My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 433

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Jeanne stayed in the room blankly, she now deeply understands what despair is like.

This made her mother very worried about her daughter. After a while, she came to the door of the room again and knocked gently on the door.

“Jeanne, are you better?” Jeanne’s mother was very worried, although she asked this sentence only once 5 minutes ago, and once 1 minutes ago.

“Mother…please let me rest by myself…” Jeanne was very prostrative. She covered her face with a look of pain, but there was a book next to her, which was given to her by Professor Moriarty yesterday. book.

“So… next time you still don’t want to eat the wild fruits that the orphans gave you.” Isabel d’Arc sighed. If it weren’t for the unknown wild fruits, why would your daughter be like this?

“I have washed your clothes for you, Jeanne, you remember to change one.” Isabel remembered something, and shouted at the room where Jeanne was now.

“Yes, mother!” Jeanne’s a little embarrassed voice came from inside, and then she hummed in pain.

Isabel shook the head. She had already drank holy water to Jeanne according to Father Martin’s statement. It should work, even more how the holy water was bought by her husband for brown bread.

In fact, after being besieged by those damn guys, food is already a precious thing.

Isabel decided in her heart that if Jeanne is still not good, then maybe she should really bleed Jeanne, as these doctors do.

Diarrhea should be fine, right? Isabel feels fine.

Jeanne is a little desperate. It has already been ordered for lunch, but he still didn’t go to the restaurant. This is not to say that he doesn’t want to go, but because the stomach hurts so much. Jeanne is desperate.

All of these things must start with a bat… to be precise, they start with the wild fruits found near the bat cave.

Yesterday Jeanne took out Pizza and distributed it to the orphans. They were very moved. The leading boy gave Jeanne a handful of wild fruits. Jeanne couldn’t give up, so she took it.

Then this morning, Jeanne ate one, which was sour and slightly sweet, so Jeanne ate a few more and finally ate them all.

Then she rested for a while. At noon, Jeanne was ready to pick up her Pizza, but she felt a severe abdominal pain.

What a strong abdominal pain, Jeanne was lying on the ground in pain, and cold sweat dripped from her forehead.

Then Jeanne then went to the toilet and felt better after using it, although Jeanne felt like a stream just now.

But then the abdominal pain came again. When Jeanne was waiting for the father to ask the priest, she felt that her stomach was not so painful, but she wanted to…vent the gas…

If Chen Ze knew what Jeanne had just thought, he would definitely send her to the toilet without the slightest hesitation and tell her to solve this problem in the toilet.

Chen Ze remembered that he had seen a question on Zhihu, that is, what kind of experience is acute gastroenteritis?

Compared with the “laxatives, people in the United States, just got off the plane” under the other answers, this question is simply the exchange of feelings between patients.

“Don’t believe every fart. When you put Xiangbeng on your pants, no fart is innocent.”

“I’m in the toilet, but I feel like I’m draining water, and I have a profound experience that the delicate chrysanthemum can’t stand a long wipe with a tissue.”

“Don’t say it, my stomach hurts now. Let me talk about a terrifying trick. When you can’t bear the roughness of the paper, water seems to be very effective… It’s just…”

It is a collection of sad stories.

Jeanne can’t stay any longer. She has been squatting in the toilet for a long time, but her stomach keeps hurting, and Jeanne is already feeling thirsty.

“I’m going to ask Mr. Manager for help…” This is the thought in Jeanne’s mind. After all, to her, Chen Ze’s restaurant is like Gods Vestige.

Immediately afterwards, Jeanne suffered from abdominal pain, even if she wanted to expel her gas, she didn’t dare, for fear that she would stain her clothes again.

“Jeanne…” Isabel looked at her daughter worriedly, she knew where the daughter was going.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the daughter who had been able to exchange for some patties with a lot of meat, their family would not be much better than the others.

But Jacques refused to let himself distribute this thing called Pizza, saying that such distribution would bring huge disaster to his family.

Thinking of those people whose hungry eyes are gloomy, Isabel can’t say anything. In fact, Jeanne divides Pizza, it just divides some cakes, there are no dishes on it, and it has to be cautiously.

“Mother, there is not much food left at home. What about Gods Vestige passed away after 10000?” Jeanne was determined, and Pizza won’t be stocked for long.

In the hot summer, food spoils very quickly.

Isabel looked at her daughter distressedly, but acquiesced in her going out.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant…Huh? Jeanne?! What’s wrong with you? Manager!” Chen Ze almost shook his hand with Betty’s scream and threw the kitchen knife on his feet.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze walked out, and immediately saw Jeanne who was lying in Betty’s arms, clutching her belly weakly.

Her condition is very bad, her lips are a little white, and her face is very painful.

“Laura!” Chen Ze yelled immediately. It was obvious that he was sick. He was not a doctor, so he could only ask Laura for help.

After a while, Laura came down. She heard Chen Ze’s request and was very happy nodded.

“This child…has a problem with his stomach, and there are diseased parts inside, but the problem is not big.” Laura extend the hand, gently stroking Jeanne’s stomach.

The pain was relieved, and Jeanne felt like a new life at this moment.

“Thank you, Manager, Mrs. Manager.” Jeanne immediately got up, respectfully saluting Chen Ze and Laura.

“It’s okay, but what’s wrong with you?” Chen Ze looked at Jeanne, a little strange.

“That’s…that’s…” Jeanne couldn’t say it.

“Then needless to say, your disease is cured, but you still have to pay attention next time.” Laura saw Jeanne’s distress, combined with the area of ​​Jeanne’s disease just now, she probably knows the cause.

“Hiss…” Chen Ze glanced at his foot, he was stepped on by Laura, but not too hard.

“Humph.” Laura snorted and went upstairs. She was clutching Divine Beast, and she lost several high-level balls, but didn’t catch any of them.

And this wooden boyfriend is really annoying.

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