My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 426

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“Hello everyone, I am the food anchor Little Yu’zi, this time I will show you the food in Riyue City~” Under the bright sunshine, a beautiful girl in a sailor suit is holding a live broadcast device, her tiger Tooth made Ah Wei, who swiped a vote in the barrage, died, and Ah Wei fell asleep. I don’t know if these people have hatred with Ah Wei.

[Try to be a reliable warm guy: Little Yu’zi is so beautiful! But is there any good place near speaking of which Riyue City? 】

[Qiankun Mao: I think the anchor is still very good. I also went to the casserole last time, and it tasted really good. 】

[Suifeng: Grapefruit race high, give you a rocket, buy it and buy it. 】

“Thanks to the big rocket, Little Yu’zi, I will definitely continue to bring you more food promotion~ Please pay attention to your favorite audience~” Little Yu’zi smiled very well and her eyes narrowed.

“The weather is pretty good today, but everyone is busy at work. I am the only anchor here, which feels so attractive to hate~” Little Yu’zi was chatting with water friends while walking on the streets of Riyue City. She planned to go A very acclaimed shop.

[Believe in the snow breeze: Pomelo pomelo, there is a restaurant on the opposite side of you. It feels like an antique decoration style. What kind of shop is that? 】

Yuzi immediately looked back, and then saw a restaurant with a sign on it that read Unusual Dream Restaurant.

“Let me take a look.. I seem to be a little impressed by this restaurant, but I don’t remember where I saw it…” Yuzi frowns took out another cell phone and checked it.

“I found it! This restaurant is said to have not been open for business, but it has delivery services. Their takeaway is very delicious, especially the skewers, but it is a bit expensive. Someone bought 100 skewers last time and it cost 3000 yuan. “The grapefruit is a little surprised. In fact, she hasn’t eaten expensive skewers, but it’s the first time I have seen someone like this.

3000 yuan and 100 strings are basically equivalent to 31 strings, which is not a small number.

[Suifeng: Go and see! I want to see what kind of skewers for 3000 yuan! 】

[Groundhog: Ah! Onlookers local tyrants! 】

“Since Suifeng said so much, then Little Yu’zi must go to see it, and I am also very curious about this restaurant~” Little Yu’zi laughed, then looked around and passed on the sidewalk.

“Dear friends, there are 10000000 million roads, safety first. Whether you are crossing the road or driving, you must pay attention to traffic safety and obey the traffic regulations~” Little Yu’zi smiled happily.

[Peeper of the Abyss: 666]

[Flange Street Dance Team: The light of the right way! Shining on the ground~]

Looking at the lively live broadcast, Little Yu’zi smiled sweetly, then walked to the door of the restaurant, opened the wooden door, and walked in.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, distinguished guest, would you like to have some…huh?” Chen Ze walked out. Now Betty hasn’t come, and he opened the door for a while, but didn’t expect an anchor to come in.

“Manager~Hello, I am the food anchor Little Yu’zi, this time I want to eat your signature skewers~” Little Yu’zi is very confident, but she is an anchor with hundreds of thousands of fans. Rarely, the store will refuse their request.

“This…isn’t it convenient?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched. If you are an ordinary restaurant practitioner, you will definitely get the skewers out immediately. Isn’t it good to make money?

But Chen Ze was even more worried about the anchor, who was broadcasting live, and then saw some abnormal creatures coming in, although the foreign world guests would be disconnected after they came in.


“Sorry, this restaurant doesn’t accept live broadcasts. You should change the place.” Chen Ze immediately shook the head. What international jokes are you telling you to broadcast live, do you want to open your own restaurant?

“Oh, okay, then, Lord, we can only change the house.” Little Yu’zi shook the head, and then planned to go out.

Looking at Little Yu’zi who was about to push the door to leave, Chen Ze was relieved a lot. Fortunately, these guests came late today, otherwise it would be really difficult for him to explain.

But at the next moment, the door was pushed open, and then Chen Ze twitched his mouth and watched Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu walk in. Behind them was a female ghost wearing red clothes.

“Good day, Venerable, I’m a lot of trouble.” Xie Bian pointed at Chen Ze cupped the hands, and then glanced at Little Yu’zi.

Little Yu’zi trembled all over. I don’t know why. After these three guests in COSPLAY costumes came in, they felt cold all over, and their hands and feet were a bit stiff.

“Oh, you can sit down first.” Chen Ze was a bit speechless, but the customer came to the door, and he was impossible to drive them away, so he had to figure it out.

“Eh? Why am I disconnected?” Little Yu’zi looked at her mobile phone strangely. She turned on the wireless WIFI deliberately, and the traffic was the highest.

But because of this, Little Yu’zi not at all saw that the red-clothed obedient woman just walked past him, and the old man with his tongue stuck out on the floor.

“Xie Bi’an, please pay attention to the one behind you, her tongue.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched. Although Betty hasn’t come yet, Chen Ze doesn’t feel that he needs someone else to wipe the floor with his tongue.

“Okay, sir.” Xie Bi’an was nodded, and then took out the soul stick and placed it on the red clothed woman ghost’s mouth, so that her tongue was retracted.

“Manager, are you a COS theme restaurant here? Wow, these two guests are Black and White Impermanence from COS?” Little Yu’zi quickly picked up the phone and filmed it in video mode.

“Uh, guest, mobile phones are not allowed in this restaurant.” Chen Ze quickly stopped this Little Brat from doing it.

“That’s it…” Little Yu’zi was very disappointed, but sat down obediently. She plans to try the signature skewers of Chen Ze and then make a comment later.

“Manager, please give me a copy of your signature skewers, I want ten skewers~” Little Yu’zi revealed his tiger tooth.

“Um.. OK, how about you?” Chen Ze looked towards Xie Bian and Fan Wujiu.

“Sir, please give us brother 2 a Century Egg Lean Meat Congee, this one wants to eat pickled fish.” Xie Bian gave the red clothed woman sitting next to him a ghostly glance.

Fan Wujiu expressionless, in fact, if it weren’t for the great resentment qi of this female ghost, they wouldn’t have thought of coming to this shop.

Little Yu’zi swallowed, if she hadn’t read it wrong just now… Does this woman in red seem to have her feet not touching the ground?

Little Yu’zi feels like she has encountered a big crisis!

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