My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 429

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“Manager, you look tired today.” Fremiya looked at Chen Ze with a smirk, after all, Chen Ze’s expression looked very tired.

“It’s okay, mainly because there are a lot of things today.” Chen Ze yawned, and Fremiya and the others did not specifically ask for anything to eat today, so Chen Ze thought for a while and prepared a Sichuan Hotpot for them.

Speaking of Sichuan Hotpot, this is a very famous place in China Hotpot, Hotpot, mainly highlighting a spicy, but for some people who do not like spicy, Sichuan Hotpot is not so friendly.

Chen Ze suddenly remembered a news that he had read some time ago. It was said that when a tourist went to 4 Sichuan to play, he ordered a Twice Cooked Pork, and then specifically asked not to put hot peppers, but the store still put hot peppers, and the tourists turned out to be Call the police.

When the media arrived, the store said very seriously that to make 4 Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork, you must put chili. This is your bottom line. As a result, this matter spread to the Internet and caused a lot of sand sculpture comments from netizens. Chen Ze laughed once. once.

However, Chen Ze thinks this kind of thing is quite normal. After all, many Chinese dishes have extremely strict requirements on the seasoning, and sometimes the seasoning is different, and a dish is divided into 2 Sects. What is Beijing-style Sichuan cuisine is distinguished from here. from.

Of course, Chen Ze did not intend to explain to Fremiya and the others what Sect of dishes is. After all, he is not so boring. Compared with the history of popularizing Chinese dishes with customers, Chen Ze feels that he might as well go to the basement to see how his paper is. .

Walking to the basement, Chen Ze touched the mold placed on the ground. The paper on it was already hard and looked set. Chen Ze picked it up gently. It was a rough piece of paper, but there was a little light on it. Grapefruit fragrance.

“Can this thing really be used to make Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken?” Chen Ze was a bit suspicious, but he always had to try it.

Taking the finished Grapefruit Paper up, Chen Ze started preparing to make the first Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, but when it was wrapped, Chen Ze noticed another problem, that is, this Grapefruit Paper does not seem to be flexible.

When the chicken was wrapped, Chen Ze just wrapped it up, and the Grapefruit Paper was damaged, which made Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched. However, the chicken was put into a frying pan and fried in strict accordance with the requirements of the recipe. .

Looking at the slowly disintegrating Grapefruit Paper, Chen Ze sighed. As far as I can see, the production of Lost Cuisine this time has failed. After all, it looks like throwing paper into a pan, then Fried Chicken and Paper. Wrapped Fried Chicken is not a type at all.

[You made a regular Marinated Fried Chicken, and the home cooking experience has increased by 3 points]

The evaluation given by system is not the Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken that Chen Ze thought. It can only be said that Chen Ze didn’t touch the threshold of Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken this time, but Chen Ze was not discouraged. Now, even more how Chen Ze has a secret weapon, that is the omnipotent Yug bubble.

“Manager, give me another 2 cups of Thunderbolt Ale, I still have to chill!” Reinhardt’s loud voice made Chen Ze spirit slowly recovers.

“Okay, do you want more?” Chen Ze glanced at the restaurant.

“Well, I still want a barbecue, the best barbecue, the kind that can make werewolves like to eat.” Destiny, who was wearing a mask, spoke again.

“Barbecue? Or do the werewolves like it?” Chen Ze touched his chin, lost in thought.

To be honest, Chen Ze has cooked barbecues, and the Storm BBQ he made last time is one of them, but to make a barbecue that werewolves like to eat, this touches Chen Ze’s knowledge blind zone a bit.

speaking of which, werewolves hate silver, Chen Ze still learned from Western fantasy novels, even more how that is just a novel, it is not clear whether the real werewolves hate silver Chen Ze.

“Forget it, let me check the famous barbecue in the world.” Chen Ze shook the head, still giving up the idea of ​​understanding werewolves from a fantasy perspective.

Chen Ze feels that rather than deliberately cater to fantasy creatures, it is better to prepare dishes that he can cook. After all, the world-renowned barbecues are all certified by humans for many years, so Chen Ze is quite confident.

Speaking of barbecue, the first thing Chen Ze thinks of is Turkish barbecue. This is completely because of the Turkish barbecue rice that Chen Ze often ordered in his dormitory when he was in college. However, although the taste of barbecue rice is good, it tastes more like a grilled meat. Rice is not a complete barbecue, so Chen Ze decided to change it.

After thinking about it, Chen Ze decided to make a barbecue according to the Argentine barbecue style, which might satisfy the werewolf customer.

Asado BBQ, this is also very well-known worldwide, but Chen Ze not at all buys beef from Argentina in advance, so he can only use Beer Beef to make it.

“This piece of beef has a lot of bones, or just this one?” Chen Ze looked at the beef in front of him, nodded, and thought it was a good idea.

Barbecue is not the more the better meat. If there is no bone, it will always feel a little worse. Even more how the meat next to the bone will be more tender and fragrant.

After a while, a scent of grilled meat filled the kitchen, and the strong smell of meat caused Fremiya unable to bear to swallow several times.

For giant dragons who like to eat meat, this taste is really tempting.

“Damn Lawrence, all the greedy worms in my stomach were brought out by you.” Fremiya rubbed his stomach, suddenly felt that the Hotpot in front of me was not fragrant.

“Manager! Give me 5 servings of that kind of barbecue!” Fremiya shouted loudly.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, and then immediately continued to get busy.

After a while, Chen Ze took out 5 portions of roasted beef. Not so much Asado BBQ, it was Chen Ze’s improved version of Asado BBQ, because Chen Ze has never been to Argentina, even more how recipes The above is also very simple, just say that Asado BBQ has local special barbecue sauce and spices.

Hehe, just say something special and it’s over. Chen Ze doesn’t know exactly what to use, so this barbecue is researched by Chen Ze based on Asado BBQ.

[You have made a beautiful Asado BBQ (revised), and the Western Cuisine production experience has increased by 15 points]

[You have improved a Cuisine, and the Western Cuisine production experience has increased by 2000 points]

[You got the Western-style loading passive]

[Western-style serving: your serving looks more pleasing to the eye]

Chen Ze rubbed his nose, this damn system.

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