My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 434

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“Thank you so much, Mr. Manager!” Jeanne looked grateful. Only those who have suffered from illness know how precious health is.

So in this way, a lifetime of health and happiness is the greatest wealth, right?

Jeanne suddenly felt a little bit more in her heart, but the emotion of the little child comes and goes fast.

“It’s okay, do you want something to eat today? I was thinking about whether to make a fruit pizza…” Chen Ze looked at Jeanne with a smile. He remembered that the durian pizza tasted pretty good, and in general The durian flavor of Pizza is also acceptable.

“Please don’t give it to me!” Jeanne resisted, which made Chen Ze a little confused.

Could it be that Jeanne knew she wanted to make Durian Pizza, so she resisted desperately? But this is not normal.

“Sorry…I…I am a little allergic to wild fruits…” Jeanne is very sorry, she hesitated for a while, and originally wanted to talk about her diarrhea.

But letting a girl say this kind of thing in front of the boys still makes Jeanne a little embarrassed.

“That’s it, it’s okay, then I’ll just make you a normal Pizza.” Chen Ze didn’t care, just rubbed Jeanne’s head with a smile.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and started to make Pizza for Jeanne. This is already very familiar, so Chen Ze did it very quickly.

But when Chen Ze was cooking, Betty asked secretly again, and Jeanne blushed and told Betty the reason.

Betty has a very weird look. In fact, diarrhea is not a problem in the foreign world. As long as you use magic or find a priest, you can easily solve it.

Betty knows in Positive Plane that the pastor of Radiant Church can treat you small problems such as stomachache for free, and only those with big wounds will consider charging for this issue.

“Actually, this is not a serious problem. With us, you can go to the priest.” Betty and Jeanne popularized the foreign world’s magical medicine.

The cited Jeanne was envious, after all, in this World, the stomachache can only be prayed for Gods Vestige salvation.

Otherwise, just endure it, or pay for a doctor.

But shortly afterwards, the door was pushed open and the wind bell rang. Betty immediately stopped to continue the idea of ​​xuanpu (yao) and greeted him.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant ~ Dear…Lord Stan!” Betty raised her volume instantly.

This increased volume is naturally for Chen Ze to hear. After all, Stan often only orders Parfait, which has become a habit.

“Okay.” Chen Ze naturally heard Betty’s voice, so he complied, indicating that he was understood.

“Parfait.” Stan said, then found a place to sit down.

How do Jeanne not at all go to see Stan? After all, she has been here many times in Chen Ze. Jeanne has seen many customers now, but the one that impressed her the most was the customer.

Stan glanced at Jeanne, an ordinary little human girl, not at all something worth noting.

“Stan, are the Dark Council matters done?” Chen Ze was curious, he put Pizza in the oven, and then asked.

“Well, Hope City, a unified approach.” Stan nodded, this is also the best solution he can think of.

100 nobles have 100 appeals, maybe even 1000, 10000, but after Laura talked with them’friendly’ and’kindly’, they only had 100 appeals.

But even so, 100 appeals are a huge workload. Stan feels that if he handles one by one, even if the processing is completed, the subsequent work approval and report summary will be enough for him to handle another 100 years. Isn’t this cheating? ?

So Stan decided to learn Laura and use military force to solve the problem.

In the end Stan came up with a unified solution, and then he handed over the plan to one of his men and let him handle it entirely.

As for Stan, he is only responsible for teaching those who don’t know how to count…ah no, a little’friendly’ advice.

“I always feel that Stan, you are very hard, but can your subordinate stand it?” Chen Ze took out the cup, and then it’s time for Parfait. Pizza will take a while.

“Really, Stan’s subordinate should be the big demon called wild beast?” Laura walked down, she was wearing a shirt and stepping on slippers.

“En.” Stan glanced at Laura. This guy was really lucky, and there was no such thing in her rotation.

But what I said… Stan always felt that he was pitted. After all, the reason why the existence opened a Hope City was not the Manager bewitched?

“Wild beast? This name smells so bad!” Chen Ze unable to bear vomited.

However, it is obvious that only Betty get in the entire restaurant has reached this slot, and Laura and Stan don’t think there is any problem with the name wild beast.

Chen Ze opened the oven, and Pizza is ready.

“Betty, come in and serve Parfait and Pizza.” Chen Ze yelled, and then continued to do other Parfait.

“Manager, thank you!” Jeanne was holding Pizza, feeling a little guilty. After all, because of her stomachache, Jeanne was not at all preparing to arrange flowers.

“It’s okay.” Chen Ze waved his hand.

However, after Jeanne thanked Laura, she walked out with Pizza.

Back at home, Jeanne handed Pizza to her mother, then picked up her own book and looked at it carefully. She felt that she should be a queen. Only in this way could she repay Mr. Manager’s help.

“Are you going to live longer?” Stan looked at Laura and asked.

“Hmph, that is natural.” Laura nodded, she is the one who wants to marry Chen Ze.

“What about the next term?” This is probably the longest thing Stan has said during this time.

“Yeah…I’ll find a man, too, and leave it to him.” Laura thought of a good idea.

“…The speaker must be in the parliament for a long time.” Stan glanced at Laura. Did this guy forget the rules of the parliament?

“Ah…it’s troublesome, so I can just quit.” Laura’s answer made Stan almost choked.

Stan decided to give up the discussion with Laura, he might as well continue to eat Parfait.

When Stan and Laura were chatting, Chen Ze was standing in the kitchen, and he was about to cook a new dish.

“But speaking of which, although pig blood is delicious, it doesn’t have the effect of clearing the lungs, right?” Chen Ze looked at the recipe, a little funny in his heart, and didn’t know who added a buff to pig blood.

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