My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 423

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“This boiled beef is quite simple.” Chen Ze checked the recipe and felt relieved. After all, compared to the Sliced ​​Tofu Broth he made, this boiled beef is really not too difficult.

“I feel that Manager is serious.” Betty stood aside, looking at Chen Ze curiously.

“That’s for sure, after all, my culinary skills are not good enough by others.” Chen Ze laughed, even more how was told by this guest, and Chen Ze was a little speechless.

Although he doesn’t remember the recipe, Chen Ze feels that he would not make bad boiled beef.

“Start to work.” Chen Ze rolled up his sleeves. This time Chen Ze planned to make a boiled beef seriously.

“So do you have any ideas now?” Frank naturally took a cigar out of his arms and planned to light it for himself, but when he thought it was a counterfeit, he took it back with a sad face.

“It started with that lawyer, but we will still be monitored. Also, next time I buy a cigar, I will find Old Partner than relatively better.” Zhu Guangming glanced at his partner’s cigar, and slowly smoked his cigarette.

“Don’t you know how to make-up? How about we use make-up to investigate?” Frank thought of a good idea.

“No, the other party has been monitoring us. Unless we find someone else to pretend, it will be difficult to go.” Zhu Guangming shook the head. He had considered this idea before, but he would not Clone Jutsu.

“How about asking someone to help us handle it?” Frank took a sip of Cola and hiccuped comfortably.

“No, the Epstein case involves too many people, and the people we are looking for cannot be sure of safety.” Zhu Guangming shook the head.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Frank’s violent friendship with him, he wouldn’t join forces with Frank, anyone else?

If the 1,000,000 dollar knife is smashed, the group of people who used to be brothers and sisters will betray themselves every minute.

even more how Those people didn’t just take out $1,000,000. Now Epstein’s case is in a minefield. Those who dare to take over must face threats.

“These guys! It’s disgusting!” Frank squeezed the cup angrily. He especially wanted to shake out all the things that great character did behind his back, but he had no evidence. It was a very troublesome thing.

“There will be a way.” Zhu Guangming took another puff, and the cigarette was gone.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, and these things are done.

“… Zhu, can you tell me, this tofu… why does it glow?” Frank looked at the Magical Mapo Tofu in a dumbfounded manner.

“…Actually…I don’t know…I have never eaten Mapo Tofu like this…” Zhu Guangming was shocked. He had eaten a lot of Chinese dishes, but it would shine like this… It’s really the first time I saw you.

Chen Ze triumphantly looked at the two people who were shocked outside. He was definitely not angry because his cooking skills were questioned, so instead of making ordinary Mapo Tofu, he brought out this Magical Mapo Tofu.

“Will there be a problem?” Frank was a little worried. In fact, the poisoning was not strange.

“It shouldn’t be, no one is stupid enough to make such a direct poisonous dish.” Zhu Guangming shook the head. The poisoning was all secretly, for fear that he would be discovered, but it would be a minority of them.

“Then I’ll try first, Zhu, don’t eat it.” Frank picked up the chopsticks, put a piece of Magical Mapo Tofu in his mouth, and ate without hesitation.

“Hmm…hmm…huh?” Frank had a deadly expression on his face, but soon his expression changed slightly.

“It’s… it’s delicious! Zhu, try it, I’ve never eaten such a great dish!” Frank looked surprised. He felt that the things he had eaten before were plastic and tasteless.

“Indeed, it tastes better than other dishes I have ever tasted.” Zhu Guangming agreed with his face, and he also tasted some.

Chen Ze prepared 2 bowls of rice for them, 2 bowls per person, because the dishes they ordered were relatively good, so Chen Ze prepared 2 bowls in advance.

“The taste of this boiled beef is also superb, Zhu, why don’t I think that the other party is Chef who has to read the recipes for cooking?” Frank looked at his old friend suspiciously.

“…” Zhu Guangming is also a little skeptical of life, after all, he did see Chen Ze turning over the recipe just now.

But these two dishes are completely Grandmaster Level dishes. They are impossible to make without certain Chef skills, so did you read it wrong?

Zhu Guangming recalled it for a while, then decided to wait and check it out on the Internet.

“Hu ~ I’m full.” Frank comfortably took the newly rolled cigarette from Zhu Guangming’s hand and took a sip.

“…” Zhu Guangming corner of the mouth twitched, this Old Partner is still the same.

But he didn’t care, he rolled another one, and pulled it slowly.

“Check out, waiter, how much is it?” Frank snapped his fingers.

“Sir, our store does not support payment with coins. You can use ingredients, knowledge, or other interesting items to pay.” Betty walked over with a smile.

“Hmm…for the ingredients, I think I have something here, you shouldn’t need it, so how about this?” Zhu Guangming took out a wooden box from his arms and put it on the table.

Betty did not answer, but waited for Chen Ze to come out and take a look.

Chen Ze came out. Zhu Guangming has opened this long wooden box. Inside is a quill pen. The feathers are very beautiful.

“Quill pen? Yes, I still like it very much.” Chen Ze was satisfied and nodded. Quill pen this thing, Chen Ze University has also played.

The quill pen was printed with lacquer, and then Chen Ze found a pen pal, which was quite good, but the other party proposed to add WeChat to open the video, and Chen Ze was blocked after opening it.

It’s a sad story.

“Then we will leave.” Zhu Guangming smiled nodded, and then left with his friend Frank.

Chen Ze put the feather pen away and placed it in the bedroom on the second floor, but as soon as he entered, Chen Ze saw that Laura was playing Pokémon and he seemed to be playing to get rich.

“When will you stay with me today~” Laura double-numbered Chen Ze’s neck, pouting.

Chen Ze clutched his chest. He felt that he needed a medical soldier to help him.

“I’ll do it as soon as possible! By the end of the afternoon, it’s almost done.” Chen Ze rubbed Laura’s head.


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