My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 525


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“I think.. You still consider it to be relatively better.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, when the time comes If any misunderstanding arises, then it will be a big trouble. If the other party does not control himself for a while, then Chen Ze thinks that he might only be able to learn culinary skills from Yukihira Soma.

“Ara Ara, it’s okay. Don’t worry too much. I still know it. The smell of heather is very troublesome, but I think maybe we can use a special recipe to improve its suffocating taste. A little bit.” Yukihira Jōichirō waved his hand indifferently, what a joke, the dark cuisine he had done back then was unknown, a trifling heather, it was nothing.

“Ah… okay, so what are we learning today?” Chen Ze sighed in his heart, hoping that the teacher with Loli face would not be too miserable. He had persuaded Yukihira Jōichirō, but it was clear that the other party did not intend to be human .

“Today… I’ll teach you the special cuisine and techniques of Western and other places. Of course, the dishes in these places often need to be matched with corresponding seasonings or local ingredients before they can be made, you remember Buy some yourself.” Yukihira Jōichirō remembered his previous travel experiences around the world. I have to say that he finds these experiences very useful, and only comprehending can broaden his horizons and inspiration when cooking.

“Okay, please dictate it later, I’ll also record it here.” Chen Ze clicked nodded. Chen Ze himself is still looking forward to learning these magical cuisine techniques. After all, Chen Ze has a time issue. , It’s basically impossible to travel, and the recent epidemics are happening all over the world, so Chen Ze feels that staying is better than relatively.

However, Chen Ze himself is still very happy to know the famous foreign dishes from Yukihira Jōichirō, but he has to buy some needed things on the Internet. Otherwise, it would be a very troublesome thing if there is no seasoning. Up.

“Okay, then today’s learning will begin.” Once he started cooking, Yukihira Jōichirō was a little serious, but also a little serious.

Then Chen Ze felt his scalp numb. Chen Ze knew that even in the desert area, there are local special dishes. Although the taste is unknown, at least the unique spices are used and unique. Chen Ze’s cooking methods all give Chen Ze a sense of bliss, and he even feels that he can improve some dishes.

After Yukihira Jōichirō left, Chen Ze also learned from six o’clock to nine o’clock in the morning, and it was almost time for opening.

“But what about Betty?” Chen Ze frowns, although he did not strictly require Betty to come, but it was not at nine o’clock, it was a bit abnormal. Usually Betty came to the restaurant around 8:30 in the morning Up.

After all, changing clothes and taking a shower takes some time.

Chen Ze didn’t think too much, anyway, as long as there was nothing serious, Betty would always come. Besides, I asked Rissel to take care of Betty. There should be nothing wrong.

Then Chen Ze took out the beef. He planned to make himself an early meal, but it was not Lanzhou beef noodles, but big crisp beef noodles.

The basic method of making big crisp beef noodles is similar to that of Lanzhou beef noodles. It requires chewy noodles, but soft noodles do not have any advantage. However, there are some subtle differences in beef, that is, the beef of big crisp beef noodles. Generally, it is required to be cooked more softly, and it is required to be more delicious, and it is a large piece, not a piece. A good bowl of large crisp beef noodles, beef, noodles, and soup should not cause problems.

Beef and noodles are a good solution. After all, Chen Ze is someone who has cooked Lanzhou beef noodles, so he knows how to deal with these things. The key is this beef soup, which is a little troublesome.

“It seems that I have to prepare a new pot. If there is no new pot, then the beef soup will not be easy to handle…” Chen Ze touch the chin, he now only has a permanent soup pot in the kitchen. It is the Brine pot. Every day Chen Ze will add water and some brine to it.

But the time required for the Brine pot to be quadruple speed has passed. Now Chen Ze does not need quadruple speed, this is a great old Brine pot.

But beef soup is different. Beef soup is generally recommended to be cooked and eaten. Of course, some stores have old pots, but Chen Ze doesn’t feel that he often needs Old Ox broth for cooking, after all, except for beef dishes. , Other dishes are not needed.

In the end, Chen Ze decided to make a beef soup directly, and then make it into an old soup. After all, it can keep improving, so why do it?

But in this case, Chen Ze needs to buy some beef bones, but now there is only Laura in the restaurant besides himself. In case he goes out by himself, then the thief and so on come in…

Chen Ze is not worried about the loss of the restaurant, let alone Laura, he is more worried about whether the thief will die.

“It’s half past nine, Betty, what is it for?” Chen Ze was a little unhappy.

“Mr. Manager, Miss Betty, it’s a black tea, plus a steak and pasta.” Before Chen Ze went up to ask Laura, the door was pushed open, and then Chen Ze saw Moriarty go away Come in.

“Professor Moriarty, wait a minute, I’ll pour you a glass of water first.” Chen Ze opened the refrigerator, poured a glass of lemonade out of it, and took it out.

“Miss Betty isn’t going to work today?” Moriarty looked all around and put down his cane.

“I don’t know, Betty hasn’t come today. I’m also wondering about this problem.” Chen Ze shrugged, then planned to go back to the kitchen and make the dishes Moriarty needs.

“By the way, Manager, please take this thing away.” Moriarty remembered something, took out a small bag from his pocket and handed it to Chen Ze.

“This is?” Chen Ze was a little confused. This is an opaque paper bag, but the weight is very light.

“Tea, I personally think the best tea in London recently. I wanted to share it with the Manager, so I brought it.” Moriarty laughed. He likes tea, but he doesn’t choose the most expensive tea. Your favorite tea, even if the price may not be as expensive as those expensive teas.

“Okay, thank you, I will make a pot later.” Chen Ze is very happy. Later, he may drink some tea by the way and chat with Moriarty.

The premise is not at all other guests come in, otherwise Chen Ze will not have time to drink tea.

“You will love it.” Moriarty clicked nodded, and then went on looking at his newspaper.

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