My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 523


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How much treasure a giant dragon has is a very difficult question to explore. Like the cat abuser Schrödinger, the treasure of a giant dragon is in a type that can only be confirmed after observation.

Some giant dragons are rich and rival nations, while some giant dragons may have to cut meat to pay off their debts. However, Hastur thinks this Red Dragon, called a disaster, is quite rich and can at least let him expand Hope City. Renovate again, but the basic facilities and other buildings, Hastur not at all, choose to let the city develop by itself.

“Betty, you remember to come over and take out the Mango Mousse and other dishes.” Chen Ze looked at his warehouse stone. There are still one or two hundred Mango Mousse inside. Send a little more and it will be finished sooner or later.

“Okay, Manager.” Betty walked in very frustrated, and looked at Chen Ze corner of mouth twitching.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chen Ze looked at Betty suspiciously. Could this guy play the game secretly again?

“It’s okay, it just feels like people and people… ah no, there is a big difference between demons and gods…” Betty rubbed his face, cheering himself up a little.

“It’s a bit big. Come in for dinner later.” Chen Ze yawned. After receiving Hastur, he can almost go to bed. By the way, I have to ask Laura, what the hell is that magical ingredient.

When Betty went out to serve dishes, Chen Ze began to think about what he would eat tonight. Although Chen Ze would have a lot of dishes, he would get a little tired of eating the same dishes every day, so Chen Ze planned to change them every day. Cook and eat in a pattern.

“Let me see…this is… small intestine roll? It feels a bit curious, but I should still try it.” Chen Ze suddenly turned to a recipe that looked very unique and interesting.

“The local dishes from southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang… Pig small intestines… I really don’t have this thing. I will go out and buy some back later.” Chen Ze looked at the specific production method. The method of this small intestine roll is quite unique. Use chopsticks to roll the pig small intestine back and forth into two-finger thickness, blanch it, and then braise or stew it in brown sauce.

Chen Ze thinks this dish is very suitable for him, because Chen Ze has a pot of Brine, and it is still the old Brine, but he still needs to buy some ingredients by himself.

“Hastur, eat slowly, I’ll go out.” Chen Ze picked up an umbrella. Before Hastur came in, Chen Ze realized it was raining.

“Well, but if you go out… forget it, it’s nothing.” Hastur tilted his head and looked at Chen Ze, with inexplicable rays of light shining in his big eyes.

Chen Ze frowns, really shining!

“I said, why are your eyes glowing?” Chen Ze lowered his head, the light was almost blinding his titanium dog eyes.

“Huh? Don’t you often say that your eyes shine, so I think everyone knows it, so I tried it.” Hastur was stunned, and then put away the rays of light in his eyes.

“Big brother, others are just an adjective, okay…” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, and then walked out.

“tsk tsk tsk, Manager really doesn’t understand cracking a joke.” Hastur shook the head with a smile, and then began to eat his own dishes.

Betty is standing aside. She rarely takes the initiative to watch other guests eat, especially Hastur and Nyarlathotep, the two hosts. I don’t know why. These two guests sometimes can’t sustain themselves while eating. The illusory form of, then revealed a body that could not be seen directly.

Betty once accidentally took a look, and then was immediately protected by the magic array, which can be said to be very terrifying.

While Chen Ze is holding an umbrella and walking slowly on the streets of Riyue City, because today is Saturday, coupled with heavy rain, there are not many people on the street. Chen Ze likes to enjoy the atmosphere.

“By the way, my black-rimmed glasses.” Chen Ze put on the glasses that Team Rockets gave him.

Then Chen Ze bought the pig small intestines he wanted, and after buying some missing ingredients, Chen Ze returned to his restaurant.

Just back to the restaurant, Chen Ze saw Hastur already not in the restaurant.

“Where is Hastur? He’s gone?” Chen Ze glanced suspiciously, and he was indeed not in the dining room.

“Master Hastur is in the kitchen, and he said he wants to try to make the dishes.” Betty stalled, and she found that as long as Chen Ze was not in the restaurant, Hastur had let herself go.

“Huh? Hastur is going to cook?” Chen Ze couldn’t help but dig his ears. He wondered if he had auditory hallucinations.

“Well, just went in for a few minutes.” Betty nodded.

Chen Ze rushed into the kitchen and saw Hastur was holding a kitchen knife, but he did not raise anything.

“Hastur, what are you doing?” Chen Ze was a bit speechless. Fortunately, the restaurant is still a Recognizing Master, and outsiders cannot use the kitchen utensils in the restaurant.

“Cooking, I want to try my own cooking skills, but it seems I can’t try it at the moment.” Hastur shook the head, he just wanted to drill a hole, but he hasn’t tried yet, Chen Ze Just came back.

“Try it, I just happen to do something else.” Chen Ze sensed the magic array, then gave Hastur a permission and put some ingredients beside him.

“en?” Hastur looked thoughtful at the kitchen knife being picked up.

Chen Ze was very focused. Although he failed the first time, Chen Ze did it well the second time, but Chen Ze also smelled a very strange smell.

“What’s this smell?” Chen Ze turned his head in confusion, then saw Hastur pouring something.

“What did you do?” Chen Ze took a curious look, and then saw a piece of charcoal, or something very similar to charcoal.

“Sweet potato, this person’s memory is problematic. In her memory, she did this sweet potato. I did it, and it turned out like this.” Hastur was calm, and then he gave him the ingredients from the side Chen Ze Inside, took a sweet potato out.

“…” Chen Ze is a bit speechless. I am afraid that this memory is not a dark Cuisine master. Sweet potatoes are made of charcoal, so can I drink the cake-flavored pork rib soup later?

“If you can’t make it, you can cook it. Sweet potatoes generally taste good as long as they are cooked.” Chen Ze sighed, this behavior is simply reckless waste of natural resources, sweet potatoes are crying inside.

“Forget it, I gave up, I paid for the meal.” Hastur waved his hand. He felt that he had to find a Chef’s memory to read it, otherwise it would be a bit embarrassing.

“Okay, next time you come, I will make you a dragon meat dinner.” Chen Ze ordered nodded, and then threw his rolled pig small intestines into the Brine pot by the way.

It’s time to close.

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