My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 420

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After buying the ingredients, Chen Ze is in a very good mood. After all, he has obtained a very good item, although it seems that it can only be used to judge whether it is a normal ingredient.

“Didn’t expect Pokémon’s world also has such wonderful props.” Chen Ze is quite happy, but Chen Ze is more curious about another prop.

That is the learning device. In the game, the learning device is a prop that allows other Pokémon who have not played in battle to gain experience, but I don’t know what use it is in the real world.

If it is to improve his learning efficiency, Chen Ze feels that he must have one. After all, his learning is still a bit low now, and there is still a big gap between becoming a god of cooking as soon as possible.

“Manager, you seem to be in a good mood today?” Betty looked at Chen Ze who walked in, a face of doubt.

“Is it possible that I still have to be in a bad mood? Don’t people just need to laugh more and be more happy to be alive.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, happiness is a good thing, and it can also stimulate cell activity.

“Hey~Manager is feeding me chicken soup again~” Betty twisted and then started cleaning.

Chen Ze simply handled the sheep’s tail, and then threw it into his food space.

But before Chen Ze started thinking about whether to make something to eat today, Chen Ze noticed a problem.

That is, did you forget to get your own durian?

Chen Ze hurriedly got the durian out of the food space, it still had that strong taste, which made people want to stop.

Chen Ze suddenly wanted to give it a try. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you cooked snail noodles with canned herring and paired it with Changsha Stinky Tofu and durian?

When the time comes is a 4-fold enjoyment. It can even be said that people who smell it will regret having a nose.

However, if you say this, those diners who have a soft spot for smell will probably be dissatisfied, so thinking about this, Chen Ze thinks maybe he can try it.

Just before Chen Ze was ready to make a three-flavor one that was worse than Stinky Tofu, the wind bell interrupted Chen Ze’s sinful hands.

“Oh, Manager, we’re here for dinner again, still the same.” Chen Ze knew who was here when he heard this voice.

Looking at the probe, it turned out to be Alice and Jack. These two siblings have found a place to sit down.

“Okay, wait a moment.” Chen Ze nodded, Betty has passed Fat Nerd Merry Drink.

Jack and Alice are also two Old Acquaintances. Chen Ze is quite familiar with them, and every time they come, Chen Ze knows what they want to eat.

That is fish, or Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg is also good, but Chen Ze is still very experienced in making these things, so in a short while, he will make 2 exquisite Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg and let Betty serve them. Get out.

“Alice, where did you go this time?” Chen Ze walked out with a smile, still holding 4 Goubuli Steamed Buns.

“Manager’s fish is really delicious. This time we went to a strange world where there are 2 Spirit Body.” Alice is very bold and easier to communicate, so Chen Ze asked her directly.

“How can it be so troublesome, if the elder sister hadn’t come up and was taken away by the guard, otherwise I would have solved the two guys.” Jack looked disgusted.

“Asshole! Give me respect for your elder sister!” Alice gave Jack a punch, then took the Goubuli Steamed Bun that Chen Ze handed over, and took a big bite.

“Two Spirit Body? Metropolitan Police Department?” Chen Ze blinked. Why did he feel like he had to meet an acquaintance?

“Actually, they are two souls, but they are both superpowers, and they have mastered some time tricks, which is a little troublesome.” Alice ate quickly, and one steamed bun is only enough for her 2 mouthfuls.

“Manager… is really good at cooking!” Alice licked her lips. This Goubuli Steamed Bun is really delicious, isn’t it?

The only pity is that it doesn’t match Sashimi, but…

“Manager, give me another cup of Thunderbolt Ale, I want ice!” Alice immediately thought of this thing, and decisively ordered one.

“Okay, Betty, please.” Chen Ze nodded, then confessed to Betty.

“By the way, remember to pour out the foam.” Chen Ze added.

This is what Chen Ze saw during this period of time, that is, when drinking Beer, in fact, it is best to pour the beer foam out, saying that it can effectively remove the bitter taste of Beer flowers.

Chen Ze intends to give it a try.

“By the way, do you have a name for the two grievances you mentioned?” Chen Ze asked another question.

“Yes, one is called Kayako and the other is Sadako, which seems to be the name of the East.” This time it was Jack speaking. After all, Alice usually chooses to go straight ahead.

“That’s it.” The black line at the end of Chen Ze is really Old Acquaintance, and it’s from the joint bad film Kayako vs. Sadako.

Sadako and Kayako, these are the two evergreen trees in Japanese horror movies. The series of movies are shot and shot again, and the quality is changed, and the movie will be re-released in 2D. It can be said to be a Divine Item for money.

It may be because of too much money, plus 2 big ipextremely powerful and arrogant, so I don’t know which talent it is, so I thought of a Qin Qiong style operation of Guan Gong.

Put Kayako and Sadako in a movie, and made a so-called horror film. Looking forward to a wave of money, I will rub the heat of these 2 by the way.

Then… I rushed to the street, my word of mouth was a mess, and this was the only horror movie that Chen Ze watched and wanted to sleep, fast forward and watch it all.

“Then speaking of which, have you encountered any brain-dead?” Chen Ze thought of one of the heroines.

“I met one, and I told her that there was a female student who had a Spirit Body there and had to go in, killing her parents.” Alice curled her lips. She also admired the woman. She didn’t sleep at night. Go to that haunted house.

Moreover, the strength of the Spirit Body in the haunted house has also been strengthened, almost hitting GG in one wave.

“Fortunately, someone else cooperated with us. When the two guys were fusing together, I prepared a forbidden spell.” Jack looked smug.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, forbidden curse banging his face, it is not easy for Sadako, finally how to lose the dragon riding face?

As a result, the other party stopped being a human.

“That’s really gratifying…”

“By the way, this is the meal fee. I’ll give it to you in advance.” Alice took out a DVD player from her arms and handed it to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took a look curiously, and then was stunned.

[Item name: Is it hot in Tokyo? 】

[Item level: purple epic]

[Item attribute: This magical DVD player can give you a surprise. 】

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