My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 425

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“I hope Kobe can believe me, but I think it’s still possible. After all, seeing the scene where the door disappears shouldn’t be a big problem.” Chen Ze yawned. He was kneading the dough, and Chen Ze planned to do it. Order Goubuli Steamed Bun, then let Betty come to dinner.

By the way, I have to go up and ask Laura what he is going to eat. Chen Ze looked at his phone and it was already time for dinner. If there are still no guests, Chen Ze plans to close down.

“Manager, Manager!” Betty rushed in.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Ze gave Betty a puzzled look. Could it be that Betty is already hungry? But it shouldn’t be. Chen Ze remembers that when he was cooking lunch, he still made a lot, even more how Betty ate a lot.

“I found this thing.” Betty took out a book and handed it to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took a look at it. This is an English book, but Chen Ze still understands it, because he once bought a book like this. Although he took a trump card later, he doesn’t know how long he has eaten now. gray.

“Basic deduction? Where did you find it?” Chen Ze was a little interested. This book should have been left by a previous guest, but I don’t know which guest it was. However, Chen Ze thinks it should not be left by Kobe. It may be something left by the previous two guests.

“It’s on the ground, I found it when I was cleaning, but this book is too dark, if I didn’t touch it, I might not have noticed it.” Betty took a curious look. She couldn’t understand English. Although I saw it when I was learning Chinese characters.

“The cover of this book is indeed quite dark, but I think it’s okay. It should be left by the guests. Let’s put it here first.” Chen Ze made a decision, and other people’s things are better than relatively better, so Chen Ze still put it in the cabinet and waited for the 2 guests to return to them.

Chen Ze turned it over before. This basic deduction has been turned over many times. There are many handwritten notes on it, all in Chinese, so Chen Ze thinks that it is basically left by the compatriot who ordered boiled beef.

Looking at Betty, Chen Ze shook the head who went out to clean, I don’t know whether Hastur will come, and the omnipotent Yog-Sothoth. I don’t know when the Lord will come. Chen Ze also I plan to ask him if he knows how to make Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken.

As a result, when Chen Ze finished the Goubuli Steamed Bun, there were still no guests in the restaurant.

“Betty, then see you tomorrow.” Chen Ze laughed, and then sent Betty away, and then it was the romantic couple’s world with Laura.

Chen Ze went upstairs and took a look. Laura is playing Pokémon and has already begun to push the gym. Laura in casual clothes does not look like an aloof and remote Blood Ancestor, but more like an ordinary human girl.

Golden’s long hair was draped over his snow-white shoulders, and Chen Ze looked a little urge to have a nosebleed. Although in fact, men don’t get nosebleeds because of seeing some pictures, but this has basically become an inherent impression.

Just like if you talk about Teddy, most people’s first impression is Tairitian. Chen Ze still remembered seeing a GIF picture with a bus on it, and then sitting in front of a man with a murder weapon girl. As a result, the man had a nosebleed and instantly became a famous scene.

“Honey, what are you looking at?” Laura didn’t look back, but she knew Chen Ze was here.

“Hehe, look at the lover of my dream.” Chen Ze laughed, then walked over and sat with Laura.

“I feel that the lover of my dream must hate me. I want to die.” Destiny sat in the bar, gulping depressedly.

“Yes, that’s right, she must hate you very much, and haven’t you found out that the other party is an orc girl?” Fremiya is very calm, she now feels that the death of her companion is not a major event.

even more how Now that the gods have fallen, it is not easy for his companion to die, and there is still that one, so Fremiya is very relieved.

“Lawrence, did you fall in love with the other party without even knowing her race?” Reinhardt looked disgusted. In his opinion, his friend simply fell in love with someone else.

“Who said I didn’t figure it out? Halo is a werewolf girl. I have been understood, although she wears a hood.” Lawrence looked dissatisfied. What is his strength? Although this Halo looks mysterious, it is still easy to know for Lawrence.

“You are greedy for her body, you are mean!” Fremiya looked at her friend with disdain.

“Oh, my heart has been taken away by her, but Halo has been avoiding me lately.” Lawrence rolled the eyes, he was too lazy to refute.

“I think it’s normal to avoid you. After all, you look so perverted. If I’m caught by you, I might report it to the city guard immediately.” Fremiya was quite serious.

“If it were me before, I would choose to tell Radiant Church that there is an evil worth fighting.” Reinhardt also looked at Lawrence playfully.

“That’s enough of you. You have to know that I have been dealing with my lord’s Oracle during this period. Is it okay for you guys to be lazy?” Lawrence looked at his two friends with false eyes.

“Cough cough, I think you should go to Manager tomorrow. The last time I saw him, there seems to be a nice cake. Even the werewolf girl doesn’t like cakes, but she likes barbecue for 10000? Manager’s barbecue. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.” Fremiya was a little embarrassed. She had been obsessed with store opening simulations for a while, and she was about to forget who she was.

“This… I think it’s okay.” Lawrence nodded, thinking this idea is good.

In the spice shop, Halo was lying on the table, looking at a magic crystal stone in his hand, with a look of nostalgia.

In the morning of the 2nd day, Chen Ze refreshed got up from bed. It proved that a normal adult man really needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day.

“Dear… early… I want to eat early.” Laura didn’t know when she also got up, standing behind Chen Ze, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

“Okay, I’ll help you do it later.” Chen Ze rubbed Laura’s head with a smile, then went downstairs after washing.

Looking out the window, the bright sunshine is very bright, Chen Ze laughed, it seems that today will be a good day.

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