My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 422

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“Sir, thank you very much! Thank you very much! I… I am too… sorry, you are the first person willing to accept the commission!” Jennifer excitedly extended the hand, trying to grab the hand of the man in front of him.

But she hesitated. In order to make up for the expenses, she had been picking up trash, and even went to work in a black factory, so her hands were dirty and her nails were dark.

She did not dare to extend the hand, fearing that her dirty hand would stain the other party’s expensive suit.

“Ms. Jennifer, you don’t need to be like this. I will definitely find justice for your daughter and countless victims.” Zhu Guangming held Jennifer’s hand with a sincere expression.

Jennifer was so moved that she couldn’t speak. For the daughter who suffered from hell when she was young, she rejected the job and compensation provided by the great character, and chose to find justice by herself.

But what’s the use of not at all, the other party’s power was too great, the work unit fired her, no company wanted her, and even the house was taken back by the bank.

In order to keep his job, her husband divorced her. Now she only has the idea of ​​seeing those villains be brought to justice.

“But, but sir… the scumbag of Epstein has already died in jail… I heard that one day the surveillance just broke down, and the security guards at the 24-hour guard fell asleep…” Jennifer was very upset, she knew very well. What kind of ability does a person who can do this kind of thing.

“I know, but what about this?” Zhu Guangming laughed, and then walked out with his companions.

“Zhu, have you read the news the other day? The judge who took over the Epstein case was killed.” Robust man looked serious.

“I know, and the murderer is still a Nanquan lawyer. He said that he did this because he had hatred with the judge. It is a ridiculous excuse, and the lawyer also committed suicide.” Zhu Guangming smirked, this kind of thing also happened. It deceives the ignorant masses.

“Then we might as well start from this place…” Robust man put forward his own ideas.

“Frank, you are right, but we have been targeted by the other party.” Zhu Guangming looked at his car, which he bought for more than $5000.

Now it has been smashed, and there is a blank sheet of paper on the car window with the printed text on it that says “Don’t be nosy.”

“These guys!” Robust man hammered the car angrily.

“Don’t be incompetent and furious, Frank, this guy is very professional, but he still left some clues.” Zhu Guangming put on his gloves and picked up the paper.

“You see, there must be no fingerprints on it, but this guy has forgotten a question. He was able to know in such a short time that we accepted Jennifer’s commission and left the printing paper… There is only one place in Hell’s Kitchen that meets this point in time. “Zhu Guangming looked at this piece of paper for a while, then put it in the small bag dullly.

“Next, we just need to go to the print shop to take a look at the surveillance…” Zhu Guangming took Frank and walked out.

But then, Zhu Guangming and Frank more clearly experienced each other’s Great Influence and the scope of the case.

Not long after he was on the road, he received a check-out notice from the landlord, and then the New York Police Department called him, saying that Zhu Guangming was reported for being suspected of stealing other people’s privacy.

“This is a warning, a very obvious warning. If we continue to investigate, then it is estimated that we can see those guys.” Frank frowns, although he knows that it is difficult, didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

“What to do?” Frank looked towards his old friend.

“Give up, this case can’t be accepted.” Zhu Guangming sighed, but looking at the other’s eyes, Frank understood what his old friend was thinking.

Sure enough, after finishing the call and stating that Jennifer’s case could not be received, the landlord called again and said that there was no need to check out, and the police department also explained that it was a complete misunderstanding.

More importantly, when he returned to the office, Zhu Guangming found that he had parked a brand new car downstairs, which was exactly the same as his own, and there was a check for $50000 on the table.

“Tsk tsk, it turned out to be Detective Zhu. After going out for a while, he received $50000.” Frank sighed.

Zhu Guangming nodded, then checked his office, there were no bugs.

“But what I care more about is, how should I use this $50000?” Zhu Guangming pointed to the wooden door behind his bookshelf, a face of doubt.

“…Go to Las Vegas.” Frank drew his weapon, followed Zhu Guangming, opened the door and walked in.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, respected two guests~” Betty greeted him with a smile.

“Restaurant? Is there anything to eat?” Zhu Guangming glanced, then grabbed his companion’s hand and walked in calmly.

“This is the menu, guest.” Betty handed over the menu with a smile.

“Oh? It’s Chinese food? Could you give me 2 portions of boiled beef, 2 portions of Mapo Tofu, and 3 bowls of fresh soup.” Zhu Guangming’s eyes lit up, and he ordered the dishes immediately.

“Okay, Manager ~ 2 boiled beef…” Looking at Betty who went to the kitchen, Zhu Guangming couldn’t help shaking his legs.

“Zhu, what’s the matter?” Frank looked at his friend curiously.

“This restaurant is not in our world. This restaurant with an area of ​​at least 100 square meters cannot be hidden behind my bookshelf.” Zhu Guangming took a sip of Wolfberry Black Tea and relaxed his nerves comfortably.

“Then Jenny’s case…” Frank nodded, he trusted his friend’s judgment.

“We will check in private, but we need to think of a way…” Zhu Guangming doesn’t believe that the other party will trust him like this, so it’s definitely not possible to know it.

Chen Ze stood in the kitchen, looked at the two guests in the restaurant, and then determined that the black-haired person should be his compatriot.

“Boiled beef…I haven’t cooked this dish, but I remember it seems to be in the recipe.” Chen Ze flipped through the recipe, he still bought some recipe books in the kitchen.

“…I suddenly felt that this restaurant might not be professional.” Zhu Guangming was a little disappointed.

“What’s the matter?” Frank’s face was blank. In his opinion, the little girl Betty is still very punctual.

“Oh… have you ever seen Chef who has to look through the recipe before cooking?” Zhu Guangming sighed. The open kitchen can be seen in the location he chose specially.

So he saw Chen Ze turning over the recipe.

“…” Are you a voyeur? Chen Ze is a bit speechless.

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