My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 527


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Chen Ze glanced at the little girl in surprise. Originally, he thought the little girl was a lost child, but didn’t expect a check and found a problem, that is, the little girl seems to be a Spirit Body At the very least, the detected feeling is similar to Kayako’s little elder sister.

However, since Chen Ze dropped the thing used to purify the Evil Spirit into Kayako’s world, Kayako has never appeared. It is probably smoothed out. This is good, so as not to curse every time. Complaint will kill a large number of people.

And the most important thing is that there will be no sand sculpture movies like Sadako vs. Kayako in the world.

“Um.. Little Sister, do you want to consider coming to the restaurant for a bite? You must be very hungry?” Chen Ze looked at the little girl with a smile. After knowing that this little girl is a Spirit Body, Chen Ze’s heart was filled with a 10,000-character movie script, even the title of the movie.

“Don’t…Uncle must be a bad guy!” The little girl slammed the door shut, leaving only Chen Ze with a bewildered look.

“I…” Chen Ze felt a little shocked inexplicably. Isn’t this little girl too vigilant? I can see that the family also values ​​this child very much, but because of this, Chen Ze feels a headache. The girls have become Spirit Body. Chen Ze doesn’t think her father can find her unless her father also becomes Spirit Body.

“We still have to gather the experience points.” Chen Ze shook the head. Although I don’t know what will happen after gathering the experience points, if we gather all the experience points, it will be good after all.

“Manager, the way you just spoke was wrong.” Moriarty smiled and took a sip of tea.

“It feels like some priests with pedophiles.” Moriarty gave Chen Ze another knife.

“Ai, there is no way. I always feel that when I speak often but directly out of my mind, I will feel that there is a better way of speaking afterwards.” Chen Ze sighed, and then felt like I had no EQ, also A Zhai, who is not handsome, is really happy to find a girlfriend like Laura.

“Manager, you can consider trying to think about talking, it will be better, reading more is also good.” Moriarty poured himself another cup of tea.

“Well, speaking of which Sun Tzu’s art of war that I told you last time, what do you think?” Chen Ze looked at Moriarty and was a little curious about what the villain would say.

“It’s amazing, very difficult to deal with, and it’s your tactics in ancient times. It’s unbelievable! But Jeanne is a little difficult to understand, after all, it’s too profound.” Moriarty suddenly came into interest. , The book called Sun Tzu’s Art of War is simply amazing.

“Well, let me give you something. You can consider learning from Jeanne.” Chen Ze remembered an old object he had placed on the second floor. It was a pirated object he bought before, but from a certain angle, It is also suitable for Moriarty teaching.

“Okay, thanks.” Moriarty nodded, he thought it was Chen Ze’s return.

“So, Professor Moriarty, what have you been doing recently?” Chen Ze looked at Moriarty curiously.

The last time Moriarty and Nyarlathotep talked for a long time, Chen Ze was very worried about whether Moriarty would develop any weird weapons. When the time comes, Holmes would be a headache.

“Research things.” Moriarty said so concisely, it seemed that he didn’t intend to talk about his own affairs.

“That’s it…” Chen Ze nodded, he thought maybe he should invite Holmes over next time, and let Holmes also talk to Nyarlathotep, otherwise he would always feel disconnected.

“Elder Sister Betty! Mr. Manager!” Jeanne’s energetic voice interrupted Chen Ze’s thinking.

“Jeanne, sit down first, I’ll make you a pizza.” Chen Ze smiled and touched Jeanne’s head. Betty is not there, so I can only temporarily work as a waiter.

“Okay, Mr. Manager, where is Elder Sister Betty?” Jeanne looked at Chen Ze suspiciously.

“I don’t know, what might be the matter?” Chen Ze smiled and took a sip of tea, then returned to the kitchen, and it was noon in a while. If Betty still did not come, then Chen Ze could only Please ask Laura to check it out. It would be nice if there are other guests during the period.

Moriarty looked at Jeanne and tested what he taught before, and was satisfied. Although Jeanne didn’t say he has mastered it, at least he has memorized it so that he can always understand it later.

“Jeanne, let’s review what we taught you yesterday, so let’s do it. Manager gave me a set of things. Let’s use this thing to learn the magical art of war in the East.” Moriarty smiled and took out An iron box was placed on the table.

“Let me see… This is the manual… The English is terrible to have to say.” Moriarty first vomited. He couldn’t understand the English a little bit. It was completely impossible to make head or tail of. However, there are oriental Chinese characters below, which relieves Moriarty a lot.

“Come on, Jeanne, what do you draw… the generals card, I will give you a hand.” Moriarty mastered it very quickly.

Chen Ze is washing chicken feet, Pizza has been put in the oven, and then waits patiently. At this time, Chen Ze can also wash his chicken feet, which can be used to make Dai-flavored Lemon Chicken later Feet.

“But I don’t know if Moriarty will use the Three Kingdoms Kill I gave him, but that stuff is still suitable for Moriarty.” Chen Ze wanted to laugh when he thought of the pirated Three Kingdoms Kill he bought.

It was bought by Chen Ze when he was in college. The iron box is still very cheap. Chen Ze bought one out of nostalgia. Only when he got it, he discovered that it was a pirated version. Write, but the workmanship is still good, so Chen Ze has not been lost, did not expect to use it now.

Chen Ze took a look at the probe.

“Kill.” Moriarty threw a card.

“Flash.” Jeanne looked at her hand seriously and lost one.

The picture still looks normal, but the key is that their gameplay is not right.

Why do you use such a shameful posture?

Chen Ze roared frantically inside. The way they played the cards was to raise their hands high, then cross to the chest, and finally shoot.

It’s like holding a strange ceremony, and the corners of Chen Ze’s mouth twitched and twitched.

Forget it, as long as they are happy.

Chen Ze shook the head, and then continued to sit down and wash his chicken feet.

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