My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 435

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There is such a dish, made with pig blood, called pig blood Meatballs, of course, in some places called pig blood rake or blood rake tofu, it is a dish in Hunan cuisine.

Chen Ze remembered that he seemed to have eaten it before, but he couldn’t remember the specific Chen Ze.

“But I don’t have fresh pig blood…” Chen Ze is a little bald. The pork blood Meatballs dish sounds simple, but the method is very particular.

For example, pig blood is generally made of fresh uncoagulated pig blood, and then local tofu must be used for tofu, and the softest tofu must be selected.

This is nothing. Other ingredients must be carefully selected. In addition, it takes 20 days from the preparation of the materials to the baking. If the baking is urgent or less, it will not work, so you will not get it. Pork blood Meatballs in best condition.

“In that case, even if I use 4x speed to make this pig blood meatballs, it will take about 5-6 days?” Chen Ze frowns, although he planned to make this pig blood meatballs, he did not expect it to be so troublesome. .

“Manager Manager!” Betty stepped in suddenly, skeptical of life.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze looked at Betty curiously. Why did this guy come in again?

“I want to ask you a question.” Betty looked at Chen Ze solemnly.

“Well, you said.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, every time Betty said that, it would never be an important thing.

Chen Ze’s heart moved, and then a bowl of pig blood appeared in his hand. Chen Ze planned to make a pig blood Meatballs according to the recipe, practice his hands, and get familiar with the general method of this dish by the way.

However, Chen Ze has no confidence in the quality of the pig blood Meatballs made in this way.

“That’s right, Laura-sama just told me that she was playing a game recently, but there was a doubt in her heart, but I couldn’t answer it.” After Betty finished speaking, Chen Ze put down the pig blood and bowl in his hand. , Turned his head seriously.

Since it’s Laura’s question, Chen Ze still needs to concentrate on answering it, but Chen Ze is a little puzzled, why Laura doesn’t ask him directly, but asks Betty instead.

“Manager…Your attitude is changing a bit quickly…” Betty looked at Chen Ze with emptied eyes. She just saw all Chen Ze’s expression in her eyes.

“Hurry up, Laura rarely asks questions.” Chen Ze urged Betty.

“…That’s it, Laura-sama asked me why the name of the battleship in this World is so strange.” Betty’s words made Chen Ze stunned for a moment. The name of the battleship is strange?

Did Laura accidentally click on the hidden folder of Chen Ze? Inside, Chen Ze remembered that there was a compressed package called Shimakaze Wu Mianlai…

Chen Ze shook his head. What strange things are he thinking? even more how The hidden folder has been deleted by itself.

“Cough cough… the name is strange? I think it’s normal, no problem.” Chen Ze coughed a few times to relieve his embarrassment.

“Huh? But when I heard that name, I thought it was weird.” Betty was very serious. When she first heard the name, she was stunned.

“What’s the name?” Chen Ze asked, curious.

“Laura-sama said, the name of that battleship is called Shock my mother.” Betty put his hands on his chin and looked at Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, which was imitating the commander again.

But Chen Ze also heard Betty’s words, shocked… my mother?

“Huh?” Chen Ze was dumbfounded. He felt that his expression was similar to that of Nick Young’s black question mark.

“Yes, that’s the expression, I’m the same.” Betty suddenly nodded, she just looked confused.

“Wait a minute” Chen Ze waved his hand, he suddenly remembered that he had played such a game before, and it was only after a stalk of fire broke out.

And that game is related to this name, Chen Ze was very impressed.

“Is there another battleship whose name is Shocking My Mom All Years?” Chen Ze asked calmly.

“Yeah, Manager, how did you know?” Betty blinked. Heaven knows how much she wanted to complain when she heard the name.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it’s really that game, but Warship World should be an online game, right?

But Chen Ze didn’t care too much, maybe Laura played when there was internet.

“That is actually a wrong machine translation of the game, it should be corrected.” Chen Ze explained. After all, this stalk is still very popular on the Internet. It also explains from the side how unreliable machine translation is. .

After all, it is quite talented to be able to translate France’s Tier 8 battleship Horror into shocking my mother…

After leaving Betty, who was full of curiosity, Chen Ze began to study his own pork blood meatballs. Then Chen Ze simply tried a pig blood meatballs, and then started baking.

“Bake at 4 times the speed for one day, so that is about 4 days, but I still want those legendary kitchen utensils more convenient.” Chen Ze shook the head, people are easy to be unsatisfied.

Obviously this 4x speed is already very useful, but Chen Ze still wants something better.

“Manager, check out.” Stan wiped his mouth and was satisfied. He had eaten a lot of Parfait. If Undead didn’t have a stomach, his stomach might be a problem.

“Okay.” Chen Ze came out, and Laura was already back to the second floor.

“This is Blazing Sun Mushroom.” Stan took out 3 mushrooms and handed them to Chen Ze.

“This thing is generally used for and so on?” Chen Ze is very curious. After all, he has received a lot of Blazing Sun Mushroom during this period. It seems that he has to find time to study it.

“General? My Chef is used for cooking, cooking alone.” Stan thought for a while, he only remembers this way of eating.

“Okay, welcome to come again next time.” Chen Ze waved at Stan.

After sending Stan away, Chen Ze took a Blazing Sun Mushroom out of the gray Space Stone and placed it on the chopping board.

“Moonlight Mushroom is basically used as a seasoning now, but if this thing is cooked directly, it should not be used as a seasoning.” Chen Ze took out the kitchen knife and cut it lightly. He planned to bake it first. A little taste how it tastes.

But just after it was cut, a very strong light shot from the inside, instantly illuminating the entire kitchen.

“I… I’m special…” Chen Ze rubbed his eyes in pain, just like he was out of the Internet cafe all night and looked directly at the sun.

If it weren’t for the magic array to protect Chen Ze’s eyes in time, Chen Ze would have to consider going to the hospital.

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