My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 427

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Chen Ze touched his chin. He is now thinking about what to do with the gourmet food anchor later. Of course, Chen Ze will definitely not do anything perverted, and he will not kill the anchor if he makes a difference. Chen Ze is a ordinary person.

It’s just that Chen Ze is also impossible as nothing happened. After all, this grapefruit has already seen Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu. What’s wrong with these two Black and White Impermanence in 10000? That is very troublesome.

Chen Ze shook the head, now the most important thing is to bring out the skewers of the gourmet anchor first, 10000 will the gourmet anchor leave after eating? So Chen Ze saved a lot of effort.

In the restaurant, Little Yu’zi swallowed with a look of horror.

She just took a sneak peek at the woman in red-clothed clothes sitting opposite her. It was true that her feet were not on the ground. She was completely floating in the air. Then combined with the look of Black and White Impermanence, Little Yu’zi was profound I wonder if I was hell today.

“What kind of shop is this…” Yuzu felt that the most stupid thing she did today was to come to this restaurant.

I had known that I would meet a female ghost in Black and White Impermanence and red-clothed clothes when I came in. She would definitely choose to sleep at home or walk around the road, but then Little Yu’zi looked towards the direction of the restaurant’s main entrance, there was no People guarded, maybe you can consider sneaking out secretly?

When she said to act, she acted. Yuzi looked at the ghost of Black and White Impermanence and the red clothed woman, and then she trembled, because she found that as she stood up, the woman in red-clothed clothes suddenly turned her head. 180 degrees, looking straight at yourself.

Grapefruit’s legs are shaking. She can see that the red-clothed female ghost’s eyes are empty, but those who are unable to make head or tail of can feel a gaze staring at her.

“I’m afraid I am going to die here today? If I can, should I make a will?” For a moment, many thoughts flashed through Yuzi’s mind, and these thoughts even made her a little bit confused about how to come out. of.

Grapefruit gave up the struggle and closed his eyes. Anyway, he was discovered by a ghost, and he would die next, right?

But if you die, will you become a ghost? If it becomes a ghost, will the scene be embarrassing?

But then Yuzi discovered that although the female ghost in the red-clothed clothes had been looking at herself, she had no reaction at all and had no intention of coming over. This made Yuzi suddenly react. Is it because of this red clothed woman? Why are ghosts chained by Black and White Impermanence?

Heaven helps me !

The grapefruit blossomed with joy in an instant. In her opinion, giving her 100 rockets now would not be so happy for her.

Grapefruit walked to the door, stretched out her hand, and held the doorknob. She relaxed, then as long as she opened the door, she would be able to go out and bid farewell to this hell on earth.

“Hmph hum~ slightly~” Yuzi turned her head, rushed towards that red-clothed and made a grimace. Looking at the other’s helpless expression, Yuzi felt that she was about to fly.

However, the door was pushed open, and a woman walked in from the outside with two wings behind her. She happily said something to the grapefruit, then pulled the grapefruit to the position where she was sitting just now, and poured it to her. A glass of Cola.

“I don’t want Cola…” Grapefruit felt like her mentality exploded, and finally was about to escape from hell, but was pushed back by a demon and gave herself a cup of Cola.

“Is this a decapitation meal… I don’t like Cola…” The grapefruit mentality collapsed.

“Manager Manager, did the customer just come in?” Betty got into the kitchen curiously and took a look at Chen Ze.

While cutting the beard of the squid, Chen Ze asked “Which one did you say?” without looking back.

“It’s the girl who looks cute.” Betty scratched her hair, and she was going to take a shower.

“Huh? That anchor has been here for a while.” Chen Ze looked back at Betty. He had been preparing ingredients just now, so he didn’t pay much attention to the situation in the restaurant.

Watching Betty go up to take a bath and change clothes, Chen Ze swiftly placed ten skewers on the grill, and then began to process the Century Egg Lean Meat Congee of Black and White Impermanence and the sauerkraut fish of the female ghost.

These dishes are not a challenge for Chen Ze now, so after a while, Chen Ze is ready and let Betty take it out.

As for the anchor, Chen Ze intends to send it by himself. He has to test whether the other party notices something wrong.

But as soon as he walked out, Chen Ze covered his eyes with the disabled to bear. Does this situation still need to be tested..

In the restaurant, Black and White Impermanence was eating Century Egg Lean Meat Congee with a positive face and calmly. They had no interest in the female anchor, but the female ghost in the red-clothed clothes was different. The other turned his head and stared at the shiver coldly. Grapefruit, holding chopsticks in his hand, stretched it out at an unimaginable angle, and fed it into his mouth.

“Cough cough, that guest, this is your ten skewers, please use it slowly.” Chen Ze walked over and looked at the grapefruit that was covering his eyes, corner of the mouth twitched.

“Uncle…Are you Death God?” Grapefruit trembled.

“No, I’m just a Chef.” Chen Ze couldn’t control the urge to laugh.

“Sorry.. You must be King Yanluo, right?” Yuzi obviously didn’t hear the words behind Chen Ze.

“Guests, please use it slowly.” Chen Ze shook the head, and Chen Ze would have to answer the other party’s questions. It was very troublesome, so Chen Ze put the skewers on the table and left.

But before leaving, Chen Ze reminded Black and White Impermanence again, to make them pay attention, don’t let the female ghost stare at the grapefruit, this will affect the appetite of other guests.

After a while, Yuzi released her hand and looked at the female ghost in the red-clothed clothes vigilantly. The other party was eating with her head down, not at all. She looked at her like just now. Yuzi was relaxed, and then she saw the table. On the skewers.

I don’t know why, Yuzu is a bit resistant. Although this skewers smells special, she just doesn’t dare to eat it. What Netherworld material is used for 10000 skewers? Is there Meng Po soup in 10000?

I have to say that the grapefruit still guessed a bit. Chen Ze really wanted to bring out a bowl of Mengpo soup and let the grapefruit drink it. After all, Chen Ze would not worry about his secrets being leaked.

“It seems that you have to give the anchor a dessert for free, forget everything today… forget everything today…” Chen Ze began to bet on probability.

As long as his Dessert Grandmaster Passive Effect is triggered, Chen Ze can make a dessert with forgotten attributes, and today’s things are fine.

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