My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 439


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Chen Ze looked at Shinichi Kudo with interest, and didn’t know what choice this guy would make in this situation.

However, Chen Ze thinks that Conan is likely to try to get some information from them. After all, every time Conan faces the black clothed organization, I look like I am super brave, and then I get scared by the gin and sweat. .

But I have to say that the main-line villain character of Gin is still very successful. The only few confrontations have shown the cruelty and high intelligence of the members of this organization.

Especially the time Conan hid in the locker, if Gin hadn’t watched the surveillance, or the screenwriter hadn’t let him go, Conan might have come to the Grand Finale.

It’s just that when the time comes, you may become a famous detective Yusaku Kudo. After all, Conan’s dad is a novelist, and his reasoning ability is not low, plus he is proficient in ghost makeup Kudo Yukiko, this lineup can be said to be terrifying.

“But Conan It shouldn’t be dead, right?” Chen Ze looked at Betty. The waiter was recommending dishes for the gin.

“Manager Uncle~I want to ask about the question about curry~” Conan came in with a chuckle of milk and said loudly, just like a normal Brat.

“Okay, you can ask.” Chen Ze glanced at Conan, this guy is going to do something with a moth.

“Yeah, that curry manager usually puts something~” Conan is very cautious, it seems that the last encounter when he was driven to a dead end made him less brave now.

Conan not at all asked his own question directly, instead he wrote a piece of paper to Chen Ze, and blinked at Chen Ze with an expression that you understand.

“…I know what a fart!” Chen Ze especially wanted to complain. Although he has a magical skill like Arcane Wisdom, it does not mean that Chen Ze can understand Japanese.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, but he answered Conan’s question first, and before Conan could ask again, Chen Ze waved his hand and looked at him speechlessly.

“Shinichi Kudo, what on earth are you going to do?” Chen Ze said loudly, loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear.

“Hey! You are crazy!” Conan jumped up all of a sudden. If he couldn’t stop him, Chen Ze thought Conan might use a football to stuff his mouth.

Conan quickly looked towards the restaurant, hoping that Chen Ze’s voice was not heard by the gin.

“duang~” very clear voice.

“Huh?” Conan touched the air in front of him dazedly. It stands to reason that there is nothing here, after all, he just came in through the door.

But now Conan touched something like a wall, which made Conan stunned.

“Don’t touch and don’t ask. Asking is magic. Now we can’t hear our voices outside.” Chen Ze laughed. Although he wanted to see Conan’s Grand Finale as soon as possible, it would be better to watch manga and anime.

“This…” Conan was still in a daze. For a moment, he had doubts about his world view.

“What’s the matter? Great Detective~” Chen Ze looked at Conan playfully. He found that he seemed to like seeing Conan’s awkward expression, which was very interesting.

“So… so you are also a magical girl…” Conan blinked.

“…Enough of you!” Chen Ze has an immediate charge ahead, then grabs Conan and Ai to tell Gin their true identity.

Although Gin would rather kill a thousand by mistake instead of letting go of one character, Conan and Ai would definitely be cool, but in this way, Gin would definitely doubt himself.

“Wow! Ai, you look so good!” Ayumi looked at Ai who lifts the head in surprise.

“Big brother, that girl seems to be Yui Aragaki!” Vodka also looked at the little girl in surprise.

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