My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 528


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Betty eyes opened, looking at all around in horror, she had no idea that she would encounter such a silly thing.

After getting off work from the restaurant yesterday, Betty returned to her home, but absolutely didn’t expect, and met a group of robbers at the next moment. Under the leadership of a Tier 9 professional, with no difficulty overwhelmed her And Lindsey, they also took Lindsey’s computer away, and Lindsey wanted to rush to kill these guys.

However, under the suppression of the military force, there was still no success.

“Betty, what should I do.” Lindsey looked at Betty and asked worriedly.

This original aristocratic castle, there is basically no who is here now, and the people in the city know that there are two Succubus with bright hearts living here, but because of the fear of demons, they still stay away.

In other words, unless the tax officer of the City Lord comes to collect taxes, it is impossible for someone to find them in a short time.

“I don’t know… We are locked here. I don’t want to go to the Manager’s shop to ask for help.” Betty was very uncomfortable. She had already asked Manager for something. The defensive array seemed to only It will work in the restaurant, but it’s useless here.

“Didn’t you say that Lord Rissel they are covering you?” Lindsey glanced suspiciously at the outside of the iron cage. There was a Tier 8 bloody fighter standing there, but this level was simply a straw in front of the ancient dragon.

“Yes…but Lord Rissel…” Betty was stunned. At this moment, an idea flashed across her not very smart head, a very terrifying idea.

“Lindsey…you said, would their goal be…” Betty looked at the robust man opposite and whispered worriedly.

“They want to kill Gulong?” Lindsey blinked. This is not impossible. Although that Tier 9 professional is not good enough, who stipulates that the strongest person is that person?

Betty was nodded cautiously. She just thought of a question. Although she didn’t have much strength, Lord Rissel had arranged an array of defensive monsters, so now this group of people can touch in silently, only Can show that the magic array has been removed.

But as for the two Succubus to pay such a high price?

The more you give, the more naturally you want to get. This is the doctrine of Goddess of wealth.

“Ai, it would be fine if Laura-sama is there.” Betty sighed, she has everything taken away now, and she wants to contact the Manager and Laura-sama can’t get in touch.

Suddenly, Betty thought of an old customer in the restaurant. She remembered that Chen Ze once said that for these beings, even if you just call him by his name, he will be discovered and watched by him.

“Hastur.” Betty said softly.

In a blink of an eye, Betty felt as if her whole body had been dragged into the most terrifying space, endless crazy thoughts filled her head, and her whole brain seemed to be torn apart.

“Oh, it’s Betty, what’s the matter?” With a cute and soft girly voice, all the fear and pain dissipated, and Betty felt that he had come to a mysterious place.

A girl with long hair was looking at her barefoot, but Betty immediately recognized it. This is the live broadcast of Lord Hastur.

“Master Hastur, help me!” Betty shouted immediately.

Betty then explained what she had experienced, and then looked at Hastur expectantly.

This lord is a powerhouse beyond Laura-sama. According to Chen Ze, this is a god, so the god only needs to sneeze to solve this kind of thing?

“That’s it, then come here.” Hastur nodded, then moved towards Betty and waved.

“en.” Betty leaned over immediately, a little excited.

“So, so, so, so.” Hastur said these four words.

“Huh?” Betty was a little confused, what’s the solution?

“hehe, I just think it feels weird not to say that.” Hastur knocked his head cutely and stuck his tongue out.

“Okay, I will solve this problem. Remember to go back and ask the Manager to buy me a drink.” Hastur turned his head, and then Betty returned to the cage in the next second.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lindsey looked at Betty worriedly. Just now, Betty fainted suddenly, very frightened.

“It’s okay, I just found a strong support.” Betty was very proud, and flicked his tail.

Immediately after that, something flashed in Betty’s mind, and Betty was stunned.

“This…” Betty blushed. Isn’t this incantation too ashamed?

Betty stood up, there was no way he could not get out without reading.

The bloody fighter looked at Betty warily, holding his sword in his hand.

“I am the bone of the sword that I hold, steel is my body, and the flame is my blood… Therefore, as I prayed for, the infinite sword is made!” Betty is very ashamed. She always feels like this line Yes, but now I have encountered such a situation, only to find that it is really awkward to read it! !

Lindsey looked at Betty with a weird look. If it were not for his trust in Betty, Lindsey would have doubted whether Betty was stupid.

But soon, Lindsey was stunned to watch the bloody scene that happened before her eyes. This scene was more cruel than the execution scene of the tyrannical demon, and she would have nightmares when she saw it.

“Manager ~” Betty walked into the restaurant happily.

“What’s the matter with you?” Chen Ze stepped out and took a look at Betty. Jeanne and Moriarty shook back. Chen Ze was thinking about whether to go up and call Laura down. Didn’t expect Betty to walk in.

“Hehe, it’s like this…” Betty quickly explained.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it seems that I need to protect the personal safety of foreign world guests. Fortunately, Betty is smart and asked Hastur for help. Otherwise, maybe only Laura will go back to know what happened.

“So? Their purpose is Rissel?” Chen Ze looked at Betty, curious about the future development.

“Yes, there is also Lord Rissel’s child.” Betty nodded angrily. Although they got help from Lord Hastur, they also messed up their castle and lost many things, which made Betty angry. Stomachache.

“Tsk tsk, it’s true, but Hastur has shot, these guys have no good end, don’t worry.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, Hastur shot, it is estimated that the souls of these people will be tortured.

“Manager, I’m hungry!” Betty touched her stomach, and her stomach kept screaming now.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, Betty is still the same, so it’s fine.

“Okay, wait, I will make you noodles.”

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