My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 436

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“It seems that the names of the people in the foreign world are really simple, whatever the effect is.” Chen Ze took a pair of sunglasses from the second floor and put them on. He planned to deal with this damn Blazing like this Sun Mushroom.

Walking into the kitchen, Chen Ze has the illusion that he is standing under the sun. If it weren’t for the sun’s temperature, Chen Ze would put the Blazing Sun Mushroom away.

Chen Ze walked over, picked up the kitchen knife, and started to cut the Blazing Sun Mushroom, which was let go just before cutting.

As Chen Ze’s knife cut down, a thin piece of Blazing Sun Mushroom was cut off, and the light in the entire restaurant became more dazzling.

“My goodness… If it weren’t for the Manager in it, I would have doubted that this kitchen is the Divine Kingdom of Light God.” Betty squinted and looked at the kitchen, which now looks like the room of the Child of Light.

But at the next moment, the door of the restaurant was pushed open, and then a man walked in. He was wearing a blue hat, but he looked bald.

“What kind of place is this… ghost?” The man looked in the direction of the kitchen in shock. The dazzling light reminded him of the sun lamp he used when he and his younger brother went camping in the suburbs.

“Dear guest~ Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, would you like something to eat?” Betty immediately greeted him.

“Wow~ Is this a restaurant? Then, give me a steak and another glass of Lafite. It’s me who invited you Young Lady.” The man looked demented.

“…Sorry for the guest, there is no Lafite in this store.” Betty replied with a smile, resisting the impulse in his heart.

“Then just come to a bar~” The man walked in, and Betty noticed another problem.

This guest’s dressing taste is very problematic…

Betty feels that she is really unable to bear and wants to complain. Why are there such strange customers?

It’s all about challenging your attitude as a waiter. Isn’t this really what Manager asked to test himself?

Betty was deeply suspicious.

After all, anyone who sees a man wearing a blue shirt, blue three-corner pants, and a blue hat will want to complain.

“Okay, sir, please wait a moment.” Betty pinched his thigh to control the spitting thoughts.

“Manager, a steak and a thunderbolt ale.” Betty walked into the kitchen with a smile, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

“Okay.” Chen Ze’s calm voice came from the dazzling rays of light, which made Betty relieved.

Steak takes a certain amount of time, even more how the customer did not specify how mature steaks he wants, so Chen Ze plans to make Beer Beef the best maturity.

“Guest, this is your Thunderbolt Ale.” Betty walked over with a smile, and then handed a glass of iced Thunderbolt Ale to the guest.

“Thank you, beautiful lady~” The man cast a wink at Betty.

A blue vein on Betty’s hand burst out.

Betty took a deep breath, then stepped aside with a smile, otherwise she was worried that she could not control it.

Immediately after, Betty noticed that the bald man wearing a small blue hat seemed to be trying to come over.

“Guest, do you have any needs?” Betty asked. It’s hard to say that the other party is going to ask the toilet?

“Oh ~ beautiful lady ~ I think…” The man walked over, and then pressed harder, Betty instantly understood that this guy was going to stop himself.

However, it was obvious that the other party’s eyes were dazzled by the dazzling light. He didn’t see the location of the wall clearly, and there was an air wall.

The man fell to the ground in an instant, and Betty looked at him speechlessly, an awkward atmosphere in the restaurant.

But soon, this man suddenly started to do push-ups, and while doing it, he explained to himself, “I do a lot of push-ups every day, this damn biological clock, ah ha ha~”

Betty covered her face, brother, don’t say anything, it’s really embarrassing!

The man stood up, very well, it was natural, he praised his wit.

“Young Lady~Do you want to go to Jiangnan to sing tonight~” The man winked again.

Betty looked at him with a kind smile.

Then the man drew a comb from his three-corner pants, which made Betty very strange, your hair from a bald head?

But then Betty became stupid, because the man in front of him combed his hat with a comb…

“It turns out that your little blue hat is hair! It’s hair! Hair!!!” Betty couldn’t stretch herself completely.

“It’s not hair, it’s Gui.” Chen Ze came out. He had already tasted the Blazing Sun Mushroom. The taste was very good, but it was a bit eye-watering.

“Manager, Manager…” Betty pointed at the guest opposite.

“…” Chen Ze also saw this guest, combined with the other’s clothes and the look of this funny character…

“Mr. Zhao Jun, please don’t harass the waiter in our shop.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, how come this stuff…

Zhao Jun, this character from the funny comic “The Voice of the Mind”, can be said to give Chen Ze a lot of laughter…

“Sorry…” Zhao Jun sighed, sat back, and combed his hair into the little blue hat.

“Manager, this is…” Betty was in pain. This person full of slots is really too terrifying.

“Come in and serve the steak.” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, then went back to the kitchen.

speaking of which Zhao Jun’s luck is also very good, because he came in when Chen Ze was experimenting with new ingredients, so his steak is not an ordinary steak.

Instead, the steak from Blazing Sun Mushroom is added, so the taste of this steak is even more delicious.

In fact, Zhao Jun was stunned when he ate the first bite of steak. He had eaten a lot of steaks, but it was really the first time he had eaten such delicious steaks as this restaurant.

The tender and delicious steak, coupled with the crispy skin of the steak, locks all the gravy inside.

even more how there is a warm smell, which makes Zhao Jun feel a little dizzy, don’t know why, he suddenly thinks of his parents, isn’t this the smell of family affection?

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he just took a look at Zhao Jun, and found that this product was bursting with clothes, suddenly turned into a muscle Stranger, and his height also went up.

“My God…Is the crazy dutiful son mode going to be activated?” Chen Ze unable to bear covered his face, thinking of what Zhao Jun did in the comics, Chen Ze felt that it was true that his parents could live Not easy…

“Oh oh oh! My filial piety is calling me!”

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