My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 428

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Chen Ze was holding his head in pain, his face unimaginable.

“This is Murphy’s law? Absolutely, right? The more I don’t want this probability to be triggered, this system won’t trigger me, pit me?” Chen Ze has a stomachache, and he has done a lot. I got a Light Cheesecake, but none of them triggered the passive.

“Manager, that girl is going to check out.” Betty got in and said to Chen Ze.

“Hmm…” Chen Ze nodded, it seems that the other party has been frightened, but what should I do?

Chen Ze walked out and took a look. There were only ten bamboo sticks on the grapefruit table, and the other party had finished eating, because the expression on grapefruit’s face was now with a trace of comfort and a trace of fear.

“Guest, you ordered ten skewers, 30 per skewers, so you need to pay 300 in total.” Chen Ze looked at the pomelo with a smile, thinking about whether to implement A-Rank to eliminate memory (physics).

“I… WeChat Pay… wait, there is no internet now…” Yuzi had a far-fetched smile on her face. She tremblingly took out a cute pink wallet from her arms, and then drew 3 pieces of grandfather from it. Passed it to Chen Ze.

“Guests, please wait a moment, because you are here for the first time, so we will give a free Light Cheesecake.” Chen Ze thought of a solution, and now it shouldn’t be necessary to use A-Rank to eliminate memory (physics).

Looking at the pomelo with a look of “I am very happy”, Chen Ze rushed into the kitchen and asked Betty to take out a beautiful Light Cheesecake. Then Chen Ze ran up to the second floor. The solution to this problem requires Laura to come. Helped.

“So honey, do you need me to erase the memory of a girl today?” Laura put down the gamepad and looked at Chen Ze seriously.

“Hmm, please, Laura.” Chen Ze nodded quickly.

“There is nothing wrong with this, then you can point me to see.” Laura quickly agreed.

Then, with the help of Laura, Chen Ze smoothly erased the memory of grapefruit, and quickly sent her out while the other party had not recovered.

“Huh? Why am I here?” Yuzi looked around blankly, when did she get up? When did you get to this place?

Yuzi didn’t remember it at all, but Yuzi shook her head quickly and took out her mobile phone and found that the live broadcast room had been connected.

[Battle Qi Huama: Grapefruit Grapefruit! Oh my god, you are finally back online, what happened to you just now? 】

[Heitan is a cat: I just wanted to call the police, Yuzu, what did you do in the restaurant? 】

Looking at the lively live broadcast room, Yuzi was stunned. Why doesn’t she remember what happened just now?

Yuzi turned her head, and the audience told her just now that she was going to enter this restaurant, but the internet was disconnected in the next second, which lasted more than half an hour.

Yuzu tentatively pushed the door of the Unusual Dream Restaurant in front of him, but there was no response. The door was locked.

“Hu ~ Lords, audience, this restaurant is locked, let’s go to other places to see~” Pomelo shook the head and walked into the distance with her mobile phone.

Chen Ze stood in the dining room and looked at the female ghost in red-clothed clothes. This is not to say that this female ghost is beautiful and beautiful, and she has a fight with Nie Xiaoqian, who seduce Chen Ze wants to be a ghost Knight.

It’s all because of the way this female ghost eats, Chen Ze hasn’t seen it yet.

After all, this kind of gobbled up looks quite scary, and he opened his mouth directly and poured the soup from his throat.

“So, you guys have too much resentment qi this time, so before you go to the underworld, think about coming to me to see if you can dispel the resentment qi?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, how do you feel that you are here? It is about to become a canteen for underworld staff.

“Well, of course, the main reason is to come here to have a meal. Brother 2 hasn’t eaten like this for a long time.” Xie Bian moved towards Chen Ze cupped the hands.

“It’s okay, I’m also a restaurant here anyway, but how can I get rid of this resentment qi? Is it a wish for her?” Chen Ze is a little puzzled, this red clothed woman ghost’s wish is not to eat pickled fish before dying, right? That’s too weird.

“That’s not true, but she does want to eat pickled cabbage fish once, and now the resentment qi is probably eliminated a bit.” Xie Bian gave the red clothed woman a ghostly glance.

Chen Ze didn’t believe it. After all, this expression seemed to be polite.

“This is the meal fee for this time, sir.” Xie Bian took a copper mirror out of his arms and handed it to Chen Ze.

“What’s the use of this?” Chen Ze was very curious. In China’s traditional culture, mirrors often have Divine Items such as magic mirrors, so Chen Ze is also a little curious about the use of this thing.

“You can see ghosts in this mirror.” Xie Bian explained. Although Chen Ze didn’t think he needed it, he still accepted it.

After sending away Black and White Impermanence, Chen Ze twisted his neck, and now he can finally take a break, but I don’t know if the anchor has found anything wrong.

Chen Ze hurriedly took out his mobile phone, checked the forum of Riyue City, and then went to check the live broadcast room of the anchor, which relieved a lot.

“Manager, I’m here.” The door was pushed open and Yukihira Jōichirō walked in, which made Chen Ze suddenly feel a little backache.

“Okay, I beg you today, too.” Chen Ze took out whether Tokyo is hot or not. Next, let’s take a look at this amazing DV machine.

“Oh? You are still very energetic today.” Yukihira Jōichirō laughed. He originally thought Chen Ze would soon lose the motivation to continue studying.

“Of course!” Chen Ze is serious. This is the best time to improve his cooking skills. When Yukihira Jōichirō can’t continue teaching himself, then he can go and learn from Chūka Ichiban.

“Oh! Come on, then, what I am teaching you today is about the problem of tipping and heat…” Yukihira Jōichirō nodded, and then began to guide Chen Ze seriously.

I have to say that Yukihira Jōichirō is indeed a very powerful Chef. At least, thanks to his long life accumulation, those cooking skills have reached the level of Return to the Natural State.

Yukihira Jōichirō pointed out many problems that Chen Ze did not notice, and Chen Ze understood some special skills.

But it was still very tired. When Yukihira Jōichirō left, Chen Ze was lying on the table and didn’t want to move at all. He felt that he was suitable for a hot spring to relax his nerves.

“Manager Manager, do you have any delicious barbecue here?”

“Manager, here we come.”

“Give me a thunderbolt ale!”

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, but still stood up and complied.


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