My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 529


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“How do you feel?” Chen Ze wiped his hands. A large bowl of crispy beef noodles is ready. Chen Ze also gave a little more beef very intimately to make Betty eat more full.

“Well, it’s super delicious!” Betty gave a thumbs up. She felt that her stomach, which used to be stomach rumbling with hunger, was finally quieter. Moreover, the rich beef broth and the tender beef were all Very delicious.

even more how Chen Ze made Ramen. The whole beef noodles tasted chewy and refreshing. Betty felt that she was so happy.

“Be careful next time. If it’s best, let Hastur set up a protective item for you, otherwise you won’t have the opportunity to call his name next time.” Chen Ze slowly sorted out his kitchenware, he was thinking about later What dish to make is relatively better than that.

“hehe, I understood, thank you Manager.” Betty seriously nodded, she also thinks she should add some protection measures to herself, otherwise she might really die next time, after all, if the group came in yesterday, Kill yourself and Lindsey directly, then everything is too late.

“By the way, Manager, Lindsey has agreed.” Betty remembered the business Eliza had confessed to her. Only when they get Cola, their fast food chain can grow bigger and bigger, and then Betty can earn enough of herself as soon as possible Money for meals.

“Okay, Cola, I have already prepared two boxes for you. You can take them back and use them first, because if you purchase more, you need to go to a special place to buy.” Chen Ze yawned, if he wants to reach According to Betty’s request, Chen Ze felt that a supermarket might not be enough, and the purchase price was even higher.

Chen Ze intends to go to the manufacturer of Coca Cola to get the goods directly. As far as he knows, Riyue City has a delicious production site. Chen Ze visited there when he was in elementary school and drank a glass bottle for free. Cola.

“By the way, I saw the little girl you talked about yesterday.” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, who was eating beef noodles, gorging and terrifying.

“en? cough cough…poof…” Betty patted her chest in pain. She was shocked just now, and the noodles were about to spray out of her nose.

“That little…little girl? Manager, did you invite her in?” Betty patted her chest and took another sip of the broth, which eased a little.

“Invited, but she didn’t come in, and she’s a Spirit Body.” Chen Ze glanced at the restaurant, but there were still no guests coming in. It seems that there are a little less guests today.

“Spirit Body? That is to say…” Betty expression was a bit sad. Although she had guessed it vaguely, she didn’t expect it.

“Well, think of a way, you just think you’re playing a love game.” Chen Ze patted Betty on the shoulder. Anyway, those love games on his computer were basically turned over by Betty, and they have also come to practice. when.

“Manager, what you said is light.” Betty really wants to be bitter. Who has played this kind of cheating game with no options, all by himself, and if he fails, he will have to wait another day?

“Dare to ask the Lord, can he be here?” A recognizable voice stunned Chen Ze, who was about to provoke Betty.

Then Chen Ze hurriedly went out and took a look, and then he saw a hair-faced monk Lei Gong with auspicious clouds behind and Buddha’s radiance behind his head, looking at him with great interest.

For the pair of Golden Fire Eyes, Chen Ze knew who this one was.

“cough cough.. Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dear guest~” Before Chen Ze spoke, Betty rushed out and looked at Victorious Battle Buddha Sun Wukong with a smile.

“hahaha, you Little Lass, Interesting, you are in a monster qi, but you can’t see through it. It’s really funny.” Sun Wukong scratched his head and looked at Betty, laughing very freely.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dare you to ask if the one who came here today is Victorious Battle Buddha Sun Wukong or Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong?” Chen Ze walked out with a smile, and to be honest, Sun Wukong’s body Chen Ze is still a bit uncomfortable with outfits. Chen Ze thinks he is still wearing the Great Sage Equal of Heaven period to be called the Monkey King.

“…” Sun Wukong did not answer Chen Ze’s question, but gave Chen Ze a meaningful look, seeming to want to see through Chen Ze’s details.

But no matter how you look at it, the whole person doesn’t seem to exist in front of you, and there is no breath, just like Heaven and Earth.

Of course, Sun Wukong did not know that this was the effect of the magic array.

“Venerable laugh, it was Victorious Battle Buddha Sun Wukong who came naturally.” Sun Wukong replied very peacefully, with a sense of being a monk.

Chen Ze was a little disappointed. He originally thought he understood what he meant, but didn’t expect didn’t seem to understand.

“Okay, then may I ask the guest what would you like to eat?” Chen Ze still smiled like that, but his tone was much calmer.

Betty stood aside and was a little confused. She didn’t understand why the Manager would entertain this guest by herself, and it seemed weird.

If it wasn’t for the situation, Betty would like to take a small bench and sit down, then eat sunflower seeds and watch the show.

“Venerable is just looking at the food.” Sun Wukong was still very polite.

Chen Ze nodded with a smile, returning to the kitchen, I always feel uncomfortable. This is Sun Wukong, Sun Wukong, why is it like a Divine Immortal now?

He is comfortable, with the kind of compassion and compassion from the Buddhist school. Maybe after Sun Wukong went to the Spiritual Mountain, after becoming a Buddha, he will no longer be the domineering Great Sage Equal of Heaven before, right?

“Let me think about it, I want to do something for Sun Wukong.” Chen Ze touched his chin, lost in thought, but couldn’t calm his heart anyway. This was not the Sun Wukong he wanted to invite.

Chen Ze decided to play a big game. He thought it might be Sun Wukong’s hidden nature, so if you stimulate him yourself, it might have some effect.

“Bi Mawen, what do you think of Chinese Chive Dumplings?” Chen Ze said this sentence in a very frivolous tone, and he was holding the Chinese Chive Dumplings that he made before, which seemed to be Very burnt.

Sun Wukong took a look at Chen Ze, and also saw the Chinese Chive Dumplings that Chen Ze held that could not be called food at all.

“Nature is also good, and I am curious about the food of the Venerable.” Sun Wukong was not angry, but still very calm. Chen Ze felt that if he was given a lotus platform and said that he was a Buddha statue, some people would not have opinions.

“Victorious Battle Buddha, let’s wait a while, I’ll go back and make another one for you.” Chen Ze sighed, giving this food to Sun Wukong, Chen Ze still felt very awkward.

Then Chen Ze remembered the Wine of Anguish he got from Mephisto.

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