My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 430

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Although Chen Ze’s nose was smashed by system fiercely, Chen Ze himself was quite satisfied. After all, his improved barbecue was recognized by the system, and he also rewarded a large amount of experience points, so he directly unlocked one. Passive Effect comes out.

“But what kind of magic operation is this loading plate more pleasing to the eye?” Chen Ze was a little confused, but then Chen Ze felt a bit of a headache. A large memory of impossible to make head or tail of poured into Chen Ze’s mind. .

By the time Chen Ze spirit slowly recovers, Betty has already brought out the 5 barbecues, but Chen Ze now understands that the memory just now is actually the method and experience of the plate. Chen Ze is equivalent to having the plate all at once. The theoretical knowledge and some general practical operations.

“Hu.. I thought it was for me to pretend to be metaphysical. Didn’t expect still pay attention to the basic law.” Chen Ze rubbed his temples, although this method of teaching was a bit crude.

“What’s this? Hey!” Fremiya took an impatient bite almost immediately after the plate was put down, and then gave a sincere compliment.

This barbecue is very delicious, fragrant and tender, and with a hint of sour and sweetness, which makes the whole barbecue not so greasy. The more you eat, the more you want it, and how you eat it will not be greasy.

“It’s so delicious, I have never eaten such a delicious barbecue, my God, I feel that now I can’t control the urge to come every day!” Fremiya licked his tongue and picked up another piece of barbecue. Put it in your mouth.

Even this time Fremiya didn’t even maintain his own form. Betty watched the head of a giant dragon suddenly appear in the restaurant, then ate a whole piece of barbecue in one bite, and then turned back into a beautiful Fremiya again. .

“Fremiya, what are you doing? You almost overturned Hotpot!” Reinhardt glanced at his companion dissatisfiedly. If he hadn’t just taken care of it quickly, the Hotpot would have already snapped Destiny on the head.

I don’t know if Destiny and Fremiya have an antagonism. Even Hotpot’s direction is towards Destiny.

But Destiny not at all noticed this. This guy is looking at Fremiya intently. It seems that he is going to interview Fremiya’s after-eating experience.

“Fremiya, what do you think of the taste?” Destiny quickly asked after looking at Fremiya after eating.

“Didn’t I just say it? This is the best barbecue I have ever eaten. There is no one.” Fremiya glared at Destiny, then pulled the barbecue grill to the other side.

“That’s great.. also give me and Reinhardt 5 copies!” Destiny nodded, and then plan to try it for himself.

Destiny, who had tasted this barbecue himself, smiled with satisfaction. In his opinion, this barbecue does not make Halo forgive him, but at least it can make Halo like it.

And this restaurant, this barbecue, only he knows Lawrence, so in Lawrence’s view, as long as he masters the barbecue, he can get closer to Halo sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Destiny couldn’t help but laugh.

“Manager, this is the meal cost this time, and then he will take out a separate portion of Destiny’s barbecue fee.” Fremiya was very satisfied. She ate more than a dozen portions of barbecue today.

Chen Ze took a look, and there was a bag on the table. Chen Ze picked up the bag. It contained a lot of Moonlight Mushroom and a Frozen Sea Fish. Chen Ze was quite satisfied. After all, Moonlight Mushroom is now more and more. The less, Frozen Sea Fish can be replenished and it is a good thing.

“This is my barbecue fee, Manager.” Destiny took a bunch of flowers out of his arms, very beautiful flowers, dotted with sparkling things.

“This is… my elaborate work. It’s an alchemy item. It’s useless, but it’s beautiful, and it doesn’t require you to water and so on.” Destiny looked at Chen Ze a little dazed, and quickly explained it, but in his heart There is no confidence, I don’t know if Chen Ze will accept this thing.

“Okay, thank you.” Chen Ze nodded, then took the flower, he was going to put the flower in the bedroom on the second floor, so it should be very emotional at night.

After sending off the 3 Fremiya people, the restaurant finally ushered in a short break, Chen Ze relaxed, and then began to prepare for lunch.

On the other side, Destiny brought a piece of barbecue and was entangled in whether to enter the spice alchemy shop. After all, if a person suddenly came over with a barbecue and wanted you to eat it, it would be a personal doubt.

“Mr. Lawrence? What are you doing standing in front of my shop?” Halo didn’t know when he stood behind Lawrence, so scared that Lawrence almost didn’t hold the barbecue in his hand.

“Haha…that…I’m just here to give you a present.” Lawrence smiled awkwardly. He just got distracted and didn’t even notice when Halo came.

“Gift…?” Halo saw the bag in Lawrence’s hand, which exudes a very good smell of meat.

“Pu chi ~” Halo unable to bear laughed, she laughed very happily, and Lawrence couldn’t help but smile silly.

“Mr. Lawrence~ you are really a unique person. I received a gift of barbecue for the first time, but I like it very much.” Halo opened the door and walked in with Lawrence, which made Lawrence smile. It seems that today’s progress is very good.

“Nyarla, what are you looking at?” Hastur curiously looked at his companion who was sitting beside him studying Hearthstone.

“I’m watching the budding of love.” Nyarla laughed. He had just been paying attention to his three believers, and then he saw Lawrence and Halo.

“Oh? Love? It’s a really interesting feeling. I remember that many people in the world are praising that feeling.” Hastur stretched out, and in his shirt, he exposed his white belly.

“Mortals are really interesting races, what about the speaking of which?” Hastur rubbed his nose and continued to play with his demonic beast.

“It seems to be investigating something. That world has something that interests him.” Nyarla grabbed the phone screen, then copied all the cards he saw into his eyes.

“I want to go to dinner, do you want to go together?” Hastur looked at Nyarla and stood up. He was kicked out just because he was spitting fragrance in the copy.

“Okay, I want to eat the Cuisine from Manager too, and bring him this initial Hearthstone by the way.” Nyarla stood up, nodded.

And Nyarla’s hand is holding a black mist ball, in which there are countless souls roaring and suffering.

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