My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 419

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“This is the best Cuisine meow I’ve ever eaten!” Meowth touched his stomach and lay on the chair. It didn’t want to move at all now. The bowl of pickled fish has been eaten up, and the soup is half of it. In fact, if it weren’t really unable to drink, it even planned to drink it all.

“Meowth, I think…hiccup…I now know why Ash came to this restaurant.” James is also very satisfied. He feels that the best Cuisine he has ever tasted is not as good as his own Tonkatsu Curry with Rice , Paired with the bowl of chicken soup, it makes people more comfortable, and it also dissipates the rich curry flavor a lot.

“I propose that this will be our team building restaurant for Team Rockets in the future!” Jessie was very happy. This restaurant is really in line with her wishes. This unprecedented Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice tastes so delicious that people can’t control it. live.

Chen Ze almost fell over in the kitchen. The team of Team Rockets built a restaurant? You are afraid that you are not trying to exhaust me.

Chen Ze knows very well what a huge organization Team Rockets is, with countless soldiers, plus a bunch of cadres, and the boss of Giovanni. If you all come to your own restaurant for dinner, I am afraid it will be crowded. And you have to line up all day.

“Jessie, what are you thinking? If this is made into a team building restaurant for Team Rockets, then we can’t eat all the time, even more how the area is not big.” Fortunately, Chen Ze has not yet come out Stopped, James stepped forward and resolved Chen Ze’s concerns.

This also made Chen Ze a sigh of relief. In fact, if Giovanni and these three people came, Chen Ze would not be unacceptable. Although these people are all villains, they must be defeated by Ash.

even more how If Giovanni comes over, then maybe Chen Ze can get something he wants from him. After all, as the boss of Team Rockets, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Giovanni to be a wizard.

“Mr. Manager, it’s checked out.” James called out.

“Good few guests, but this shop does not accept coins and so on. You can choose to pay with items or Pokémon.” Chen Ze walked out with a smile.

“Huh? Is there such a shop?” Jessie was a little confused, until now, all meals are paid, and I haven’t seen a restaurant without money.

“There is such a meow, there is no need for meows in Pokémon’s world!” Meowth stood up to support Chen Ze.

“Then Manager, can you see this okay?” James also struggled, but after hearing Meowth’s words, he took out a strange pair of glasses from his arms.

“This is?” Chen Ze curiously took it. Speaking of glasses, Chen Ze still has a lot of glasses here, even more how last time he got a Divine Item for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“These are black glasses. Although we don’t know what they are for, they are definitely a magical thing!” James said that Chen Ze was a little speechless. It was the first time he received something that he didn’t even know was useful for.

“Well, okay, welcome to come again next time.” Chen Ze nodded, still accept it, after all, it is always impossible to let them put Meowth here, right?

After sending Team Rockets away, Chen Ze put on the black glasses, and looked at all around, not at all. What a strange reaction, it feels like ordinary glasses, and this glasses still has no power, so no The near-sighted Chen Ze has no problem wearing it.

“Speaking of which, I remember that in the gem generation, a male NPC seemed to be looking for these black glasses.. What’s wrong?” Chen Ze was a little entangled, but he slipped the glasses into his pants bag. Here, maybe we will find the usage of this thing in the future.

He doesn’t remember the use of the black glasses anymore, even more how now Team Rockets doesn’t seem to be in that area, so it shouldn’t be the black glasses.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and immediately began to cook Laura and his own food for lunch, and in a short while, he made a rich table of dishes.

“Laura, just entertaining guests, sorry.” Chen Ze went up to the second floor and called Laura down.

“It’s okay, I know you are busy, even more how I am also playing games.” Laura is very gentle, which makes Chen Ze a little surprised.

Speaking of which Tsundere Queen Fan before and after the relationship, which character does she look like? Chen Ze just can’t remember.

After lunch with Laura and Betty, Chen Ze lay on a chair and turned into a salted fish. This restaurant of his own is so troublesome, and he is not sure about the passenger flow.

Chen Ze twisted his neck and thought for a moment if there was any missing ingredients, and then he explained to Betty about the shop, and then went out to buy groceries.

Chen Ze yawned and sat in a taxi watching the continuous rain for almost a week. He planned to go to the mutton wholesale market to buy some lamb tails for preservation. After all, some dishes still need lamb tails.

even more how sheep’s tail is also the best choice to add flavor to Hotpot.

When he arrived at the mutton wholesale market, Chen Ze put on a mask, and then walked in, but this time not at all saw the vendor who sold his goods last time.

“Ah, it’s really troublesome. It looks like I have to find a good store again.” Chen Ze sighed, then found a vendor again, bargaining, and when he was about to buy, he suddenly touched the bag in the pants. glasses.

How did I take this thing out?

Chen Ze was a little confused, but he put it on easily, and then looked at all around, then Chen Ze found that there was something very wrong, that is, why is there a sign of disease on the tail of the sheep in front of him?

“Surely your sheep’s tail is fresh?” Chen Ze was a little questioned, because he just took off his glasses and took a look, and the ill reminder disappeared.

“Of course it’s fresh, you people, buying a dish is just verbose. If you want it or not, I won’t sell it.” The Boss looked calm.

Chen Ze put on his glasses again and glanced at the mutton on the boss table. Most of them had a sign that they were sick. It didn’t seem to be his own illusion, while the mutton on the other vendors’ tables had no hints. Ordinary look.

Chen Ze shook the head, but he still didn’t buy it. He felt that this kind of thing was not accidental. After all, it looked completely different after wearing it. Then Chen Ze bought 3 big bags of sheep tails from another store, and then stopped by before leaving. I called the relevant department and reported the vendor selling sick lamb.

“This thing is quite useful.” Chen Ze was satisfied.

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