My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 442


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Chen Ze pestle his chin. He is thinking about Blazing Sun Mushroom. After all, Chen Ze did some experiments today, and the curry made with Blazing Sun Mushroom tastes better than ordinary curry. There are a lot of them, and they will always taste like the sun.

“My dear, what are you thinking?” Laura hugged Chen Ze from behind, and curiously put her little head on Chen Ze’s shoulder.

“Laura, I’m thinking about what kind of dishes this Blazing Sun Mushroom should be used to make than relatively better.” Chen Ze smiled and rubbed Laura’s cheek. He is now thinking whether he can use Blazing Sun Mushroom to improve Some new dishes.

“I’m sleepy.” Laura kissed Chen Ze softly, and then yawned.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh? Let’s go to sleep.” Chen Ze glanced at the phone and spent a long time unconsciously thinking about things for a long time. No wonder Betty has left and the restaurant door is locked. It is probably from Laura.

“Yes, then let’s go to sleep.” Chen Ze stretched out and worked for a day, and he was really tired.

In the morning of 2nd day, Chen Ze rubbed his waist. Don’t get me wrong. What happened to children was not at all last night.

“I really didn’t expect that Laura’s sleeping posture is so bad. Is she hiding before?” Chen Ze was very painful. After all, he was kicked while falling asleep. It was not a pleasant experience. .

“Forget it, it’s his girlfriend after all.” Chen Ze laughed, that’s all.

Walking downstairs, Chen Ze has an idea in his mind, but before practicing this idea related to Blazing Sun Mushroom, Chen Ze has to check how his paper is doing, and then by the way Take the paper and make a Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken.

Went to the basement and picked up the paper. It was dry and turned into a relatively rough piece of paper, but it still smelled quite fragrant, with the smell of spices, which was also related to the way the paper was done.

“It smells good, but I just don’t know what the effect is if it is used to make Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken?” Chen Ze is very satisfied. The flexibility of this paper is also good. When the Fried Chicken is not present, The problem of all the paper becoming fragments.

Chen Ze took the paper and walked up. Laura was still sleeping. I don’t know why. Laura’s sleep time has become very long during this period. Ask Laura for herself, she just blushed and stepped on her foot. , Life and death refused to say the reason.

Chen Ze vaguely thinks that it may be related to this thing about his aunt, but he is really not very good at asking in detail.

“Let me think.. What is the recipe for Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken…” Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and began to restore the lost dish as he remembered.

After a while, the kitchen was filled with a very good smell, which made Chen Ze couldn’t help but lick his lips. After all, he hadn’t had breakfast yet. Now it seems that this Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken can be served at a state banquet. It still makes sense.

[You have barely made something that can be called Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, Lost Cuisine’s production experience has increased by 3 points]

[You worked out the general method of Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken based on the help of others, and rewarded Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken with a recipe]

“That’s it?” Chen Ze was very disappointed. The reward given by this system was quite different from the reward given last time. At least he didn’t have the 500-point Lost Cuisine production experience.

However, Chen Ze was instantly attracted by the Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken recipe, and then he immediately understood why this Fried Chicken was a reluctant evaluation.

“I lacked this for a long time. No wonder it was made with grapefruit peel. Although it is not made directly with grapefruit peel, it is necessary to use the fragrance of grapefruit peel to enhance the flavor of the whole Fried Chicken. By the way, it neutralizes Fried Chicken. Chicken’s greasy feeling.” Chen Ze looking thoughtful.

It seems that the help of the omniscient and almighty is not very good. At least it will affect your evaluation, but you can still get the recipe, which is also a surprise.

“All China’s that many lost dishes, as long as you ask yourself one by one, even if you don’t get experience, but just rely on the recipe, I think it can be a try.” Chen Ze hammered Xin, this is indeed the case. As long as he can get the lost recipes, even if he has no experience, Chen Ze feels that he has earned his blood.

Chen Ze picked up his own warehouse, and then took out all the materials needed for Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken from it. He planned to make a Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken according to the recipe given by the system and taste the real Paper Wrapped Fried. How does the chicken taste?

Laura got up from the bed. In fact, she refused. After all, the weather is so cold and Laura is adjusting her state recently, so she wants to lie in bed and sleep late, but this smells very good The smell is so fragrant, the greedy worms in Laura’s stomach screamed.

“My dear, what are you doing?” Laura walked into the kitchen and saw Chen Ze taking out a wad of paper from the pot.

“Huh? Laura, are you awake? I am making Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken. Would you like to try it?” Chen Ze also gave Laura a surprised look, and then put the ball of paper on the large plate.

[You made a perfect Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken, and Lost Cuisine’s production experience has increased by 15 points]

Perfect evaluation. Chen Ze has been very calm in this evaluation. After all, he is a man who has undergone special training. In addition, the recipe of Paper Wrapped Fried Chicken is already close to perfection.

Laura was immediately nodded. She was hungry just now, and when she walked here, the strong fragrance was even more attractive.

Chen Ze picked up the chopsticks and peeled away the hard-fried paper, revealing the chicken inside.

The golden chicken exudes a strong scent of spice and a hint of grapefruit fragrance. Laura washed her hands with magical energy and tidyed up her personal hygiene by the way, and then extended the hand, light Lightly tore a chicken leg down.

Looking at the golden chicken in front of her eyes, Laura licked her lips with her little tongue before taking a bite.

“Hmm~” Laura closed her eyes satisfied. Although this chicken was fried, it melts in the mouth and it doesn’t feel very greasy, but it feels unusually delicious.

The strong spice flavor entering the mouth does not strongly stimulate the taste buds. On the contrary, it makes Laura have a feeling that the more he eats, the more he wants to eat. I only feel that these spices and chicken fuse together perfectly, enhancing each other’s deliciousness.

Chen Ze also tore a chicken wing. Compared to eating chicken legs, Chen Ze feels that the chicken wing version will taste better.

“hu ~ No wonder Tang Bohu says grilled chicken wings. I love it the most. This Fried Chicken tastes really good.” Chen Ze licked his fingers. It seems that it is time to put this dish on the menu and conquer The taste buds of those guests.

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