My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 526


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Spaghetti, Chen Ze has naturally heard of this thing. After all, this cuisine can be said to have some popularity in China, which makes people always feel as famous as Pizza and so on.

The reason why it is called cuisine is because there are many ways to make pasta. Although the ingredients are different in nature, the names are also different.

“Make a spaghetti with tomato and beef sauce, after all, this is still very simple to make.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, he had already figured out what to do.

The method of pasta is actually very simple. For Chef like Chen Ze, it is not difficult at all, so Chen Ze will make it in a short while, and then take out the Beer Beef. Start preparing to grill the steak.

After Moriarty’s dishes were all prepared, Chen Ze glanced at the phone. It was ten o’clock, but Betty still hadn’t come, which made Chen Ze frowned. He didn’t think Betty would run away. After all, Necessary, but it shouldn’t be sick. If Betty is sick, she will definitely come in and ask Laura to help her take a bite.

So the question is, what is this Succubus doing? Why haven’t you come yet?

Chen Ze shook the head, when Laura comes down at noon, and if Betty still hasn’t come, let Laura go and have a look.

“Mr. Moriarty, I have been waiting for a long time.” Chen Ze walked out with the dinner plate, and put the steak and pasta on the table.

Moriarty put down the newspaper in his hand, nodded with a smile, but Chen Ze noticed that there was a photo in the newspaper that Moriarty read.

It’s not surprising that there are photos. After all, in the London of Moriarty’s time, the camera is not a novelty. The only difference is that this photo shows a corpse and the method of death is very familiar. Chen Ze always feels where he has met.

“Manager, are you interested in this?” Moriarty looked at Chen Ze, then read his newspaper.

“Fortunately, it’s a little bit.” Chen Ze clicked nodded. He is really interested, but his English is not very good, which is a bit troublesome.

“This is Jack the Ripper’s work. That guy is out of control.” Moriarty laughed, knocking on his pipe indifferently.

But Moriarty knocked the ash into the bag he carried with him. After all, Chen Ze’s restaurant does not provide ashtrays.

“Jack the Ripper?” Chen Ze was stunned, and then walked into the kitchen with a smile. With this guy in, then Holmes wouldn’t be too boring, right?

Moriarty picked up the knife and fork, then cut open the steak, put it in his mouth, and ordered nodded with satisfaction. This steak is tender and delicious, and the taste is very good, Moriarty likes it very much.

Chen Ze made a pot of tea. The tea was made of tea provided by Moriarty. It smelled quite good, with a delicate fragrance, which made Chen Ze who doesn’t drink much tea feel a little interested.

When Chen Ze went out, Moriarty had finished his steak and pasta. He was drinking tea there slowly, and then reading his newspaper. Chen Ze really didn’t understand why Moriarty liked to read newspapers so much. So a few.

Then Chen Ze suddenly remembered one of his hobby hobby, maybe I can recommend it to Moriarty? I just don’t know if Moriarty will like this type of work.

Chen Ze put the teapot on the table, then put the tableware away, then took out his mobile phone, opened it and looked at it, put out a long breath.

Although the network is down, Chen Ze has paid to read a lot of novels before, so Chen Ze’s mobile phone can still be viewed offline.

“Let me see… what do you show Moriarty?” Chen Ze looked at his bookshelf, lost in thought, and then hesitated for a moment before opening an old classic book.

“Professor Moriarty, do you want to take a look at this thing?” Chen Ze walked over with a smile, laughing wildly in his heart. China’s web text has completed its cultural output, and many foreigners like it very much. Look, I just don’t know if Moriarty can watch it.

“This…this is Chinese characters? The magical characters in the East, but…I don’t know some characters, so forget it.” Moriarty shook the head.

Chen Ze realized that he had forgotten a problem, that is, Moriarty does not seem to know simplified characters. It seems that Chen Ze needs to wait for the next time to find English Novel Network, and then he can recommend the article to Moriarty.

“I think you will definitely like it, although if you watch a few more kinds, it will be a little greasy.” Chen Ze poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and found that the taste was really good.

“Oh? Why?” Moriarty also poured himself a glass. He had already put down the newspaper. After all, it seemed impolite to talk to others while reading the newspaper.

“Because, some novels have very consistent routines. The protagonist reaches the full level in one place, then changes the map, and upgrades from the beginning, endlessly looping.” Chen Ze laughed, that type of novel is just starting to read, and it’s pretty good Yes, it didn’t work anymore.

“Show me when the time comes.” Moriarty clicked nodded, and then started chatting with Chen Ze.

Chen Ze was surprised to find that Moriarty seemed to have devoted himself to cooking. He talked about some cooking techniques, and he could also debate the question of what sugar is appropriate for a cup of coffee.

“Uncle.. have you seen my father?” The door was pushed open, and the wind bell interrupted the conversation between Chen Ze and Moriarty.

Chen Ze heard the reputation, and then saw a little girl wearing a white dress, looking at him nervously, and holding the door frame with both hands, there was something wrong with the meaning of running away.

“Your father? What’s your father’s name? Do you have a photo?” Chen Ze’s first reaction was that which heartless man came to his restaurant for dinner, was discovered by the illegitimate daughter, and followed.

Chen Ze took a subconsciously look at Moriarty, and he certainly didn’t have a child, so could it be Professor Moriarty?

“It’s not mine. Also, this child was here yesterday.” Moriarty drank his tea slowly, then glanced at the girl.

“My father…My father’s name is Lin Ye, and I don’t have a picture of him…” The girl was wary.

“Lin Ye…I haven’t heard the name. Did you come yesterday?” Chen Ze asked again, but he didn’t walk over. He was worried that if he walked over, the little girl would run away immediately.

“No…I came to this place for the first time…” The girl glanced at Moriarty, then shrank her neck.

Chen Ze sensed it with the magic array, then was stunned.

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