My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 437


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Chen Ze suddenly thought of a question, and that is how this filial Captain should pay.

After all, for Zhao Jun, a character from comics, Chen Ze doesn’t think he can give any magical items. Chen Ze has read a lot of comics. Not at all involves items on the mysterious side, so it’s very likely. It is for Chen Ze Won.

“It feels like this continues. Sooner or later, I will gather all the currencies in the world. Maybe when I am old, I can open a currency museum?” Chen Ze shook the head. Give Korean Won to Won. After all, I’m always impossible. Zhao Jun brought out a useful item, which was really difficult.

“Beautiful Young Lady, check out.” Zhao Jun looked towards Betty, then took a wallet out of his briefs.

Betty blinked her eyes. She has no idea why this man’s briefs are so big and can take out so many things. Could it be that they are also a magical world?

“Sir, it’s fifty thousand won in total.” Chen Ze came out and looked at Zhao Jun.

“So cheap? This is the best steak I have ever eaten, Manager.” Zhao Jun readily took out 50,000 won from his wallet and handed it to Chen Ze. He was ready to bleed. After all, the taste of this steak is really great.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Chen Ze laughed, and then looked at Zhao Jun’s briefs, maybe he really made a mistake.

Zhao Jun’s briefs look like something similar to a space storage bag, but Chen Ze is also impossible to tell Zhao Jun, “Guest, you can use your briefs to pay the bill.”

That would be understood as abnormal. Chen Ze doesn’t have such a strange habit.

After sending Zhao Jun away, Chen Ze returned to the restaurant and continued to study his own video. He hadn’t finished watching it just now.

“…What can you do to find out the truth and bring justice to the victim?” Zhu Guangming still remembers, this is what a teacher asked himself after he solved a case.

“All this.” Before Zhu Guangming returned, the Teacher pointed to the photo on his desk, which was the photo of his wife and daughter.

So Zhu Guangming didn’t get married and didn’t want a child, because he knew that his job would always offend some people, and human beings are the most unpredictable creatures in the world.

“Old Partner, what do you think of this problem?” Frank Lizst looked at Zhu Guangming, and smoke filled the room.

“I see with my eyes.” Zhu Guangming rolled the eyes with interrupted memories.

“My girlfriend told me that the leaders of her company are very optimistic about her and plan to let her be the supervisor later.” Frank put down the cigar and slumped on the sofa.

“Do you want to quit?” Zhu Guangming calmly touched the chin, then took a little tobacco out of his arms and rolled it himself.

“What do you think? You and I know that these guys are warning us.” Frank took out the lighter in his arms and threw it to his old friend.

The sound of “pa ta” lighter, followed by Zhu Guangming’s comfortable breathing.

“Your girlfriend will definitely be the supervisor after they confirm that there is no problem, but if we keep it under control, your girlfriend is likely to be fired, and in extreme cases may be kidnapped.” Zhu Guangming vomited The smoke ring, and then just watch the smoke ring dissipate in the air.

“I know.” Frank clenched his fists.

For justice! What a vocabulary that makes people excited, but how big is the price behind justice, and how many people can afford it.

“Quit you, for Jenny, and for your future child.” Zhu Guangming shrank on the sofa, smoky under the dim light.

“…someone has to come forward, Old Partner.” Hearing Jenny and his child, Frank obviously hesitated for a while.

“The iron barrels in the ocean in Los Angeles are not all cement.” Zhu Guangming glanced at his old friend.

“…” Frank clutched his head in pain. He knew that what Zhu Guangming said was not wrong. If he continues to investigate, he will be exposed sooner or later. This is to use his family as a bet. The bet is too big and he bears it. Sorry.

“I hope I can come to eat Mapo Tofu with you in the future, man.” Frank stood up.

“That’s natural, this trouble is nothing.” Zhu Guangming nodded, and then watched his Old Friend leave his office.

“Justice…” Zhu Guangming was lying on the sofa. The computer in front of him was full of materials. He was looking for the diary that Epstein had hidden. Just looking for this thing, those great character crimes would be caught by the public. As I know, and only in this way, those children who are caught to satisfy their cravings can sleep peacefully in the middle of the night.

“But with that said, I want to eat Mapo Tofu too.” Zhu Guangming looked towards the office’s bookshelf. Behind the bookshelf, a wooden door is slowly taking shape, appearing in the air.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, distinguished guest~” opened the door and walked in. The demon waiter who came up looked at him with a gentle smile, which made Zhu Guangming suddenly feel very comfortable. The sense of coldness in the office has also disappeared a lot.

“Can you give me a Mapo Tofu, and a bowl of rice, and finally Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork?” Zhu Guangming found a place and sat down.

“Yes, guest, is this your book, right?” Chen Ze came out of the kitchen, and he still had a book in his hand, “Basic Deduction”.

“It turned out to be here, thank you, Manager. I really didn’t expect it to be here.” Zhu Guangming laughed, then took it and put it on the table.

Chen Ze nodded, and then went back to the kitchen. Originally, he just came to give this guest the item that was lost last time, and now he can cook slowly in the kitchen.

The two dishes that Zhu Guangming wanted, Chen Ze first cooked Magical Mapo Tofu. After all, Chen Ze has cooked this dish many times, so Chen Ze also has some experience, but Chen Ze is more entangled in Twice Cooked Pork’s approach.

Twice Cooked Pork is not difficult to make, but Chen Ze hasn’t really made Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork yet, but as long as there is a recipe, Chen Ze can study it slowly.

Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork, the method is not complicated, at least Chen Ze will know what to do after looking at it, but Chen Ze is rather regretful, the best pork for Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork is not currently on the market. The white pig pork sold on the website is the local Chinese pig in Sichuan, but there are very few such pigs, and Chen Ze has not bought it on the Internet.

“Forget it, let’s cook first.” Chen Ze shook the head.

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