My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 431

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“Hastur? Nyarlathotep? Long time no see, what are you going to do?” Chen Ze was a little surprised. The last time the two masters came together was because of Yog-Sothoth, and I don’t know why this time.

“I’m here to eat. Nyarla’s Hearthstone made some, so I have to bring it to you.” Hastur yawned and lay down on the table. The whole person was like a mass of ooze, and Betty passed it over. Fat Nerd Merry Drink, took a big sip.

“Manager, this is the Hearthstone you want.” Nyarla put a cloud of black gas on the table. Chen Ze was very curious why the gas did not dissipate, but instead condensed together.

Chen Ze extend the hand took the gas, and Chen Ze felt very bad just now, because there are countless souls in the gas roar, and their screams are very harsh, making Chen Ze even My ear hurts a bit, which is more disgusting than the construction team working near my home late at night.

“Are you sure this thing is Hearthstone?” Chen Ze thinks Nyarla is wrong. After all, this thing doesn’t look like Hearthstone. Chen Ze feels more like a black soul game.

“Yeah, but they still need some small help.” Nyarla extend the hand pointed, pointing on the mist.

Then Chen Ze was surprised to find that the mist had indeed changed, and the souls inside seemed to be stimulated, and they all became Hearthstone cards that he had played.

“Do you need my help?” An old man with a white beard murmured tremblingly, looking at his shape, it was indeed like Antonidas, but it looked strange in every way.

After all, Antonidas looks at you with a begging look, which is really interesting.

“That, Nyarla, I think you have a misunderstanding of Hearthstone.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, this kind of soul-like thing, is Chen Ze fun to play? Sorry at all. Okay.

“Oh? But I improved it. You see, they are in line with the game in battle.” Nyarla sat opposite Chen Ze, operating the mist quickly.

Then Chen Ze saw a battle between holding urine and dirty animal husbandry in the fog, especially when he saw the guy who played Anduin, who said’thank you’ with a very good expression, Chen Ze was all There was an urge to get him out and beat him up.

Chen Ze patted his face abruptly. This is not the Hearthstone he wanted. Besides, he is working with Fremiya. This kind of thing that looks evil and the same as Hell Demon God, how to promote it ? I’m afraid it was not just taken out, there will be a bunch of righteous people coming to talk to you about life and ideals.

“It’s still wrong. I want to promote it on a large scale, so it’s best to make it in the form of a mobile phone or a computer.” Chen Ze is very determined, he doesn’t want to cause any trouble to his partners.

“Computers need internet, but there is no internet in that world, even more how they don’t even have electricity.” Nyarla shook the head, he naturally thought about this question, but that world is a magical world, and the technology tree doesn’t have enough points. He can’t help it.

“How about using Magic Net to connect?” Chen Ze thought of a solution.

“The magic net? But the magic Goddess has been hammered to death by me, so the magic net is now ownerless, even more how I don’t bother to manage those complicated things.” Nyarla shook the head, he is not interested in managing the magic net , That is a very troublesome thing. Compared with that, Nyarla feels that she wants to go further and further on the road of truth.

Has foreign world’s 10000 law of gravitation been researched out? What is the acceleration of gravity? Should we follow the law of conservation of energy between magic? These questions fascinated Nyarlathotep deeply, even more how he also discovered antimatter, the next step is to study antimatter weapons.

Had it not been for Yug’s requirement that he must first meet Chen Ze, Nyarla would have already started to fight anti-matter weapons with all his strength.

“Then it would be nice to find a tool man to replace it. You can kill even the gods. Isn’t it difficult to plant a magic Goddess?” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, this product is lazy, making crazy excuses.

“En? This idea is pretty good, I think I can give it a try, even more how I have a choice.” Nyarla thought of the werewolf girl she had discovered before.

even more how now foreign world because there are no gods, the soul of the entire world will either fall into a blank place or drift in this World. Sooner or later, it will have an indelible impact on the ecology of the foreign world. This is not what Nyarla thought. Things to see.

“Then trouble you.” Chen Ze nodded.

“Ah.. You talk a lot, I’m hungry, Manager, please give me a Tonkatsu Curry with Rice, and then add the Cuisine you think is good, the portion is more.” Hastur lay on the table On, his face was weak.

“Okay, Nyarla, what do you want?” Chen Ze looked towards Nyarla again.

“It’s the same as Hastur.” Nyarla was too lazy to choose. He wanted to figure out how to handle this matter, plus how to use the power of the magic net.

Chen Ze nodded, then went back to the kitchen and started making today’s Cuisine for Nyarla and Hastur.

“But speaking of which, Tonkatsu Curry with Rice eats a lot of people.” Chen Ze twisted his neck. Recently, he always felt neck pain. Chen Ze felt that he should find time to go to the massage parlor for a massage.

Of course it is the kind of formal massage shop, not a place for big health care.

Chen Ze took out curry powder and apple seasonings. Chen Ze did not make traditional Indian curry from Brother 3. After all, for Brother 3, curry is not so much a dish, it is more a special preparation method. , Even more how 3 Brother’s curry is more spicy, not in line with Chen Ze’s appetite.

The curry made by Chen Ze is an improvement of Japanese style. In Japan, after years of localization of curry, Japanese curry has formed a unique style, which is quite different from the curry of 3 brothers, and the Japanese are very It is also true love. I have to eat it once a week, coupled with the Japanese style of living alone, so curry is very popular.

Chen Ze made Tonkatsu Curry with Rice very quickly. After all, he has made Cuisine many times, so he made it in a short while and put it on the table.

“As for the others… let’s bring out the improved version of Asado BBQ.” Chen Ze thought that was a good idea, and then the restaurant suddenly smelled of barbecue.

“Manager, you can be your own person!” Betty clutched his stomach rumbling with hunger, thinking sadly in his heart.

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