My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 432

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Chen Ze devoted himself to grilling meat. The improvement of Asado BBQ was thought of by Chen Ze himself. After all, Chen Ze is also a meat star, so for Chen Ze, the shortcomings and advantages of barbecue is easy to know, so in understood In the case of advantages and disadvantages, it is not particularly difficult to improve a dish.

Retaining and amplifying the advantages and removing the disadvantages, this is what Chen Ze does. The disadvantage of roasting meat is that if you eat too much, you will feel greasy, which will affect your appetite. So Chen Ze chose to add a little lemon and other ingredients, and use a little sour The taste neutralizes the greasy feel of the barbecue.

Chen Ze grilled the meat very carefully, and after making sure that both sides were golden, he let Betty take the roast out.

“Manager, I want to eat too.” Betty looked at Chen Ze pitifully while serving the barbecue.

“Didn’t you just eat it?” Chen Ze was a little puzzled. Just made a lot of lunch by himself. Half of the lunch was eaten by himself and Laura. Betty solved the other half by himself. Chen Ze deeply felt that he was a waiter. It’s a pig.

“I don’t want to, but who made the Manager’s dishes so delicious.” Betty looked aggrieved. She just smelled the grilled meat outside. The whole demon was not good, even more how Chen Ze did not have it at noon. Cooking barbecue, which makes Betty more greedy.

“Okay, I will make 2 copies later, and you will give one to Laura.” Chen Ze was a little helpless, but he still agreed to Betty’s request. Anyway, there are many Beer Beef, and Chen Ze doesn’t care.

“I have to say that Manager’s cooking skills are getting better and better.” Hastur licked his lips. He looked at the barbecue in front of him, very satisfied.

“Well, in my opinion, only the dishes from Manager can make me temporarily out of the ocean of science for a while.” Nyarlathotep also agrees with his companion’s words.

“Two guests like it.” Chen Ze laughed, and then suddenly he was taken aback. He just thought of something, that is, the Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken he was studying before.

“By the way, Hastur, the one who came last time… Yog-Sothoth, when will he come again?” Chen Ze is very concerned about this question, after all, it is about whether he can study a lot of Lost Cuisine related existence.

“10000 things belong to one? Manager, that adult traveled to the other world, and we don’t know when we will come back.” Hastur shook the head, let alone an Avatar that exists in this world, even more The strength of how Yog-Sothoth is also higher than that of him, so Hastur will never ask what this lord wants to do.

“That’s it… Then Hastur, do you know what Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken does?” Chen Ze was a little disappointed. If that person is not there, then if he wants to make Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, he has to think about it from the beginning, and I don’t know how long it will take. After all, Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken is not like Goubuli Steamed Bun. There is a general evaluation. You can try to reverse it.

“This…” Hastur and Nyarla looked at each other, which on the contrary made Chen Ze’s eyes shine. Could it be that these two really know what Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken does?

“Then this is our meal expenses. Lord Yug told us before leaving that if you ask about the way Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken is done, give you this piece of paper.” Hastur took out from his arms. Gave a piece of paper and handed it to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took a quick look at it. There are a few very common things on it, which seem to have nothing to do with Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, but Chen Ze understands that this is the most important thing in Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, paper. Production Method.

“Okay, please use it slowly. I will make it for you later when you want to eat.” Chen Ze was very excited and rushed out with the paper. He planned to buy these things home as soon as possible, and then start making them. Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken.

“Hastur, why didn’t you finish the rest?” Nyarla looked at her companion, a little puzzled.

“Are you talking, Lord Yug said that?” Hastur took another bite of the barbecue.

“If the Manager directly calls me by my name, and then calls me Bubble, don’t tell him the lack of an important ingredient in this.” Hastur passed this sentence to Nyarla with his mental mind.

“But Manager didn’t say that the adult bubbled.” Nyarla was still a little puzzled, but he thought of something immediately.

“By the way, he hesitated for a second.” Nyarla laughed, so that there is no way to blame them, it was Chen Ze himself who almost said the word bubble.

Of course, Chen Ze did not know that the thing on this piece of paper lacked a key item, even if Chen Ze understood would not care. After all, as far as he was concerned, as long as he could make Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, even if it was reluctant, he would The correct recipe can be obtained with the help of system.

If Chen Ze understood, he would laugh happily, which means that even if it is as strong as Yog-Sothoth, he does not know the existence of his own system.

Chen Ze bought them quickly, and brought them back with them in a short while, but as soon as he entered the restaurant, Chen Ze discovered that Nyarla and Hastur did not know when they had left.

“Betty, Hastur, didn’t they ask for anything more?” Chen Ze looked at Betty and asked suspiciously.

“No… Lord Hastur and Lord Nyarla seem to be smiling happily, maybe it’s something happy to meet?” Betty was washing the dishes seriously.

“Well, maybe their two wives are about to give birth to children.” Chen Ze nodded, then returned to the kitchen and began to make paper according to the old method.

This time Chen Ze did it very quickly, but Chen Ze always felt that something was wrong when doing it.

Put the paper in the basement to air dry, Chen Ze returned to the kitchen, but always frowns “What’s wrong?”

After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Ze didn’t come up with it. He simply didn’t want to. Then he took out whether Tokyo was hot or not, clicked the play button, and then Chen Ze saw a imaginary kitchen covering all the objects in front of him, and then another A Chen Ze and Yukihira Jōichirō appeared in front of them.

“Manager.. What are you going to do? I’m a serious Chef, don’t even think about filming a series of undead with me.” In the screen, Yukihira Jōichirō looked at Chen Ze with a smirk.

“I just want to film the teaching process so that I can review it easily.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes in the video.

“I have to say that this Asura is a bit skinny.” Chen Ze outside didn’t know whether to cry or laugh watching this scene, and then seriously began to review today’s teaching.

“No wonder Yukihira Jōichirō always said that I have a problem here. From this perspective, the problem is really big.” Chen Ze is very satisfied. This DV machine is really great.

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