My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 440


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“It’s a bit like it, but if you look carefully, you know it’s not.” Gin glanced at the little girl, and then didn’t look at it. He was drinking the Thunderbolt Ale in his hand intently.

I have to say that the waiter who was wearing the cos suit just now recommended the wine very well, the taste is very good, and there is no other problem.

I was satisfied with the gin, I couldn’t help but finished it in one sip, and then ordered another thunderbolt Ale.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen, put Kabayaki rice on the counter, and then called Betty in and asked her to carry it out.

“Let me see… Vodka wants Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice, and a Fried Dumpling, plus a hot spring egg.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, the first two are not at all difficult , It’s just hot spring eggs…

Chen Ze knows this thing naturally. It was first said to be boiled from a hot spring, so it was named hot spring egg, but it is very different from ordinary boiled eggs.

Ordinary boiled eggs are completely cooked with the egg white and yolk, while hot spring eggs are slightly coagulated, and the egg white has not yet coagulated.

As for the taste…Chen Ze can only say that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom. Anyway, Chen Ze doesn’t like it very much. If you want to eat it, Chen Ze will choose to eat poached eggs. It is better to make the poached eggs a bit crispy Kind.

“I remember, the hot spring egg is to control the water temperature, the best temperature is between 60 degrees and 70 degrees.” Chen Ze looked at the kitchen pot, still very confident, after all, his temperature sensitivity It has been improved.

In addition, Yukihira Jōichirō also taught herself something about temperature, so Chen Ze felt that he could make a hot spring egg without a kitchen thermometer.

Chen Ze started to boil water, and then processed Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice and Fried Dumpling at the same time.

Fried Dumpling will definitely be eaten as a side dish, but Chen Ze also knows how much Japanese people like to eat dumplings, so he doesn’t care.

In a short while, Chen Ze made the two cuisines, and at the same time took out the hot spring egg, knocked it into a small dish, and poured some Japanese soy sauce into it.

“Then the next step is the gin. Excluding the natto, then it is the curry chicken rice with Mapo Tofu and a bowl of Miso Soup.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, which is not difficult.

“This thing… seems to be delicious…” Vodka looked at the Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice in front of him, and couldn’t help but swallowed saliva and said. When the bowl of rice was brought in front of him, his saliva began to be out of control Secreted.

“Weird color, good smell.” Gin glanced at Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice, and then continued to drink his thunderbolt Ale.

“I started!” Vodka picked up the chopsticks, put Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice into her mouth, and then couldn’t help being snorted in the next second.

“Hey, what are you doing.” The gin is getting goose bumps.

“It’s delicious! Big brother! I’ve never had such delicious Chestnut Rice!” Vodka looked excited, the taste of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice was beyond imagination.

Conan glanced aside, wondering how to put the bug on the gin.

And Ai has been dragged by Ayumi to whisper. According to Ayumi, this is a secret between girls.

“…Ai classmate is really getting more and more beautiful~” Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya looked like a pig brother.

“It really looks like a big star!” George Kojima was also very surprised, even the Unadon in his hand was eating slowly.

“Oh…I’m so stupid.” Conan shook the head, and ate another spoonful of curry rice.

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