’t we have Tonkatsu Curry with Rice together? I think he has this dish here.” James also put forward his own ideas, but I don’t know why, Chen Ze always thinks this guy’s voice sounds weird of.

This is not to say that James’s voice is unpleasant, but his accent, which sounds like a dialect.

“No! Fish Curry with Rice is the best!” Meowth argued for reason, and tried to convince his companions.

“Three guests, do you want to eat today’s special recommendation this time?” Chen Ze walked out with a smile.

“Is it a special recommendation today? That’s also good, better than arguing with you all the time.” James immediately agreed. Usually such disputes in Team Rockets take a long time to deal with.

“I agree.” Meowth was also quite nodded.

Only Jessie looked at her companion with a look of disappointment, obviously she still liked arguing with her companion, even more how the result of this kind of dispute is always listening to her.

“I still think Meowth is suitable for drinking milk.” Jessie was a little unhappy.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, cats in cartoons often drink Moo Milk, such as Tom in cats and mice, which gives young Chen Ze an idea.

That is, cats like to drink milk. They didn’t know until Chen Ze grew up that cats are lactose intolerant. Drinking Moo Milk will cause diarrhea. This is true for overwhelming majority cats.

Chen Ze didn’t continue to care about these few tricks, but returned to the kitchen and began to prepare for their special recommendation today.

“For Jessie, I feel that Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice is a very good choice. It should be able to touch the other person’s preference.” Chen Ze thought about it, although such a scene sounds a bit of Ox Head Man.

“Then paired with a Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs, it should be able to achieve a good balance.” Chen Ze nodded, think this idea is also quite good.

Then Chen Ze prepared another piece of pickled fish for Meowth. There were a lot of fish, very big, and a lot of pickled vegetables. The taste was very fragrant.

As for James, Chen Ze prepared curry. After all, James proposed to eat curry before.

So Chen Ze prepared an evergreen tree for James, Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

Coupled with a delicious bowl of chicken soup, Chen Ze prepared James today’s special recommendation.

“Ah? Betty, don’t you know us?” Chen Ze was cooking, and he heard Jessie’s voice outside. It seemed that they had become friends.

“I don’t know, who are you?” Betty shook the head, and then shook Meowth again.

Here comes the classic line.

“Since you have asked sincerely!” Jessie ran into the middle of the restaurant in an instant, posing.

“I will tell you mercifully!” James didn’t know when he ran to Jessie’s side.

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all peoples within our nation!” Betty noticed that Meowth did not know when he also ran over.

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!” James was already preparing to pose.

“Um… I want to ask, are you not villains? Then why do you want to protect the world from being destroyed, but also to protect the peace of the world?” Betty interrupted silently, interrupted for an instant and was about to take the last Two people and one cat out of the lines.

“Yeah… We are villains, shouldn’t we destroy the world?” James a face of doubt, and his accent is still so heavy.

“Oh…I’m Jessie from Team Rockets.” Jessie looked weak.

“I am a little stab guy…”

“Pu…” Chen Ze almost laughed, what the hell is the little thorn guy?

James’ accent is too heavy! This is the first time Chen Ze has heard an obviously wrong translation in this situation.

“Betty, come in and serve the dishes.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, and the dishes are ready.

Looking at the fish in front of him, Meowth swallowed his saliva, but even so, the strong scent continued to hit, causing it to secrete more saliva.

“Unable to bear, meow!” Meowth immediately picked up the chopsticks, and skillfully put the fish from a chopstick into his mouth.

It has a hot and sour taste, and the fish is very tender by Chen Ze. The fish is tender and not rotten. One bite is full of happiness, which makes Meowth unable to stop eating.

“God! Is there such a delicious Chestnut Rice? I think the Chestnut Rice I used to eat is fake!” Jessie covered her mouth. The taste of this Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice is really very good.

“Hmm!” James is also very satisfied. This Tonkatsu Curry with Rice is the best curry he has ever eaten.

Chen Ze looked at the guests of Team Rockets quite satisfied, Chen Ze was a little looking forward to the little thorn…Ah no, what kind of things will James prepare to pay the bill.

Chen Ze remembers that when he was playing games, he saw Farfetch’d’s illustrated book, which said it was a very delicious duck. When paired with its own scallions, the taste would bring it up a level.

“Tsk tsk, but it doesn’t seem to be great either. After all, it is a Pokémon that is about to be eaten and extinct. Why don’t you try to change a few Magikarp?” Chen Ze thought that was a good idea.

I don’t know if there will be Magikarp Leaping Through Dragons Gate when cooking, and he will become a big murderer.

When the time comes, is it boiled in an iron pan? The style is wrong.

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