My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 441


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“Ah!” Ayumi’s scream pierced the tranquility of the restaurant, and it also made Chen Ze unable to bear cover his ears. This voice was even more unbearable than the harshest noise. If you don’t know Chen Ze would think this is Banshee wailing in World of Warcraft.

“Manager!” Conan was anxious. He really didn’t expect the gin to shoot so directly, he wouldn’t give it a chance.

“Ah, I’m fine, but guest, your temper is not good, besides, our restaurant doesn’t accept this kind of payment method.” Chen Ze stood steady, he was a little helpless, although he knew Yiqin Jiu’s temper and handling style are likely to do strange things, but didn’t expect will shoot directly.

“Oh? Sorry, this is just a small experiment, nothing more.” Gin looked at the scene in front of him, also quite surprised.

“This…” Ai, who has turned into a star’s face, looked at the purple barrier in front of him in surprise. This thing appeared abruptly, and then blocked the bullet of the gin.

For the first time, Ai’s eyes are no longer the fear of the organization, but the curiosity of the scientist. If Gin and Vodka were not present, she would have to rush to the impossible to bear, and then look at this magical barrier What scientific principle is it based on?

“Then guest, since you have finished the experiment, should you also settle your meal expenses? We don’t accept credit.” Chen Ze laughed, not caring.

In fact, after having the magic array, Chen Ze is less afraid of these big villains. What are you kidding? Even Hastur’s attack can’t hurt Chen Ze, and Chen Ze is fearless.

“…Then there is probably only this thing on my body that can be called an interesting item, for you.” Gin took a look at Chen Ze, and then took out an iron box from his arms. After opening it, Inside are capsules, red and white.

Conan’s pupils shrank, and he held the chair tightly. This thing… isn’t this thing the medicine that Ai told himself that the organization developed?

Ai also looked towards the red and white capsule. She silently looked at the potion that she had previously contributed a lot of time and energy to-APTX4869. Although I don’t know if there is any new development in this potion, if If you can get this potion, then you should have a way to put out the antidote to this potion, so that you might be able to change back to your original self.

Chen Ze took this potion. As someone who recently reviewed Conan, Chen Ze certainly knows what the hell the potion in front of him is, and also understands how tempting this thing is for Conan and Ai.

But this potion is the secret weapon of the black clothed organization, so Chen Ze really didn’t expect Gin to take this thing out for himself.

“What’s the use of this thing?” Chen Ze still has to ask about it, and by the way, make sure this thing is indeed what he thinks.

“Poison, as long as you let that person eat it, then he will die, and after death, the toxin is degraded into a branch and cannot be detected.” Gin explained patiently, then looked at Chen Ze and waited With his answer.

“Okay, although it’s a bit far from the interesting items, it seems you really have nothing else.” Chen Ze put away the APTX4869.

“.. We will meet again next time.” Gin glanced at Chen Ze, and then went out with Vodka.

“Mr. Manager!” Conan rushed up almost impatiently, his eyes directly told Chen Ze how much he was eager to get the poison in Chen Ze’s hand.

“Little Conan, about the curry you asked, you come to the kitchen and I will tell you.” Chen Ze rubbed Conan’s head with a smile, and then led him into the kitchen.

“Eh, Ayumi, do you know?” Ai suddenly became playful. She looked at Ayumi and spoke leisurely.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is it, classmate?” Ayumi turned her head and looked at Ai suspiciously.

“Yeah, there are some men in the world. They don’t like women. On the contrary, they love Xiaozheng Tai like Conan very much. They often take them to some hidden corners to watch goldfish and so on…” Ai slowly said Then, Ayumi’s expression became very frightened.

“But Mr. Manager is definitely not such a person.” Looking at the horrified Ayumi, Ai smiled happily, and then immediately added a sentence. Otherwise, let these little children in, I am afraid it will affect Conan and Manager to request APTX4869.

“Really, classmate Ai, you are too bad.” Ayumi was only relaxed and knew that he was being molested.

“Sorry, I can’t give it to you, Conan.” Chen Ze refused Conan’s request with a smile.

“But this potion is really important to me. You also know that I took tissue medicine to make me smaller. Only when I get this potion can I…” Conan explained anxiously. He was really very Need this poison.

“You can? You can go to confront the people of the black clothed organization and uncover their crimes? But have you collected any evidence? Children are not easy to make others suspicious, but even so? “Chen Ze still rejected Conan.

I don’t even look at the anime. It’s already over a thousand words, but as for the main line of the black clothed organization, Conan is just like those who say that if you can’t get in, you really can’t get in. No.

In the end, Chen Ze only accepted one of Conan’s straps, which is the magical strap he often used to perform Ke Xue.

“Betty, it’s almost ready for dinner.” Chen Ze checked the time, and it was almost time for dinner.

Next, you just need to call Laura down, then you can start preparing for today’s dinner.

“Conan, why didn’t Mr. Manager give you the medicine?” Ai looked at Conan strangely. If he didn’t know the character of this great detective, otherwise Ai would think it was Conan who offended Chen Ze.

“He didn’t want to give it to me. I think what he said is quite reasonable. I don’t know much about the people in the organization. Even if I change back, it won’t work.” Conan was very depressed. He suddenly realized that he did. He has been solving the case, but for that organization, he really does not have any vital evidence.

Because of his head down, Conan didn’t see Ai winking wildly at him.

“Change back? Conan-san, can you tell me what the hell are you talking about?” Suddenly a female voice came out from behind, scaring Conan a shivered.

Conan turned his head stiffly, and saw Rachel smiling ‘kindly’ looking at him.

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