My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 421

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“So… this thing…” The expression on Chen Ze’s face was like a joke. He really didn’t know how to describe his feelings.

Chen Ze feels that Alice is trying to drive, and he has evidence. After all, the name of this dv machine is really special enough, and…

Let Chen Ze have his imagination, at this moment a series of names were flashed in Chen Ze’s mind…

For example, ***, such as Ozawa Teacher or Hatano Teacher, are teachers of enlightenment for a group of young people.

Chen Ze is no exception, but Chen Ze immediately shook the head, and this shouldn’t happen. After all, this situation is still too weird.

“Speaking of which, Alice, do you know what this thing is for?” Chen Ze is very curious, whether Alice and Jack have used this dv machine.

“You know, after using this thing, you can record images for a period of time, and then after it is released, a folding space will be formed in front of your eyes. You can watch the video at that time from any angle, and you can also look closer. “Alice chewed Sashimi in her mouth and explained by the way.

“So…” Chen Ze looking thoughtful, I have to say that this thing, from a certain angle, is indeed a Divine Item.

For playing games, especially some games, Number One Person is definitely better. The effect of this dv machine allows people to watch the video at will. It is indeed the name of the Divine Item.

Especially when I think of watching Ozawa Teacher’s movies in the future, if I use this thing to record…

Chen Ze shook the head fiercely, what on earth was he thinking?

In Chen Ze’s view, the biggest use of this dv machine is to record videos of Yukihira Soma and Yukihira Jōichirō teaching themselves. In this way, Chen Ze can watch the teaching videos from multiple angles.

After all, there is still a big gap between video recording and field study.

“Hu, I’m so full~Manager, I hope I can come to you to eat Sashimi next time.” Alice was satisfied, no matter how many times she ate, this Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg just made her want to stop.

“Elder sister, what are you talking about? We will definitely come every time.” Jack gave Alice a reproach, then put down the chopsticks in his hand, and he also finished eating.

“Yeah, Alice, Jack, you must come often, otherwise I won’t be able to make your money.” Chen Ze smiled. He sincerely hopes that every guest can see it often, not after one time, which is goodbye.

“Puff~Manager, you really are, don’t worry, I will always make you our money.” Alice smiled happily, she stood up happily and patted Chen Ze on the shoulder.

“Boom” Chen Ze looked at his shoulder silently. The few shots that Alice had just taken directly brought out the automatically activated Magic Defensive Array.

“The elder sister is indeed a violent woman~” Jack gave a smirk. It was obvious that he was often slapped on the shoulder by his elder sister.

“Little bastard! It’s time to teach you what it means to respect the eldest sister!” Alice grabbed Jack’s ear in embarrassment.

“Sister! Don’t do this, my ears really hurt!” In Jack’s screams, Alice carried Jack and walked out.

“Is this family affection? Father loves spicy!” Betty sighed. She remembered that when she was a child, she was sold to slave traders by her parents.

But obviously, Alice and Jack are a very good brother and sister, but the way of expressing love is more special that’s all.

“What nonsense? Go and wash the dishes.” Chen Ze glared at Betty, then walked into the kitchen.

Standing in the kitchen, Chen Ze looked at the DVD player in his hand, and was deeply entangled. Should he try to use it by himself… This is a very important question.

Finally, Chen Ze sighed, then put the dv player in the cabinet, and waited for Yukihira Jōichirō to come tomorrow, then turn on this thing.

“Oh, my dear Zhu~ Why do you get into unknown trouble for such a ruined woman?” In Hell’s Kitchen, a bearded robust man looked at the Chinese detective in front of him with a puzzled expression.

“You know, Lizst, I’m a Chinese. My father gave me a Chinese name called Zhu Guangming.” Zhu Guangming in a suit calmly sat on a chair and poured a cup of tea for himself and his companions. .

“I know this naturally, but Zhu, you have to know that this woman can’t pay the corresponding detective fee, and…” Robust man glanced at the woman outside the door and moved closer to Zhu Guangming before he was ready to speak.

Zhu Guangming can even smell the scent of smoke on his body, inferior cigars, and they are still fakes.

“The cigar you smoked is a fake, who sold it to you? Downey must not dare, is it a big one?” Before his companion could speak, Zhu Guangming said.

“Damn it, I just said why this cigar smokes so strange…Wait, I haven’t finished it yet, you know, the case we took this time involved a lot of senior people.” Robust man looked uneasy. Although he knew the strength of his good friend, he shuddered a little when he thought of the people involved in this case.

“So what?” Zhu Guangming finished the cup of tea in one sip, and then placed the cup heavily on the table.

“Justice must be done! Look at that mother, her daughter was taken to the island by the bastard Epstein. When she was rescued, all her teeth were knocked out and her body was covered with scars. It was because of a great character… …” When it comes to great character, Zhu Guangming’s tone becomes very mocking.

“…I like this tune, because they like them, so that countless people have been caught on the island, from people to beasts!” Zhu Guangming took out a little tobacco from his arms and rolled a cigarette himself. , Lit took a sip.

“But…the great characters of the House of Representatives…and a lot of them are involved…” Robust man was still worried.

“I know that some people who have lived in that white palace are also in it.” Zhu Guangming took a deep breath, and the smoke was spit out, filling the air.

“There must be someone, stand up and sing for justice.” Zhu Guangming stood up and put on a deerstalker hat.

“My friend, I will take care of this by myself.” Zhu Guangming did not blame his friends for discouraging him.

“Wait, am I that kind of person? It seems that the detective group of Hell’s Kitchen is out again.” Robust man stood up with a relaxed smile on his face.

“For justice.” Robust man stretched out his fist.

“For justice.” Zhu Guangming also extended his fist.

The two fists met together.

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