My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 424

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Chen Ze sits in the kitchen with his chin in a daze. He feels like he might become a mushroom at this time.

Just grow up in this place quietly, and then die. After all, it is really boring.

Chen Ze went to the basement and looked at his paper several times. The effect of the work is still unclear, but it does not look beautiful.

In fact, the ancient paper made by Chen Ze is not very beautiful and untidy. It belongs to the type that you have to worry about if you wipe your ass.

“Tsk tsk, this kind of paper makes Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken. Does it taste okay? Why does it always feel like a pit?” Chen Ze was a little worried, but thought it was the first time he tried it, so it didn’t matter.

After all, where is there a lost dish that succeeded once? If he succeeded once, Chen Ze would doubt that he is the legendary man of choice.

“Where is this? It’s really early to open.” The door was pushed open, and the wind bell rang, bringing in a mature voice.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, distinguished guest~” Betty immediately greeted him. It is good to have guests now, otherwise Betty feels that he will fall asleep.

Chen Ze didn’t look at it, but patted his face to clear himself up, otherwise it would be bad if he made a mistake in cooking later.

“It’s weird. I always thought that I was the only one at 4 in the morning in Los Angeles. You guys were open for business, so let me have something to eat.” The steady voice was a little surprised, but what he said Chen Ze was stunned.

Los Angeles at 4 AM? Is this a programmer who has suffered so much and stayed up late to work overtime again?

“By the way, I don’t want a high fever… Sorry, give me a Beef Wellington and another salad.” The man was a little depressed, but soon adjusted his emotions.

Chen Ze was a little curious. Chen Ze felt a sense of a story just by talking with this man, so Chen Ze wanted to see which customer was so unique.

Chen Ze took a look and saw a black man sitting in a chair. Betty poured him a glass of lemonade.

Chen Ze looked at the opponent’s face and was stunned.

In January of this year, many things happened. The children of China collectively became otaku. Many people became fat and many became pregnant.

But one day, for some basketball hobbyists, is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue.

Chen Ze still remembers that day, when he was reading the news, he suddenly saw a piece of news, which was a black-and-white photo with Kobe Bryant wearing a size 24 uniform.

But there is a string of numbers on it, 1978-2020.

Chen Ze was taken aback at the time. Although Chen Ze is not a basketball fan, but a pseudo-fan to be precise, Chen Ze has also heard the name of Kobe Bryant, and he knows it from his roommate.

That was a star, nicknamed the Sect Leader of the iron gang, 4 Yang Hua 3 iron is also often used to tease.

But in January 2020, the retired star left forever on the helicopter.

In an instant, there was a lot of news about the death of Kobe Bryant in the news. The fans were mourning. Some people said that Kobe was actually not at all. He just went to heaven to practice at 4 in the morning.

Chen Ze rubbed his eyes, a little unbelievable, the man in front of him was indeed the Kobe.

“You know me?” Kobe looked at Chen Ze. In fact, he was often recognized even though he had retired.

“Well, yes, please wait a moment, guests, I will cook you steak now.” Chen Ze nodded, and then walked into the kitchen.

Beef Wellington, the name may remind people of these steaks like Filet Mignon, but in fact Beef Wellington’s approach is closer to dishes like crispy meat here in China.

Beef Wellington needs to wrap the steak with meringue, so the cooked Beef Wellington looks like a large crispy meat. Although this description is not appropriate, it probably means that.

The salad method is even simpler, so Chen Ze prepared a Beef Wellington and salad in a while, and asked Betty to bring it out.

And Chen Ze stood silently in the kitchen looking at Kobe Bryant. Although he knew that this World was impossible to see Kobe again, he might be able to change the Destiny of another world.

Chen Ze struggled for a long time. He wanted to take a photo specially, but he felt that sneak shots were always not good, so Chen Ze still resisted.

Kobe eats very slowly. He thinks this restaurant is a bit weird. After all, he just wants to relive the road he walked at 4 AM after he retires, but he didn’t expect to see this wooden door on a road.

“But it tastes good.” Kobe ate another steak and was satisfied. The steak tasted great and the meat quality was amazing.

“Hu ~ waiter, let’s check out, how many dollars?” Kobe put down his knife and fork with a happy face.

You can enjoy such great food in the morning, and Kobe thinks he should have discovered this restaurant earlier.

“Hello sir, if you can, please take a photo with me?” Chen Ze laughed and walked out.

“A group photo? Yes, but not for commercial use.” Kobe agreed very happily.

Then Chen Ze took a photo with Kobe, and Kobe also left a signed shirt with Chen Ze.

“Then I’ll go.” Kobe waved his hand, preparing to leave.

“Mr. Kobe.” Chen Ze stopped Kobe.

“En?” Kobe looked back.

“Mr. Kobe, although I don’t know when you are there, please note that helicopters are a very dangerous means of transportation. Please do not take helicopters in 2020.” Chen Ze looked at Kobe very seriously.

“Huh? Thank you for your advice.” Obviously, Kobe not at all taking seriously.

“Mr. Kobe, please look back after you go out. This is not a dream or an illusion. If you take a helicopter in 2020, something will happen.” Chen Ze persuaded again.

This time Kobe didn’t answer, and went straight away. It was obvious that Kobe was a little angry.

But Chen Ze doesn’t care, as long as Kobe turns around, he will believe it.

Kobe walked out, feeling very uncomfortable. After all, it is always uncomfortable to be cursed by others.

“I won’t come to this store in the future.” Kobe turned his head, and then was surprised to find that the wooden door gradually disappeared into the air, leaving a wall in place.

Kobe couldn’t help but touched it. It was indeed the wall, and there was no strange program group nearby.

“This… is this true?” Kobe was lost in thought, knowing that today is only 2018.

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